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The best way to describe Sing 2 is, it’s a feel-good movie and extravagant musical wrapped into one.

Sing 2 Review: 6 thumbs-up and 1 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Sing 2

Sing 2 Synopsis

To move onto the big league, Buster Moon and his gang from the 2016 hit stage an outrageous stunt to catch the attention of Jimmy Crystal, a powerful entertainment mogul. Amazingly, Crystal is impressed and Buster is given three weeks to produce an extravagant musical. Would the Koala be able to put together an out-of-the-world show, for the sake of his dreams, and his life?

Snappy Review

I was really looking forward to this. Far more than The Matrix Resurrections or No Way Home.

It’s because I enjoyed the first movie, of course. But beyond viewing joy, I was previously also impressed by Garth Jenning’s handling of the feel-good, road to stardom classic formula.

It’s like, there were no surprises in the 2016 show. No twists too. And yet, it absolutely uplifts and radiates with heart-warming joy.

Would Jenning be able to do the same with a sequel? And if he repeats the same treatment, would it still work so magnificently?

The answer, he sticks to the same formula and does so with even more finesse. Again, there are no surprises in story throughout, but it is exactly this that once more makes everything so assuring and pleasing. So magically satisfying because you know joy awaits you at the end of the road.

The soundtrack is likewise splendid. Given the fame of the artistes involved, there is no need for me to further elaborate.

Instead, I’d highlight the final third of the movie, which like the first show, consists of several music set pieces. Each, expectedly, performed by one Buster Moon’s earnest stars.

Before I continue, let me state that I know Sing 2 is animated fantasy. In animation, pigs can fly and porcupines can sing. While lions play rhythmic guitar licks.


The above said, these set pieces are still reason enough, alone, for you to watch the movie. Impossible in reality as they might be, they burst with creativity, artistry, and flair. Each set also vibrantly celebrates a different joy or tribulation of life.

As I wrote above, it’s like watching a fabulous musical together with a movie. A two-in-one.

PS: I’m also very glad I chose to watch Sing 2 on Christmas Eve. Why? Because it made my Christmas dinner much more enjoyable afterward!

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