Sudio T2 Review With Discount Code

Sudio T2 Review
Sudio T2 Review with Discount Code

Sudio T2 Review. Less an Upgrade, more of a re-imagination with brand new features.

Is the Tolv one of Sudio’s best-selling true wireless earphones? Well, I don’t have the statistics on hand but while reviewing my set in 2019, I was impressed by the cool aesthetics of the Tolv and its bassy sound signature.

In fact, I still occasionally use mine for late-night music listening or movie binging, despite having newer, better-equipped Sudio earphones like the Fem and Ett.

With 2021 in its last leg, it seems a perfect time too for the Tolv to undergo a formal revival, which was what happened on September 17. Branded simply as Sudio T2, the upgraded version looks the same on the outside but packs in active noise cancelling (ANC) and improved microphone technology. “Beamforming” microphones, to be precise.

How does the new product fare? Is it a worthy upgrade or just a mere improvement of specs and functions? I’ll say it’s neither; it’s an impressive, superior reimagination! What do I mean? Read on to find out!

Sudio T2 Specifications and Features

First of all, a look at the specs and key features for the T2.

  • Active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Beamforming microphones
  • 35 hours of battery life, with 7.5 hours listening time per full charge. Up to 6.5 hours with ANC activated
  • Dynamic audio driver
  • Sweat and splashproof
  • Quick Charge Capability: 10 minutes only for 2 hours of play
  • Plastic-free packaging; the Swedish manufacturer’s effort at sustainability
  • Different ear tips to help you achieve the perfect fit.
  • Driver Size: 8 mm
  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 92dB @1.0KHz
  • Weight: 5.3 g per earbud
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • 3 year warranty with Sudio Sphere, and free shipping

The main selling point here is, of course, ANC, nowadays considered a must for any higher-end wireless earphones. On this, I’ve to say ANC for the Tolv 2, I mean T2, is quite a different experience from other Sudio products with that feature. More on this later.

The other key selling point is beamforming microphones. What this means is that there’s a microphone array in each wireless earbud, one pointing outwards while the other is aimed towards the user’s mouth.

Thanks to this arrangement, both voice and ambient sound are simultaneously captured. An internal signal processing algorithm then processes the captured sounds to reduce environmental din. The end result is that voice clarity is always maintained.


Unboxing and First Impressions

Unboxing was enjoyable, in a nostalgic sort of way. The way the T2 was packed reminded me of when I received the Tolv in 2019, with the charging case having the exact same matt feel too. (Which I love, btw).

The actual earbuds are a different business, though. Or should I say, new?

Ergonomically designed and closer in shape to that for the Fem, they are now bulkier and quite different in feel and appearance. Right out of the box, I’d say the T2 fits more snuggly and comfortably too. And that’s without me changing the ear tips.

Best true wireless earphones with active noise cancelling (ANC)
The latest in Sudio’s series of ANC-enabled wireless earphones, or earbuds.
Sudio T2 Features
Features listed on the back of the box. The most important ones, of course, being active noise cancelling and beamforming microphones for talk clarity.
Many reviews for the older Tolv, including mine, highlighted how the charging case resembles a bar of luxury soap, because of its matte finish. This updated version feels the same way too!
Sudio T2 Earphones Box Contents
The full box contents: An owner’s guide, warnings, charging cable, and three sets of ear tips. There’s also a cleaning cloth.

Okay, this is going to sound silly. I prefer the way the ear tips are packaged this time around. Compared to, say, the blister pack used for the Ett? It’s just way easier to remove and store.

Sudio T2 Jade Version
The nifty true wireless earbuds within the charging case. My review set is the Jade version, btw. Isn’t the color lovely? And soothing?

Sudio T2 Touch Controls

Touch control for is T2 is activated by clicks and holds on the metallic surface of either earbud. In other words, similar to recent Sudio products.

On this, well, I’m used to the “system” by now but the whole game of three clicks to raise/reduce volume is still a challenge for the most part. I just can’t seem to get it right most of the time.

Luckily, the single clicks and hold to manage playback, calls, and activate ANC are much easier to perform. Have to say too that I’m aware it is an inevitable compromise for the sake of style; physical clicks and holds would also have their own set of drawbacks.

But I’m grouching. The following is a summary of the touch controls. As usual, I suggest that you perform all these on the playback device instead.

  • 1 Click on Either Earbud: Play/Pause/Answer Call.
  • 2 Clicks on Left Earbud: Previous track.
  • 2 Clicks on Right Earbud: Next track.
  • 3 Clicks on Left Earbud: Volume down.
  • 3 Clicks on Left Earbud: Volume up.
  • Hold for 3 Secs on Either Earbud: Reject Call/Terminate Call.

Sudio T2 Active Noise Cancelling Controls and Review

This key new feature is interesting. Very interesting.

Before all else, the function works admirably. According to my brochure, Sudio’s feedforward technology analyses ambient sound and generates anti-frequencies before the din even reaches the ears. There are also two levels of noise cancelling to experiment with, so to speak.

On the other hand, control is confusing without reading the owner’s guide. The T2 also does not prompt you with words. Instead, it uses a set of whooshes and chimes to indicate activation/deactivation.

Sudio T2 Active Noise Cancelling Controls.
ANC instructions from the owner’s guide.

As you can see from above, the owner’s guide isn’t exactly clear on what’s what too. But in short, (I think) what’s going on is:

Hold either touch-control for 2 secs:

  • When you hear a chime: Everything is off.
  • When you hear a swooshing sound: ANC is activated.
  • When you hear a ding-dong: Environmental sound is boosted.

(Disclaimer: I’m frankly not completely sure I got it right. But since it’s all a matter of 2-sec holds, I guess it’s for you to experiment and find your preferred setting)

Notably, the T2 doesn’t handle noise-cancelling the same way as the Elva. There is no volume boost or sound expansion. Only environmental din is strictly removed.

In other words, ANC is working the way it’s meant to be. But, hmm, I was hoping for some sort of audio enhancement. But that’s just me being “unprofessional” as a reviewer.

As for the “quality” of noise reduction, have to say I find the T2 somewhat on the lighter side; it only slightly dulls environmental din. At truly noisy locations, it would probably be of little good.

Sudio T2 Sound Quality

One word. I find the sound quality of the Sudio T2 awesome.

And that’s with or without ANC activated.

It’s crisp and accurate, with an immersive depth that’s lovely to indulge in. Like the older Tolv, basses and lows are also energetic, but they are in much better balance this time and seldom overpower. There is no muddling of audio quality too.

Mids and highs likewise perform well, although there’s a slight tinny effect at extremes. At this point, I ought to highlight that while looping through my favourite YouTube talk videos, I did find some of the narrations too “shrill” at points. But this was curiously resolved simply by boosting environmental sound. (See above) The same applies to incoming voice calls as well.

Coming to soundstage and stereo panning, the T2 is an ace with these! Depth and width are at perfect levels for me. Panning effects are distinct and engaging too.

It’s truly an immersive sound experience, this phrase used on the box to describe the product. Needless to say, watching movies with the T2 was equally lovely. As long as you fit the right eartips, the earbuds fit very comfortably with environmental sounds much reduced.

Yup, reduced. I binged on two hours of Netflix, heard every word and sound effect, without activating ANC. I practically forgot about the new function. That’s how great the sealing design is.

Shape Life Through Immersive Sound
“Shape Life Through Immersive Sound.”

Update Apr 2021: Sudio Personal Sound App

Sudio has released a app named “Sudio Personal Sound” on Google Play and Apple PlayStore. Meant for the T2 as well as the spatial audio-enabled Sudio E2, the app allows you to control ANC with your phone.

What’s more, it comes with a nifty equalizer function, one that allows you to create your own sound profile.

In other words, this is one app that you must download, if you own the T2.

Sudio T2 vs Tolv: The Differences and Upgrades

Sudio T2 Vs Tolv
The T2 and its predecessor, the Tolv.

Here are the differences between the T2 and the Tolv, in case you own the older model and are wondering whether to upgrade.

  • The T2 charging case is slightly smaller, although it retains the same shape and matt feel.
  • The earbuds this time round are larger and more ergonomically designed. To repeat, I feel they fit and rest easier. More snuggly too.
  • Both models hold up to 35 hours of battery life. (Slightly shorter for the Sudio T2 if ANC is activated)
  • ANC on the T2 is naturally, a game-changer.
  • While it’s not instantly noticeable, voice quality for the T2 is clearer.
  • Sound-wise, the T2 wins hands-down! Hate to say this but the Tolv could sometimes be too boomy with lows. The T2 still has pronounced basses but is much more balanced. Sound on the upgraded model, overall, is deeper, crispier, and more refined too.

The summary of it, it’s worth getting the T2 even if your Tolv is still functioning well. It’s not just a cosmetic upgrade, it’s a whole new listening experience.

Sudio T2 Review Conclusion – A Worthy Upgrade and Re-imagination

I kept referring to the older Tolv model because, well, the T2 is the Tolv 2 after all. I expect most Sudio fans to compare.

But apart from the aesthetics of the charging case, the T2 is a whole new product by itself. Its sound signature is still strong with basses but it also thrives on soundstage, balance, and clarity.

There are, of course, also active noise-cancelling and the ability to boost environmental sounds. The system of activating these two functions with the same 2-sec click is confusing to new users, but like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take long to figure them out. It’s also, in a way, entertaining to see which mode fits which performance better.

In fact, I’m so satisfied with the T2 overall, I’m going to skip my usual “usage scenario” section for Sudio reviews. I think these wireless earbuds are great for all types of use, including exercising with, gaming, and movie watching.

Like with all Sudio earphones, they look great too! I’m in love with the pastel green look of my Jade set. Down the road, I’m sure Sudio will release more eye-catching colours too.

The Sudio T2 has launched worldwide on September 17, 2021! Head over to the official Sudio website today to place an order! You’ll enjoy a 15 percent discount off the retail price if you quote my discount code, scribblinggeek

This discount code is also usable for all other Sudio products, no matter where you are.

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