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Healthy Snacks All Day Long with Revive Singapore

Revive Singapore Healthy Snacks
Revive Singapore Healthy Snacks

On the hunt for healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day? Check out these delicious Granolas, Overnight Oats, and Nut Butters by Revive!

The year is drawing to a close and it looks like work-from-home will remain the default for most of us.

Which is not at all a bad thing per se; I believe many folks had long started appreciating the conveniences WFM brings. That said, all the freedom involved does mean you need to be additionally careful about your diet.

I mean, do you want to end a long day and realise, oh no, you’ve snacked on eight chocolate bars since morning, just to finish that report? On top of drinking five cups of coffee?

Well … that’s a scenario I’m somewhat familiar with, and so I’m grateful for companies like Revive. An online Singaporean portal specialising in healthy snacks, Revive offers the convenience of wholesome superfoods delivered right to your doorstep. At reasonable prices too.

Their products come with exotic flavours as well; the likes of Pina Colada, Matcha, Maple flavour, and so on. Perhaps what’s most worth mentioning too is that Revive’s products are all made from ingredients sourced from Singaporean suppliers and distributors.

It’s like, if you’re looking to support Singaporean setups while staying healthy, all day long, this is one brand to seriously consider.

Revive Healthy Snacks and Superfoods

A little more about Revive.

Established in September 2020, yup, in the midst of the pandemic, Revive focuses not just on crafting healthy and tasty snacks, but to support Singaporean charities and communities too. As mentioned above, the company also uses ingredients locally sourced. Needless to say, ingredients are 100 percent natural, plant-based, and with no artificial preservatives added.

Granolas and Overnight Oats are additionally packed for convenience in nifty zip bags. Oh, I should highlight here that Revive’s products are in no way lacking in taste, as some folks might expect healthy snacks to be.

Naturally sweetened with ingredients like honey, they are positively bursting with taste. To share, I munched a small piece of their Maple Granola, and could still taste the lingering woodsy goodness a good fifteen minutes later.

In a nutshell, Revive crafts and delivers healthy snacks crafted and made in Singapore.

Product Ranges

As of this time of writing, Revive offers three yummy, and wholesome, product ranges.

  1. Granolas: Revive’s Granolas are made from oats and a variety of health-giving nuts and seeds such as Pistachios, Almonds, and Sesame Seeds. There’s also a bit of a world tour with the flavours on sale. Matcha, Puff Rice, Cardamon, Earl Grey … To put it in another way, snacking on a different bag brings you to a different spot in our beautiful world each time.
  2. Overnight Oats: The perfect solution for busy people who just wanna get down to work minutes after waking up, without having to fuss over where to buy or go for breakfast. Just pour a bag into a glass of milk the night before, and it’s ready for feasting in the morning.
  3. Nut Butters: Unsweetened and unsalted, these addictive spreads give an instant kick to your toasts and bread. You could, of course, also eat them the way I do when binging on Anime … a spoonful to slowly lick. But I wouldn’t recommend that, of course. (LOL)
Revive’s Natural Nut Butter Range.

Five Yummy, Wholesome Goodness Sampled

‘Right, here are mini-reviews of the five Revive products I tried since receiving my carton. I apologise for not “reviewing” more. I want to enjoy the rest slowly. 😛

Revive’s Maple Granola. Every bite was a mouthful of Maple sweetness.

A. Maple Granola + Almond and Coconut: This was the first pack I opened and it’s rich, absolutely full of rustic Maple taste. On the other hand, the coconut felt a little on the lighter side, although my mom still immediately noted it when I gave her a piece. Overall, a very nutty and earthy munch, good for in-between work snacking.

Though it looks darker than the Maple version, Revive’s Earl Grey Granola is lighter in taste.

B. Earl Grey Granola + Macadamia & Puff Rice: This was a fun eat and the perfect example of what I meant when I wrote “world tour” earlier. The Earl Grey signature is, of course, British, while Puff Rice adds a mild oriental crunch. Overall, I prefer the lighter taste of this too, compared to the Maple Granola. I think it’d be great especially when, err, watching Downton Abbey alike series?

Less thick than peanut butter, the yummy Cashew Butter makes for easier spreading and eating.

C. Cashew Butter: I’m a huge fan of Cashew Nuts in recent years and this seriously didn’t disappoint. Other than the fragrance and light texture, I think what’s most worth highlighting is that it’s neither salty nor excessively rich. In Singaporean parlance, that means it doesn’t give you that gao (stuffed/saturated) feeling after eating. By the way, the same goes for Revive’s ABC Butter and Peanut Butter.

Fragrant and a treat for Almond lovers.

D. Almond Butter: Like Cashew Butter, this is fragrant but somewhat more watery. The Almond aroma and taste is also, interestingly, more pronounced. Would be a great delight for Almond lovers.

Pina Colada Overnight Oats. I had a Caribbean treat this morning; minus the alcohol, of course.

E. Pina Colada Overnight Oats: To be honest, I’m rather unfamiliar with the concept of leaving a cup of oats mixed with milk overnight in the fridge for morning consumption. (It supposedly does wonders for digestion and even aids in weight loss) It’s convenient and yummy, though, a creamy and chilled breakfast that’s utterly appetising. The Pina Colada scent further adds refreshing notes.

Get your healthy snack fix today at Revive!

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Healthy Snacks All Day Long with Revive Singapore
Revive’s Granolas, Overnight Oats, and Nut Butters are not just yummy, they are made in Singapore and 100 percent natural too.


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