Share the Moment & 2021 Marina Bay Light Displays

Share the Moment and 2021 Marina Bay Light Displays
Share the Moment and 2021 Marina Bay Light Displays

Share the Moment features original artworks by local students. It is also a replacement, of sorts, for once-again cancelled year-end fireworks.

Spent the whole of last evening wandering around Marina Bay; this, most likely my final walk there this year.

My main purpose was, of course, to check out the Share the Moment light projections and light displays. In case you haven’t heard, New Year fireworks at Marina Bay are again cancelled. They were “split” and relocated to the residential areas to minimise crowds. In turn, these light projections and shows are meant as replacements of sorts.

All in all, it was a moody and humid walk, the latter no thanks to earlier showers. While there were pockets of visitors, most areas were quiet. For example, there was only a handful of people before The Fullerton Hotel as the projections played.

How did I feel about it? Well, it was melancholic for sure, especially when I remember the carnivals and crowds from but just two years ago.

That said, I have to emphasise it wasn’t entirely depressing too. As mentioned, there were visitors and small groups of tourists. The familiar structures are all still there and none at all looks run-down.

Plus, there is the reality that being among crowds for New Year fireworks is a concept better appreciated in thinking than in person? You know much I mean?

Ahem! Too much musing for a year-end picture post! Here are the pictures I took.

Share the Moment Light Projection Shows

Organised by Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2022 (MBSC) in conjunction with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Share the Moment features colourful light projection shows at the Merlion, The Fullerton Hotel, and the ArtScience Museum. Artwork showcased were created by local students too. All emphasise moments when people have come together to support each other during hardship, to create a so-called “City of Good.”

If you’re visiting for a look-see, do take note too. The shows ARE NOT continuous. They start at 8 pm and repeat every 15 minutes till 10.30 pm. (The ArtScience Museum has no show at 9 pm too) In between each show is about a ten-minute break.


On New Year’s Eve, the repeats last all the way till 11.45 pm.

Merlion Park Evening Shot
I reached Merlion Park at about six-thirty, and it was rather gloomy. Dinner by the waterfront cheered me up, though.
Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands Resort
I got there a little too early so I killed time by shooting random pics. As you can see from this, there were quite a number of excited people around the Merlion right before 8 pm.
Merlion Light Show 2021.
Showtime at 8 pm!
Share the Moment @ Merlion
The projections are colourful and with a distinct Singaporean, tropical flavour.
Share the Moment @ The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Over at The Fullerton Hotel, the light projections begin with a strong year-end festive feel.
The Fullerton Hotel Light Projection Show
Because of the broader projection area, characters and illustrations are clearer here too. In a way, more vibrant as well.

Light Art Installations

Done with the above two locations, I started my slow walk to the ArtScience Museum, located on the “other” side of the bay.

It’s a long walk, though unexpectedly pleasant because of a breeze. As for the light displays, I’d be honest, they are atmospheric but not quite on the same level as those for iLight Marina Bay. Beginning with how there are only four installations.

But … it’s better than there being no displays at all, right? As most Singaporeans would remind.

Together with the light projection shows, they make for an evening of animated fantasy.

Clifford Pier Christmas Decorations
This illuminated “festive grove” at Clifford Pier isn’t part of the programme, but I feel it’s too pretty not to feature.
2021 Marina Bay Light Displays
I like this one! At a shady walk near the Promontory, it’s simple, enchanting, and easy to enjoy.
Shine A Light @ The Promontory
At the Promontory, light beams soar into the evening sky. This display is similar to that during last year.
Clockwork Projection Display at Marina Bay
An intriguing, animated clockwork display at the entrance to Downtown MRT Station.
Lighted Inflatable Bird at MBS
And right beside the Red Dot Museum, elegant, illuminated birds.

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At the ArtScience Museum

I repeat once more. Share the Moment light projections are not continuous; they happen every quarter of the hour and last around 2-3 minutes. There is also no show at the ArtScience Museum at 9 pm.

In other words, if you’re using the same route as I did, keep an eye on the time.

What you wanna avoid is what happened to me. I reached the ArtScience Museum moments after the 8.45 pm show ended. I had to wait half an hour for the next one.

Share the Moment @ ArtScience Museum
The animations at the ArtScience Museum have the same lively feel as those at The Fullerton.
2021 ArtScience Museum Light Projection Show
Hand in hand to survive all hardship. (And so on)
ArtScience Museum Light Show
A tribute to Singapore’s migrant workers in the construction industry? I like how the brush/crayon effects of the illustrations are preserved.

This is my final Diary/Festive post for 2021. And so in advance, Happy New Year! May 2022 see the world in full recovery.

Read my other Festive Celebrations in Singapore posts.

Share the Moment and 2021 Marina Bay Light Displays
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Share the Moment and 2021 Marina Bay Light Displays
Monday evening stroll around Marina Bay to check out the Share the Moment light projections and year-end light displays.

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