Honeypeachsg Bakery Review | Boutique Cake and Cupcake Delivery in Singapore

Honeypeachsg Bakery Review
Honeypeachsg Bakery Review

Enjoying a (faux) birthday celebration with the gorgeous cakes and cupcakes of Honeypeachsg Bakery.

Let me begin with a declaration. While it’s not the first time I’d be reviewing confectionery, I was particularly keen when invited to try the cakes and desserts of Honeypeachsg Bakery last week

In essence, the cake designs of this Singaporean boutique bakery are absolutely heavenly to behold, but would they look the same after delivery? As inane as this might sound, I’m sure you’d agree this is a major concern especially if you’re ordering for an important occasion like a birthday or an anniversary.

Well, I’m delighted to say the goodies do come as they are promised, with delivery very prompt too. Better yet, the “spacey” cake and chocolate-y cupcakes I received tasted great too! The best part being everything wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. (I’m big on the government’s Healthier Choice campaign)

And there’s an adorable astronaut for me to keep as a souvenir of sorts. You bet I’ll soon be putting this little dude to good use in the near future. :)

About Honeypeachsg Bakery

A quick introduction. A Singaporean online bakery specialising in birthday and wedding cakes, corporate events, and dessert confectionery, Honeypeachsg has quite a selection of birthday and standard cakes on its website for customers to choose from. It also offers cake design services. As in, customers can discuss with them to create a unique cake.

Apart from (the usual) assurances of fresh ingredients and prompt delivery, I think what’s noteworthy is that Honeypeachsg charges a flat SGD 9.90 fee for local cake delivery (excl Sentosa and Tuas). With this charge, waived for promotion cakes.

I took a look at their promotion page and there are currently 11 choices, all of which are visually lovely. The bakery furthermore has various dessert boxes perfect for gatherings, as well as an express delivery option.

Honeypeachsg Bakery Promotion Cakes
Honeypeachsg Cakes on promotion.

As far as making online buying as easy/affordable as possible, I think Honeypeachsg has it well worked out.

Prompt Delivery

My cake delivery was scheduled for 12 – 5 pm. Everything was then on my dining table by 12.10 pm.


This was terrific. While I wouldn’t have complained that much about a 4 pm delivery, it was still great not having to wait the whole afternoon. Had I been preparing for an important occasion, I’m sure I would have doubly appreciated the punctuality.

Honeypeachsg Bakery Delivery
Everything was neatly packed and presented. I think the transparent box adds to the visual exquisiteness of the cake too. (In other words, it’d be lovely as a gift)
Honeypeachsg Bakery Galaxy Space Birthday Cake
I asked for the classic 4” Galaxy Space birthday cake, and it came looking exactly as it did on Honeypeachsg’s website.
Customized Birthday Cake in Singapore | Honeypeachsg Bakery
It’s really a delightful, whimsical work of art, isn’t it? I imagine any kid would be thrilled to have this for a birthday celebration.

Honeypeachsg Bakery Galaxy Space Birthday Cake

To be clear, I’m not celebrating my birthday anytime soon. The same for everyone in my household.

But one look at Honeypeachsg’s online pic for this starry creation, and it spoke to me, you know what I mean? I want to meet that cutesy space traveller. I wanna know what blue galaxy cake tastes like too!

And it was an enchanting encounter! First off, what was delivered looked exactly as it did online. One glance and I could tell. Secondly, that spacefaring little guy isn’t made of marzipan or the likes of. It’s a cake topper ornament that you can clean and use as a home decoration.

As for the actual cake, I opted for Chocolate Salted Caramel and it is soft and moist, with crispy caramel pearls hidden in two thick creamy layers. Like I mentioned above, it’s overall “less sweet” too.

In fact, by themselves, I thought the cake layers were a little too “healthy” in taste. But they were yummy when eaten with cream and caramel pearls.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake
Pardon the mess! I’m really bad with the knife. This is just to show how the cake contains plenty of crunchy caramel surprises.

Lastly, the blue outer “moon crust” is about half a cm thick and made of (I think) buttercream. It doesn’t require immediate refrigeration and I personally love the buttery texture.

But, it does still contain substantial food colouring for that outer space effect. With much reluctance, I ate most of my slices without that layer

Beautiful Gourmet Cupcakes

Like the Galaxy Space cake, the main selling points of Honeypeachsg Bakery’s cupcakes are how beautiful they look and how balanced they are in taste. By the latter, I mean they are neither too sweet nor too bland.

Cupcakes Delivery in Singapore.
Honeypeachsg’s cupcakes are simply exquisite to behold, starting with how equal work was obviously devoted to each cupcake. I’m sure they’d be a big hit with children and adults alike. And wonderful for parties.

Further on taste, I received six Double Chocolate Crunch and six Hojicha White Chocolate, and I’d say, I prefer the Double Chocolate. This was on the whole richer and stronger in taste.

Not that the Hojicha White Chocolate was bad in any way, to be clear. Just that, the green tone led me to expect a more pronounced Matcha taste, with a mildly bitter aftertaste and all that. The Hojicha topping still, however, leaves a leafy fragrance in the mouth after eating. This was pleasant in its own way.

On another note, Honeypeachsg Bakery has some pretty funky designs for their cupcakes; for example, a mah-jong tile set. I’m sure these would make for very amusing CNY gifts.

Honeypeachsg Chocolate Cupcakes
Err … my attempt at a teatime pic. The cupcakes are perfect for photography too.
Singapore Cupcake Seller
Other cupcake options by Honeypeachsg. Including the mah-jong set I mentioned.

Visit Honeypeachsg Bakery’s Online Store here!

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Honeypeachsg Bakery Review | The Scribbling Geek
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