Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes 2021 | Gardens by the Bay

Christmas Wonderland 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
Christmas Wonderland 2021 | Gardens by the Bay

A festive Friday evening at Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes 2021.

My “final” Christmas festive post for 2021, and it’s of course about the illuminated playground happening at Singapore’s southern tip.

Christmas Wonderland 2021! Happening at Gardens by the Bay once again and for so many Singaporeans, the magical place to be this December.

The same goes for Poinsettia Wishes, the signature year-end display of the Flower Dome. With this year’s theme that of sweets and traditional Christmas confectionery.

To share, I visited last evening and it was crowded! My timing coincided with the official opening too and so there were all sorts of media workers about the grounds.

Didn’t hamper the joy of my visit, though. Flower Dome was also pretty serene when I went in.

Anyway, here are the displays for this year! Before I begin, allow me to say I’m heartened by how more food and festive stores have returned to Christmas Wonderland.

It’s still a far cry from what was put up in previous years. But at the very least, it signals a slow return to normalcy. New COVID variant, or not.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2021

Like last year, Christmas Wonderland 2021 mainly takes place at the Supertree Grove, with a huge Italian Spalliera as the main showpiece.

It’s compact and easy to enjoy. With a timed entry system, crowds are also, well, moderate and you wouldn’t have to wait too long for anything. (Once you manage to enter the festive grounds, that is)

There is even a beer garden! Right next to the illuminated Enchanted Bridge set-piece, this will be for some visitors, the perfect end to a visit.

Walk of Stars | Christmas Wonderland 2021
The Walk of Stars. This starry tunnel is at the edge of the festive grounds and if you’re lucky enough to enter without other visitors, it’s an uplifting experience.
Enchanted Bridge | Gardens by the Bay
The Enchanted Bridge. A replica of Venice’s Rialto Bridge, this is described as illuminated by 100,000 LED lights.
Hendrick’s Holiday Hot Air Balloon Bar
Hendrick’s Holiday Hot Air Balloon Bar. Underneath the early evening sky, it’s such a lovely area to chill at, yes?
Christmas Wonderland 2021 Tinsel Castle
One of the high-tech attractions for this year, Tinsel Castle leads to a small playground and features an animated façade.
Gardens by the Bay Christmas 2021
Other illuminated attractions and photo spots for Christmas Wonderland 2021. There’s a shopping alley named Mistletoe Alley Market.
Christmas Wonderland 2021 Spalliera
“Interior” view of this year’s Spalliera. It’s as spectacular and dazzling as ever!
Gardens by the Bay Christmas 2021
The magnificent Spalliera together with the Supertrees. A sight no visitor will soon forget.

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Poinsettia Wishes 2021

After showcasing famous Scandinavian landmarks for two years, the theme for Poinsettia Wishes has switched to that of traditional Christmas confectionery and sweets.

It’s a yummy change; no pun intended. 🙂 While the visual impact isn’t as breathtaking as last year, walking into the Flower Dome is like visiting a fantasy candy land.

The miniature Ferris Wheel at the heart of it all is quite the showpiece too.

Poinsettia Wishes 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
This medley of sweet delights greets you at the main entrance. Look at that luscious Candy Apple Christmas Carriage.
Poinsettia Wishes 2021 is inspired by traditional confectionery.
The Valley of the Sweets centerpiece. Absolutely full of candy canes, gingerbread men, and Christmas tree cookies.
Christmas Marshmallow Man
A Christmas marshmallow man says hi!
Flower Dome Christmas 2021
The “snow” adds a lot to the magical ambience, don’t you think so? (Check out those cherry tart windmills too)
Poinsettia Wishes 2021 Recipe Grove
Recipes on show at the Recipe Grove! How about making your own Nordic Christmas specialty?
Poinsettia Wishes Cupcake Ferris Wheel
Last but not least, the Cupcake Ferris Wheel. Too bad you can’t actually take a ride on it …

Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes 2021 are ongoing till the second and third of January, 2022, respectively. Check the official pages for the full list of associated activities!

Christmas Wonderland 2022

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Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
The 2021 festive season is officially in full swing with the opening of Christmas Wonderland and Poinsettia Wishes at Gardens by the Bay.

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