Sakura Matsuri 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Sakura Matsuri 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Sakura Matsuri 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Yearning to visit Japan but unable to? Get your Hanami and kawaii Tokidoki fix at Gardens by the Bay’s Sakura Matsuri 2022.

Sakura Matsuri is the second of Gardens by the Bay’s eight annual exhibitions for 2022, and I shouldn’t have gone on opening day.

Having seen the actual blooms in Japan, and with the Flower Dome exhibition lasting a month till April 3, I kinda predicted the blooms wouldn’t be at their best on opening day. Sakura, after all, are notorious for short “shelf lives.”

Haiz, if only I’m as accurate with shares and lottery. While the Tokidoki figures, this year’s star attraction, were quirky and cute, the majority of the cherry blossoms were still twigs and branches.

This means I’d have to make another trip down to Gardens a week or so later; thank goodness for Friends of Gardens free entry! For this post, it means there’s a major update coming in the middle of March too.

If you’re heading down yourself, do try to do so later too if you wish to appreciate the blooms at their best.

Sakura Matsuri 2022: Cutesy Tokidoki Figures and Traditional Japanese Icons (Mar 4)

To be clear, there are still various atmospheric Japanese set pieces to enjoy and photograph. No doubt these would all look lovelier when the blooms are at their most glorious.

Sakura Matsuri Singapore 2022
Majestic red torii gates greet visitors right after the main entrance. Other than Tokidoki figures, classic icons of Japan are also showcased at Sakura Matsuri 2022.
Torii Gate Singapore
Another view of the torii entrance, photographed before the sky went completely dark. Few things represent Japan as much as these iconic Shinto gates, yes?
Tokidoki at Gardens by the Bay
A partial view of the central Tokidoki “marumado” display. The illustrations are adorable, but as you can see, most Sakura are still asleep.
Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri 2022
This wagasa, Japanese umbrella display forms the ceiling of the main showpiece. I think it’s the loveliest among all the Japanese icons featured.
Tokidoki Sandy
Who’s this elegant character atop a classic stone bridge?
Ichiyo Unicornos Tokidoki Figure
I confess. I’m not into Tokidoki characters so I struggled to identify this Unicorno. I think it’s Ichiyo from the Cherry Blossom series.
Japan Exhibition in Singapore
Japanese sweets and gifts on display. Inlay features Koinobori flags. (The flags, tbh, aren’t too zesty-looking without wind blowing through them)

Mar 11 Second Visit: Mankai

As planned, I returned exactly one week later in search of better hanami views. And it was again as I expected.

Most of the cherry blossoms are now in mankai condition, i.e., full bloom. On the other hand, the mankai crowds have also descended and it is far more difficult to take pictures! Which, by the way, is the annual situation over in Japan.

I suppose it’s indeed a slice of the Japanese spring in Singapore.

Sakura Matsuri Festival 2022
The festive torii entrance at “week 2.” It was impossible to get a full shot of it without photographing strangers! The blooms next to the gate are also much livelier now.
Flower Dome Sakura
Sakura blooms at the heart of Flower Dome are now at their best too. (And so is visitors traffic)
Gardens by the Bay Sakura
Different types of Sakura. I love the red ones.
Tokidoki Sakura
The Tokidoki cartoons actually go very well with the cherry blossoms.

Sakura Matsuri 2022 is ongoing till April 3, 2022. There are also various Japanese cultural programmes scheduled throughout.

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Sakura Matsuri 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
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Sakura Matsuri 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay’s Sakura Matsuri 2022 promises both gorgeous Japanese cherry blossoms and oh-so-kawaii Tokidoki dolls.

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