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Dahlia Dreams 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Dahlia Dreams 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Dahlia Dreams 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

A festive hour of flowery photo-taking at Gardens by the Bay Dahlia Dreams 2022.

It’s less than two weeks away from the Lunar New Year, and with that, it’s time to visit the gorgeous spring blooms at Gardens by the Bay.

Dahlia Dreams 2022! The first of the annual flower displays at the Flower Dome and as always, themed and styled to welcome Chun Jie (春节).

I visited on a quiet Monday and truth be told, the exhibition is not as grand or fantastical as last year’s Poinsettia Wishes. To be clear, this is not to say that it’s no good; oriental elegance is clearly the main intention.

A classic Chinese pavilion, lots of flowery lights, and tens of colourful blooms will also keep any photographer or visitor happy.

On the latter, I think there were some 20 to 30 types of dahlias on show, with a handful starkly different from one another. Were there so many types on display last year? Have to say, I had no idea there were so many varieties too!

Welcoming the 2022 Spring Festival, with Tigers!

The heart of the exhibition, with lots of lanterns, oversized flowers, and of course, dahlias.
Cutesy tigers make suitable appearances, naturally. This one is rolling out a festive couplet. (Not too sure about the inverted characters, although I can guess at the intention)
More adorable cartoon tigers! These ones are so different from their brethren in Chinatown.
At the heart of the exhibition. “Spring returns to the great earth, with the fragrance of flowers everywhere.”
(Singlish) Eh?!? How come got rabbit one?!? Not their year yet leh!!

(Erm … are those rabbits from last year’s Mid-Autumn display?)

Highlights of the displays. Those oversized flowers should be a delight for selfie-lovers. (The pavilion is out of bounds, though)

The Gorgeous World of Dahlias

I didn’t count, but there were at least twenty types of dahlias on show at the main display area. Or more? With most of them clearly labelled, it’s like a mini floriculture lesson for all.

Few things speak “springtime” as much as such an enthusiastic bloom.
This one is aptly named, Dutch Explosion.
The Cornel. This tubular, ball dahlia looks nothing like the above Dutch Explosion, yes?
The Pink Onesta Dahlia. This has a more, I don’t know, traditional feel?
Clockwise from top left: Karma Lagoon, Jowey Orange, Vulkan, and Red Pygmy. I wonder how these exotic names came about.
Okay, this one was placed in a separate display and I thought it was gek huay, i.e., chrysanthemum. But it’s still a dahlia, known as Kelvin Floodlight. (What’s being all these quirky, exotic names? Would be fun to research)

Dahlia Dreams 2022 is ongoing till Feb 20, 2022. I visited using a Friends of Gardens pass. This annual pass is truly a money-saver, especially when it’s discounted!

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Dahlia Dreams 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Photographing gorgeous blooms at Gardens by the Bay Dahlia Dreams 2022. Preparation for the spring festival is in full swing with the start of this exhibition!


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