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I wouldn’t consider Uncharted (2022) a bad action film. But watching it didn’t make me yearn to replay the legendary Naughty Dog games too.

Uncharted Review: 4 thumbs-up and 4 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Uncharted (2022)

Uncharted (2022) Synopsis

History trivia! The great Ferdinand Magellan didn’t sail around the world, even though his name is on the legendary expedition. Rather, he died midway in the Philippines and his Basque navigator completed the journey. More important, Magellan’s crew might have also returned to Spain with more than just exotic travel memories. What their cargo truly was will be young Nathan Drake’s first adventure in the world-trekking life of a thief extraordinaire.

Snappy Review

This is a tough one for me to write about.

Tough because the whole show was to me, no “Uncharted” movie. And yet I’d be lying if I say I didn’t at least enjoy some parts of it. That as nonsensical as the action showpieces were, I didn’t find most of them entertaining.

But I’m being incoherent. Let me elaborate on what I liked and disliked about this latest, much-debated video game movie adaptation.

First and foremost, I think Tom Holland was fun to watch. Admittedly, it often gets challenging trying to differentiate his interpretation of Nathan Drake from his teenage Spider-Man persona, but his boyish charisma blinds you i.e. you’d be inclined not to nit-pick.

As I wrote above, the action showpieces were wildly thrilling too. More apt for a superhero film than a treasure hunt movie, but … oh well. Let’s not nitpick and be nasty to Tom …

On the other side of the coin, you guessed it. It’s already written all over the Net too. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg were nowhere near trashy with their performances, but they were certainly not Nathan Drake or Victor Sullivan too. Kinda hard for me to properly explain why, though, especially for the benefit of non-gamers. All I can say is, their portrayals just did not invoke memories of the games?

Could be because I generally go the stealth route in the Uncharted games, so the Nate and Sully in this film version were way too confrontational, too brash, and fiery for me.


Could also be the “lack of chemistry” between Holland and Wahlberg. I hate to use this cliché but it’s clearly the situation throughout. The banter between the two never evolves beyond them reciting their lines. In some exchanges, including during key action moments, you could even sense the two struggling to adapt to each other.

A mixed experience in all. Not bleah but neither a masterpiece. I think its biggest miss, if I’m not clear enough, is that it just doesn’t make you wanna go try the games.

Would there be a sequel? Once that goes along the events of Uncharted 4? The post-credits scene suggests so. A small part of me hopes for it too. But for the moment, I’m keeping that hope cautious.

Watch the trailer here.

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