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Jewel Changi Christmas 2021
Jewel Changi Christmas 2021 Decorations and Lights.

Jewel Changi Airport Christmas decorations and celebrations 2021.

‘Right, time for another quick pictorial post. Another Christmas-related one too.

Since its opening in 2019, Jewel Changi Airport had been one of my “must-visits” for year-end Christmas illuminations. So far, no visit has been disappointing too. Crowded as the futuristic complex always was, there were plenty of great opportunities for photos.

This year is no exception and I headed there with much enthusiasm last evening. Well, hmm, what can I say? The signature huge Christmas tree forming the entrance to the Shiseido Forest Valley is as gorgeous as ever. The special light and sound show was quite the spectacle too, and accompanied by a rousing arrangement of a very traditional carol.

On the other hand … the whole use of world landmarks to grace the festive area was somewhat, ineffective for me? I know this year’s theme is that of experiencing the world at Jewel this festive season, or giving travel-starved Singaporeans a brief illusion of being overseas. But still, the near-complete lack of Christmas ornaments in the central area made everything felt akin … to a travel fair?

Actually, I kept thinking, everything is to encourage the use of the VTLs. Celebrating Christmas is … a by the way.

But that’s me being a Grinch; pardon me. I’d be lying too if I say I didn’t find my 20 minutes in the festive area relaxing. Perhaps next year, things will return to more Christmas-y notes.

Meet the World at Jewel this Christmas (2021)

Meet the World at Jewel this Christmas (2021)
A ground-level look at the festive main entrance. Incidentally, you need to spend SGD 25/- at Jewel for entrance into the festive area. Each receipt admits 4 persons too.
Jewel Christmas Light Show 2021
I entered just before another session of the festive light-and-sound show.
Travel Landmarks at Jewel Changi Airport
World landmarks set pieces. There are four, supposedly representing the favourite holiday destinations of Singaporeans. All four landmarks feature some sort of interactive or AR activity too.
Let It Snow at Jewel Changi Airport
Erm … the big Christmas tree during “Let It Snow.” For obvious reasons, the artificial snowfall shows are no longer the blizzards they used to be. Which makes me feel kinda sad …

I should highlight this. Outside of travel landmarks, Jewel is also having a Disney Tsum Tsum Premiums Promotion. Every SGD 50/- spent on a single receipt entitles you to a purchase of a Tsum Tusm premium at SGD 8.90. Details here!

Adorable MOVING Dinosaurs at Terminal 3

With it just a five minutes, travellator walk away, I thought it would be silly not to check out the festive dinosaurs over at Terminal 3.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Christmas 2021
Jewel Changi Christmas 2021 Decorations and Lights.
Dino Blitz at Terminal 3
There’s a certain Ice Age movie feel to the set piece, isn’t there? By the way, it’s titled Dino Blitz.

All displays and light-ups at Jewel and Terminal 3 are ongoing till Jan 3, 2022.

Christmas Odyssea at Jewel 2022.

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Jewel Changi Christmas 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
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Jewel Changi Christmas 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
There’s the usual huge Christmas tree, but Jewel Changi Christmas decorations for 2021 feel more like those for a travel fair.

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