Precious Peony 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Precious Peony 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Precious Peony 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Magnificent oriental blooms, Chinese motifs, and a celebration of Peranakan culture at Precious Peony 2022.

Japanese Sakura season at Gardens by the Bay has ended. With that, it’s back to China and Chinese culture with the first-ever Precious Peony exhibition.

Yup, an inaugural exhibition, so wrote Gardens’ calendar of events a while ago. Also, the first time over 70 Chinese and Peranakan artefacts are included in a Flower Dome floral exhibition. The latter diplays because the peony has long been a cherished symbol of beauty and wealth in Peranakan art.

There’s even an ornate Peranakan shophouse as the centerpiece, as well as replicas of a Chinese study room, medicine hall, a wooden pavilion, and, a five-tier pagoda. Long story short, I visited on Monday evening and the hour I spent in the Flower Dome was alike a mini East Asian architectural tour. A brief tour from China to Southeast Asia.

As for the peonies, they were naturally wonderful to photograph; btw, it’s ages since I’ve last seen actual ones. According to this Straits Times report, logistical difficulties in China, unfortunately, affected the exhibition too, and Gardens was forced to use blooms from elsewhere for the first week.

To be honest, I somewhat sensed this while there, there weren’t that many peony pots. However, the exhibition on the whole still had plenty of beauty to soak in. As expected, there were also other oriental blossoms on display.

Peonies: The Defiant Chinese “King of Flowers”

Let me start with the blooms. Complex yet elegant, and with a distinctive fluffy appearance, peonies have been beloved by Chinese artists for centuries.

According to some “historical” texts that I’ve read, they also had a most colourful fracas with Wu Zetian. In summary, mu dan (牡丹) were the only flowers that did not bloom in the dead of winter after a decree by the female emperor. Because of this, they were exiled to Luoyang by Wu, where they bloomed naughtily and gloriously.

Stung and furious, Wu ordered all peonies to be burned. (What a … bitch, huh?) The whole of Luoyang was, however, subsequently enthralled by the sight of the gorgeous blossoms amidst the dancing flames. Commoners and aristocrats alike were particularly fascinated by the contrast of vibrant petals against charred stems.

This fascination (supposedly) explains why most Chinese artists paint the branches and leaves of peonies in blackish colours. Coming back to Precious Peony 2022, Chinese paintings showcased in the exhibition all display the same curious characteristic.

Tree Peonies
Fluffy tree peonies. They are so exquisitely elegant, aren’t they?
Chinese Peonies
There are also peonies with fewer fluffy petals. The Chinese peony is one.
Gardens by the Bay Peony Exhibition
Do I make sense when I say, there’s a certain geometric grace in the beauty?
Other than actual blooms, the exhibition has several Chinese classic paintings of peonies. Notice the black stems and leaves in these. Is that outrageous story involving Wu Zetian true?

Chinese and Peranakan Architectural Gems

For some visitors, I guess these would be bigger attractions than the peony blooms.

And they deserve to be so. Meticulously conceptualised with informative text, these replicas transform the central area of the Flower Dome into an elaborate Southeast Asian Chinese garden. One full of selfie opportunities everywhere. The interior of the shophouse showpiece is furthermore painstakingly decorated to resemble an affluent Peranakan home.

Chinese Scholar’s Study Room
An elaborate replica of a Chinese scholar’s study room greets visitors right after the entrance. According to the official website, such studies are typically surrounded by greenery, and artworks of nature, to encourage an understanding of the world.
Chinese Medicine Hall
A Chinese medicine hall. Before this visit, I didn’t know peonies roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Precious Peony 2022 Chinese Pagoda
A classic Chinese pagoda! This thrilled me for I’ve long been fascinated by pagodas. In Xianxia stories, they are always some sort of magical weapon …
Peranakan Shophouse at Precious Peonies 2022
The showpiece Peranakan shophouse is quite a work of art too, with its peony tiles and Art Nouveau (?) elements.

Nyonyaware and Chinese Ceramics

I think it was a great decision to include these artefacts. They add an air of cultural sophistication. For visitors keen to know more about peonies, the displays contain lots of trivia too.

Come to think of it, Gardens by the Bay have been integrating such cultural displays into their Flower Dome floral shows for a while. For example, during last month’s Sakura fest.

I’m keen to see what they have in plan down the road. The Christmas and Mid-Autumn shows would be especially interesting.

Chinese and Nyonyaware at Flower Dome
The artefacts, on loan from the Peranakan Museum and other institutions, are housed in tasteful Chinese windows.
There’s quite a lot to read if you’re keen to go through every item.
Precious Peony 2022 at Flower Dome
From this angle, don’t you agree the entire central area resembles an opulent garden party?

Precious Peony 2022 is ongoing till May 8, 2022 (Event Extended!)

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Precious Peony 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
Precious Peony 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Asian springtime continues at Gardens by the Bay with Precious Peony 2022, the first-ever exhibition of the beloved Chinese bloom at Flower Dome.

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