Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022
Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022

Golden tigers aplenty at Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022.

I begin by saying this aloud. I’ve been photographing CNY decorations at Chinatown for six years now. All the pics I’ve taken are still on my hard disks.

So far, none are as majestic and as lively as this year’s tiger decorations.

Yup. While the Rooster dazzled with colourful plumes and the Ox comforted with revitalising stoicness, this year’s “mountain of tiger” showpiece at the Eu Tong Sen junction projects an almost regal aura. With reference to the (still ongoing) pandemic, it’s almost as if the big cats are saying, “Rejoice. It’s my turn to manage the year. Let me show you how it should be done.

Of course, all that feline dynamism additionally appealed to me because … yours sincerely is a tiger too. Walking among all those big cats made me feel at home. With my brothers and sisters.

… …

Alright, enough jesting! Before I share my pics, some visiting facts to highlight. As I somewhat expected, the cancellation of the CNY festive bazaar didn’t much affect the overall ambience. The main street felt just like any other year.

Pagoda Street, etc, weren’t un-festive too. There are, of course, no festive stalls, but many of the “permanent shops” are going all out to sell festive decorations. At the Smith Street junction, there are the usual lup cheong, pomelos, and CNY snacks on sale too.

If you’re heading down to stock up for Feb 1, I’d say you wouldn’t be without choices. Put it that way.

A Mountain and Forest of Golden Tigers

Chinatown CNY 2022.
A before-sunset look at the main showpiece at the Eu Tong Sen Street junction. Picture taken from the overhead bridge connecting Chinatown Point and People’s Park Centre. (I should have brought along my 300mm zoom lens for a maximum compression effect)
Chinatown CNY Lights
Another view of the showpiece. Notice how the tigers are staring at you, when viewed from this spot.
Year of the Tiger 2022 in Singapore
I think the placement of the tigers and cubs is great. One would be staring at you from most angles.
Chinatown Chinese New Year 2022
As always, the “entourage” behind the main showpiece has some notable displays too. (Isn’t the cub cute?)
Singapore Lunar New Year Tiger Decorations 2022
Further down the road, the big cats relax around festive trees and blooms.

WWF and Temenggong Tigers Sculptures Display

This arty exhibition was a pleasant surprise; I didn’t know about it beforehand.


Happening at Kreta Ayer Square till February 15, and a collaboration between Chinatown, the World Wild Fund for Nature (Singapore), and Temenggong Artists in Residence, this exhibition features a mini-army of tiger sculptures painted in different styles. The purpose of the exhibition, naturally, to increase awareness about the importance of global animal conservation. (Tigers are endangered everywhere, unfortunately)

After the illuminated ones at the main road, the otherworldly, artistic ones here are a delightful change. What’s doubly great is that you can get quite up close and personal. The abundant lighting around also provides for easy photographing.

WWF and Temenggong Tigers Sculptures Display
The tigers are painted by local artists. Some opted for a traditional approach. Others get surreal.
This classic one was a favourite with many visitors.
Kreta Ayer Square Tiger Exhibition
An astral tiger? He wears a feng shui pendant too!

What does the tiger represent in Chinese culture, history, and mythology? Check out this list of Chinese tiger facts!

A Golden Tree, Festive Shoppers and Street Lights, and Kawaii Set Displays

Tigers are, of course, not the only photo-worthy displays at this year’s Chinatown CNY celebration.

Chinatown Wishing Tree 2022
The Golden Wishing Tree at Chinatown Point is very clear with its symbolism. Huat!!
Chinatown Point Otter Tiger
Them Chinatown Point otters are at it again! This one is now masquerading as a tiger. (He’s convincing, though. And he wears jeans!)
North Bridge Road CNY Decorations 2022
Rows of fu (福) i.e. fortune above New Bridge Road.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Market 2022
Smith Street was crowded for the first Monday of the festive light-up. As you can see, the absence of a festive bazaar doesn’t mean there are no Chinese New Year goodies on sale too. There is still a street market, after all.
Buddha Tooth Temple CNY Display 2022
This adorable display is one of several gracing the main entrance to the Buddha Tooth Temple. My guess is that they’d be a big hit with kids.
Happy Chinese New Year 2022 everyone! May you be healthy, wealthy, and successful!

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022 is ongoing till Mar 2, 2021. Don’t forget to check the official page for festive programmes too!

Dahlia Dreams 2022 at Gardens by the Bay.

2022 Leap into Fun This Lunar New Year at Universal Studios Singapore.

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Visiting and photographing my tiger brethren at Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2022. It’s going to be a roaring, vigourous year ahead!

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