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There are many “Why did it …” and “Why did it not …” in Moonfall. But that’s part of the charm, I suppose.

Moonfall Review: 4 thumbs-up and 4 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Moonfall

Moonfall Synopsis

Though he saved a crewmate’s life, NASA astronaut Brian Harper was publically shamed for claiming a space shuttle disaster was caused by an unidentified entity. He is, however, vindicated ten years later when mankind faces its greatest crisis. Humans have not only been living in the presence of aliens, that entity has launched its ultimate attack. The moon will soon be crashing down onto everyone’s head.

Snappy Review

After a brief Lunar New Year break, it’s back to the cinema for me with … an Emmerich disaster movie.

(大吉利是 !! New year watch this kinda thing!!)

Moonfall! Where Earth’s favourite neighbor decides to violate personal space. Just a few weeks ago, touted as one of the must-watch big shows of 2022 by some Youtubers. And for the moment, an absolute fall, I mean fail, in the opinions of too many online reviewers.

… …

Well, I didn’t hate it, put it that way. Long, long familiar with the Emmerich disaster formula since the 90s, I knew what I was walking into. These being, an otherworldly cataclysm, a dumb American government that can’t do nuts, a nerd who’s a world savior, a rebel who’s also a world savior, and CGI galore.

This being a film by “the master of disasters”, there are, of course, also estranged families and young heroes, and a road trip. Oh, wait, there are new things this time around! There’s a Chinese supporting actor as well as mentions of China generously sharing space equipment. I bet that’s because Huayi is one of the producers.

… …

To reiterate, Moonfall wasn’t awful for me. I knew what buttons were going to be pressed and as far as these were concerned, the show was in slick and earnest overdrive. Have to say, beyond the story, I was also “academically” intrigued by how such buttons still felt relevant to the producers. You know, themes like, the government cannot be trusted! They could have done something but they decided not to, for budget reasons!!!! But I guess I shouldn’t toe into political discussions of these, and why they sell.


As for the visual selling point of the show, erm, the gravity havoc wreaked by a misbehaving Luna is eyecatching. Very eyecatching and absolutely perfect if in a video game. The many ways frenzied gravity could be manipulated for good use was also, what’s a good word, creative? Probably impossible under real physics but nonetheless, creative.

I leave it as that.

(Other viewers would likely find these solutions ludicrous, as like many other developments in the story. For me, though, they were entertaining and charming enough. I just kept watching and munching popcorn.)

Watch the trailer here.

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