2022 Yamaha Electone Arrangement 3: 今宵多珍重 (Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong)

Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong (今宵多珍重) Electone Sheet Music
Electone sheet music for Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zheong (今宵多珍重).

Free Electone sheet music and registrations for 今宵多珍重 (Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong). Piano, acoustic version.

Simple, quick, Electone ELS-02C arrangement upload. Quick, as in I got everything done within three days. Recording of sample performance included.

The second time I’m uploading this famous Chinese song too, and once again, because I’ve been religiously watching TVB’s Barrack O’Karma (金宵大厦). Or should I say, the sequel?

About the sequel, I think it features great acting and ambience, with inventive and bold storylines to boot. Sadly, however, TVB’s inexperience with such (Netflix) genres shows throughout and most of the stories are so hastily wrapped up, if not downright inconclusive.

There’s also that regrettable “brownfacing” incident. I grimaced when watching that episode; a similar Singaporean incident immediately comes to mind. I do hope TVB learns from this storm.

And while I don’t completely agree with all criticism rained onto the broadcaster, at least not the intensity of, I think TVB truly needs to be more respectful towards minority groups. Some of those 80s gags/tropes really do not cut it today.

Yamaha Electone Sheet Music and ELS-02C Registration Data for Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong (今宵多珍重)

Warning! The registration and Finale PrintMusic files are zip files! You might need to disable your virus/malware protection before downloading.

As I have disabled the function, do not right-click to save as. On PCs, simply click on the links and the file should auto download in a separate window.

今宵多珍重 電子琴琴譜下載 | Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong Electone Sheet Music
今宵多珍重 電子琴琴譜下載 | Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong Electone Sheet Music

Electone Sheet Music Free Download


Electone Registration Data for Stagea ELS-02C

Finale PrintMusic 2010 File

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Arrangement Notes

  1. My first Electone arrangement that features … no drums! This is to follow the feel of Kayee Tam’s acoustic performance. (The Mandarin version was sung by Vivian Koo, FYI)
  2. Correspondingly, registration memory changes must be manually done. The HORROR! But … I’ve included abundant rests for the changes.
  3. This is an Electone version, after all, so I’m not completely following Kayee’s version. My changes are mainly in the final part of the song.
  4. This is the first time I’m using Keyboard Percussions, and I admit I am far from figuring it out. I just can’t seem to assign only one sound to a key! This requires more detective work.
  5. The piano-heavy nature of this arrangement, the expression pedal should ideally be left alone. Yup, don’t even rest your right foot on it. Express all your volume dynamics using touch only. To know why, please read the following section.

Electone Stagea Series Piano Voices

Piano voices have long been available on the Electone, but with the Stagea generation, they need to be handled with care and awareness to be effective. The following is a summary of what I’ve discovered to date.

Working on this acoustic version of Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zheong, which is so “piano prominent,” reminded me of these.

  • It’s generally a bad idea to layer a Stagea piano voice with another piano voice. For example, having a piano preset on both Lower Keyboard I and Lower Keyboard II, and with both set at the same octave. Even if you set both lower keyboard voices the same way, the layering often results in some sort of weird distortion or brightness. Best to just stick to one voice and use compression/brilliance if you have volume issues.
  • The above said, if you’re looking for a futuristic, synthetic sound, layering is the way to go.
  • The Damper Resonance sound effect on the Stagea is made for piano voices. However, you need to use the knee level or activate sustain for the resonance to be pronounced.
  • Years ago, I attended an Electone Stagea concert and was puzzled by how the performer left the expression pedal alone for acoustic, piano-heavy songs. He always rested his right foot on the footrest of the bench. While recording this latest arrangement, I’ve finally discovered why. (Took me years) Simply put, the piano has no Aftertouch at all; all volume dynamics are expressed by initial touch. Correspondingly, a decaying piano sound that suddenly rises or dips in volume is as unnatural as it gets, especially when heard using superior earphones. Now, you can of course just keep your right leg/feet very still. However, with how we rely on both legs for balance, I think the best of us can’t avoid slight trembles. Believe me, these minute changes could be amplified by certain headphones. At their worst, they are unbearable.

Full List of Downloadable Electone Sheet Music and Stagea ELS-02C Registration Data. ( English / 中文 / 日本語 )

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2022 Electone Sheet Music 3 – 今宵多珍重 (Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong)
Article Name
2022 Electone Sheet Music 3 – 今宵多珍重 (Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong)
Electone sheet music and registration data for 今宵多珍重 (Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong). Barrack O'Karma title theme song version.

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