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Though spiced with praiseworthy kills, Halloween Kills exhibits a determination to return the franchise to the days of the lame 80 sequels.

Halloween Kills Review: 5 thumbs-up and 3 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills Synopsis

Beginning where the 2018 reboot ended, Michael Myers survives Laurie’s inferno and continues to massacre the residents of Haddonfield. Weary of the horror, though, the residents band together to hunt him down but end up creating mass panic and chaos instead. Amidst the mayhem, Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter, heads for a confrontation with the killer at his childhood home, i.e., where it all began. Would Allyson survive? Or has the bloodshed transformed Michael into the ultimate killing machine? Beyond the ability of any human to kill?

Snappy Review

Back in the 80s and 90s, and for reasons I’ve never uncovered, Singaporean free TV refused to screen the very first Halloween movie. I.E., John Carpenter’s 1978 gem.

The same couldn’t be said for the sequels, though. In fact, most were even staples on “horror evenings.” Albeit with heavy censorship.

This strange occurrence resulted in two things. First, I stopped looking forward to the screenings after the fifth movie, everything just got too lame for me. Second, I also lost interest in the entire franchise. In fact, it wasn’t till the age of YouTube, when I could watch snippets of the ’78 original, that I once more became a fan.

Sharing these memories for while watching Halloween Kills, I was thoroughly reminded of my experience from those decades. Apart from how the movie could be considered a loose reimagination of Halloween II, the plot seems a summation of how the original sequels went. In other words, fiercely determined to push the story into the realms of the supernatural. First and foremost for the purpose of more bloody kills.

It felt … tired? Uninspirational? As much as I acknowledge that a killer like Michael Myers couldn’t possibly be wholly human, I thought the efforts of the 2018 reboot to keep things “realistic” was what made it a winner. The ability of victims to fight back was also what gave that reboot a special kick too.

Sadly, it was all lost this time round. With the story also further dragged down by unfinished declarations about mob justice, mass hysteria, psychological denial, etc. As many reviews have highlighted, the main thing keeping the show alive are the brutal kills. Just like the 80s sequels.

Now, I am not unaware that there is another sequel down the road. Titled Halloween Ends, it’s supposed to wrap up the new adventures of Michael. Possibly with the goriest of showdowns between classic protagonists too.

But with what’s re-established with zest in this sequel, I regret to say I’m not too enthusiastic about what’s upcoming. While Halloween 2018 was refreshing, this part 2 was just repetitive.

Here’s hoping there’s some sort of save the best for last ongoing here. The short of it, this new trilogy needs it.

Watch the trailer here.

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