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SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Review
SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Review

Manage all your PDF needs with SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0!

Update Oct 2022: New and improved features for Ver

The updated Ver includes the following improvements and new features:

  1. A brand new streamlined interface.
  2. Incognito Mode for private browsing.
  3. The new Reverse Page and Reverse View reading modes.
  4. Text wrapping is now possible under the edit function.
  5. Search tools to assist in finding features and functions.
  6. Swifdoo now comes in German and French too.
  7. Various bug fixes and improvements.

Portable Document Format, or PDF, is nowadays a part of every IT user’s daily life. With that comes a slew of associated tasks from the need to edit or annotate, or to merge and convert documents.

If you’re looking to have all your PDF tasks done with just one software, consider SwifDoo PDF! An all-in-one pdf editor for Windows 11/10/8.1/7/XP, SwifDoo packs in quite an amazing array of tools and functions in its streamlined interface. It is also free to register and try, and if you’re satisfied, the current discounted subscription is but USD 5.10 per month. (Original price USD 69.00 per year or USD 20.00 per month, or USD 151.00 for a perpetual license)

In a nutshell, the key features are:

  • Ability to effortlessly edit PDF content. For example, unprotected text can be edited like a word document.
  • Add customized elements & crop files.
  • Whiteout content and add images or links.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & other formats such as CAD.
  • Convert emails, attachments, and folders into PDF format.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Merge and split PDFs
  • Three ways of signing documents.

To offer a genuine chance at trying, all registered accounts come with a 30-day trial period too. Higher-level functions such as electronic signatures are not available during this period, but otherwise, the trial gives you a clear idea of what SwifDoo PDF is capable of.

Needless to say, registration also requires but seconds, with download/installation effortless.

SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Sign In Screen
Of note, you can download Swifdoo before registering. Registration can also be done within the software.
SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Trial and Full Version Comparison
As you can see from this chart, only advanced features are not available during the trial period.

SwifDoo PDF Try-out and Quick Review

Creating PDFs

The gist of it, I have pretty straightforward needs as far as PDFs are concerned. Very simply, I do little more than create or combine PDFs.

In these areas, SwifDoo PDF is a breeze to use. For common files such as jpgs, MS word documents, etc, I merely have to right-click on the file after installing the software, choose SwifDoo’s To PDF function, and the interface launches. Thereafter, it’s a matter of saving the file after edits.

If right-clicking doesn’t bring up the option, then one needs to first launch the software. Here’s also where things get a shade confusing.


Upon launching, two options would be available on the toolbar presented. These being:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Image

On clicking PDF to Word, a separate window launches. There will be an extensive vertical menu in this, several options of which provide conversion from MS Office documents to PDF format. (From Word to PDF is under Office to PDF. After highlighting the option, add your word document)

The same goes for PDF to Image. Of note, SwifDoo supports bitmaps, jpgs, pngs, and tiff file formats.

It’s all very quick and easy; that is, once you know where to find the options. Down the road, the developer might perhaps consider renaming the above-mentioned functions.

SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Converting to PDF Format
Options to convert from other formats to PDF are found after clicking “PDF to Word” or “PDF to Image”.

Editing and Annotation

SwifDoo promises the ability to edit PDFs like word documents, and this is indeed so. As long as the text of your PDF is not password-protected.

One just after to open the PDF, then head over to the Edit section on the topmost horizontal menu bar. Thereafter, it’s a matter of clicking on the paragraph to change.

SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Text Edit
Editing text in a Word-like environment.

Annotation functions, with their own section on the top menu, are likewise straightforward. Essentially, the interface becomes a drawing board. You have tools to edit text. You also have another set of tools for drawing/graphic capabilities.

SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Annotate Functions
The annotate screen. To repeat, it’s like a drawing board.

It’s simple to use; to an extent, fun too. The capabilities available should also, in my opinion, address the annotation needs of most users.

Document Conversions

SwifDoo PDF comes with the ability to convert PDFs to office documents or image formats. On its website, “high-quality conversion” is also promised.

SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 Conversion
Conversion from PDF to other popular formats.

After several tries, what I can say is this. Conversion to word format is almost always fast. Conversion to Excel and other formats takes a while longer but is still speedy.

Accuracy is impressive as well. In fact, the only PDF documents SwifDoo weren’t able to correctly convert were my PDF music scores. As in, those that I generated directly from Finale PrintMusic.

For these, SwifDoo could still capture my images. What it couldn’t do, on the other hand, was understand my music notation and capture them as an image.

To be clear, this is in no way a flaw to me. Anyway, MS word has no ability to present music notation.

As far as office documents conversion is concerned, I’d rank SwifDoo a 5 out of 5.

Download and Try SwifDoo PDF Ver 2.0 today!

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