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Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2021

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2021
Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2021

Elegant artistic blooms are the main attractions for Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2021.

End November is approaching and with that, ‘tis the season to … light up Orchard Road for Christmas.

Yup, the annual year-end festive light-up started last weekend, and is set to last till Jan 2, 2022. In preparation since early October, the theme this time round is also that of festive blooms. Not just traditional red and gold poinsettias but golden Christmas roses as well.

It’s lovely and with a rich dash of traditional floral classiness. At quieter stretches, such as that nearer to Tanglin Road, a certain elegant ambience suffuses the air too. Which fills you with a fuzzy feeling then reminds you that everywhere from the pavements to the malls, to the department stores, are kinda, deserted.

Wait, I don’t want to go into that for a festive post. Not yet, anyway. Without further ado, here are the pictures I took on Monday.

For this post, I’m reverting to my oldest festive post format too, i.e., a “walkthrough.” Specifically, I started my evening near the heart of the flowery illuminations at Orchard Gateway. Over the next hour, I slowly made my way “up” to Tanglin Mall.

Christmas in Bloom: 2021 Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up

Again, I started my walk at the Somerset MRT Station area. The sky was also still bright when I reached, so I had to be careful which photo mode to use on my D7500.

Orchard Gateway’s lone outdoor decoration for 2021 is that of a Christmas present photo booth. Fun for selfie lovers but I miss Gateway’s avant-garde displays from previous years.
Update Nov 20: Orchard Central’s annual festive “tunnel” wasn’t up when I visited on Monday. But it’s there now and while simpler compared to previous years, it still provides for a good photo-spot.
Nutcracker-inspired magic castle over at 313 Somerset. With a festive walk that’s already atmospheric before sunset.
Sunsets have been lovely of late, probably because of the rain. The rosy skies, are in turn, a perfect prologue for this year’s street decorations.
The huge Christmas tree at Paragon is very eyecatching, thanks to the oversized bells!
Blue hour kicks in, and the pavements transform into arcade of light.
The main outdoor attraction this year at Wisma Atria is a miniature magic garden. With hints of Alice’s Wonderland.
The highly stylized, “Chanel” Christmas tree at Ion Orchard. You know, each year, I look forward to their unusual trees. They are always a promotion for some luxury brand, but the creativity involved is consistently impressive.
And of course, the main festive arch for 2021. Befitting the theme of “Christmas in Bloom,” it’s full of glittering red and rose gold blossoms. Newspaper coverage also highlights that poinsettias represent purity and mirth.

Speaking of “newspaper coverage,” there was a section in The Straits Times about expecting fewer visitors at this year’s “Christmas on a Great Street,” and hoping shoppers would still visit Orchard Road to patronise the shops there.

We all know why lower human traffic is anticipated, so I wouldn’t go into that. All I can say is, I visited on Monday and it was sleepy indoors and outdoors. More outlets have also relocated, or closed down.

I don’t know what can or should be done about this. But with it being Christmas and all, let me make the wish that Singapore can soon find a sustainable solution, be it living with Covid-19 or digitalisation, or reimagining the whole retail economy.

These are monumental tasks, but well, it’s half a century since humans stepped onto the moon. (And found neither Chang-e nor Transformers)

I’m sure we can find a way.

More Festive Illuminations

The main entrance to Wheelock Place is full of mirthful festive characters.
And around 15 minutes walk away, Tanglin Mall’s Christmas tree for this year. This is far simpler and much more traditional than the set pieces of previous years. But with doves symbolising hope, let’s wish that next year will be different for all of us.

Giant Festive Outdoor Projection at Mandarin Orchard

Done with Tanglin Mall, I got onto a bus and made my way back to the Ngee Ann City traffic junction, where the star of this year’s Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up is.

I.E., the huge, HUGE, Christmas outdoor projection at Mandarin Orchard.

In a nutshell, it’s awesome. Rather commercialized since it’s sponsored by Tudor but nonetheless still splendid, beginning with how clear and bright the animations are.

And then there are the speakers all about the pavements, cheerfully broadcasting classic Christmas songs to complement the mood.

It’s a lovely conclusion to my evening. With reference to what I wrote earlier, perhaps, also an example of “finding new ways.”

As in, the devoted can still conceptualise ways to enliven a light-up that has been happening for decades?

I’m sure Singapore can likewise find a way to make next Christmas just as beautiful, and better.

Animated Christmas cheer at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, i.e., right at the heart of Orchard Road. Don’t miss it if you’re visiting! Don’t forget to scan the displayed QR code to enjoy AR fireworks too. (You’d first need to download a mobile app)

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2021 is ongoing till Jan 2, 2022. There’s also the chance to virtually visit the illumination. Check the official page for details!

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