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Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2021
Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival 2021 in Singapore

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival 2021.

In the blink of an eye, two thirds of 2021 is over and autumn is upon Singapore. Well, autumn by the Chinese lunar calendar year, anyway.

Yes, we are into the lunar eighth month and the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, or Zhongqiu Jie, is just days away. Much like last year, festivities and light-ups are not too badly hit by (still ongoing) pandemic concerns too, and so Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay are once again adorned by elaborate festive lanterns.

With mini mooncake fairs everywhere as well. These are all very carefully crowd-managed, by the way. With little loss of festive ambience or buyers’ enthusiasm.

Anyway, the following are the festive light-up pictures I took for this year. As the one at GBTB starts on a later date, I’d add those next week. Do check back for those!

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Light-Up 2021

The much, err, worried-about Chang-e for this year has so far drawn no criticism. Personally, I don’t see why there should be any complaints. This year’s version is as traditional and as classic as the mythical goddess could be. (And I like how’s she’s flying instead of just standing around)

The towering showpiece for this year’s “Mooncake Festival” light-up.
The lantern figurines right behind Madam Chang-e. These are adorable up-close.
According to official literature, the theme for this year is tradition. Here are some of the family-themed decorations behind Chang-e. Right opposite People’s Park Complex.
These kids are further down the road. Opposite the bus stop at myCK-Chinatown.

Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point has its own celebration this year! The showpiece is a colourful lantern tunnel before the main entrance.

The lovely lantern tunnel before the main entrance. This was very popular with selfie-takers.
This mini art exhibition within Chinatown Point itself really appealed to the Chinese mythology fan in me! Titled Mythology: The Remix, it featured famous Chinese gods and legendary characters with a truly modern twist. (Nezha was re-imagined as a social justice warrior, while his dad became a brand ambassador. LOL)

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn 2021

Over at Gardens by the Bay, it’s rabbits galore! Including a section devoted to Miffy!

The layout/placement for the lanterns is also different this year. Half of the elaborate showpieces are within the Flower Dome, with accompanying displays of gorgeous Chrysanthemum blooms, the flower traditionally associated with the Chinese autumn.

The rest of the decorations are clustered at the entrance piazza. Interestingly, Madam Chang’e doesn’t make an appearance anywhere. It’s strictly cutesy rabbits, and other auspicious animals in Chinese culture.

The main rabbit showpiece within the Flower Dome, titled Rabbits’ Forest. Trivia: There is the Chinese saying, Yutu Daoyao (玉兔捣药). The Jade Rabbit of the Moon, Chang’e eternal companion, is believed to be a master at making elixirs.
Adorable rabbits are everywhere! I love the one taking a nap on a mooncake. (I love Miffy too, of course)
As mentioned above, lovely Chrysanthemums, the representative flower of the Chinese Autumn, were everywhere.
The elaborate Chinese painting-inspired lanterns at the entrance to Gardens by the Bay. These were hugely popular with photographers, as expected.
Atmospheric sky lanterns, or kongmind deng (孔明灯), adorn the largest Supertrees. This is one of the main attractions for this year too.

By the way, there’s no “tunnel of lights” this year at the entrance piazza. In replacement is a “Rabbit Trail” walk flanked by the rabbit lanterns shown above.

Korean Genre Paintings display. Located near the domes, this features digital artworks by Korean traditional artists and is sponsored by Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korea Tourism Organization.
Colonnade of Lights 2021. I take a picture of this every year, don’t I? 😛

Just to highlight too, there are no lantern displays at the Supertree Grove this year. Instead, Art-Zoo 2021 is ongoing there. This event is equally worth a look for some of the inflatables have really quirky expressions.

Checking out the inflatables was an amusing, relaxing way to end my visit.

Mooncakes Singapore 2021 – Unusual and Traditional Packaging Aplenty

What’s a Mid-Autumn Festival post without a look at the mooncakes on sale in Singapore this year, eh?

But I don’t intend to do a list of fanciful or geeky mooncakes, like what I posted last year. I think we are all used to unusual flavours and innovative ingredients being used too. (Durian paste filling is still hugely popular, in case you’re wondering)

Instead, how about we take a look at the packaging this year?

This has to be a big area of the marketing push, with all the creativity thrown in. With the bulk of mooncakes being bought as gifts, especially corporate gifts, it’s only to be expected too that packaging will get increasingly elaborate. Or should I say, fanciful.

Minions Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes! This is probably the geekiest mooncake on sale this year, with the container perfect for families with young children. The actual cake is in the shape of a minion’s face, btw.
Mooncake Game Box sets by Mdm Ling Bakery. This is innovative for while the actual cakes are traditional in shape, the boxes double as board game sets. Something to enjoy while feasting with family and friends, in other words.
For all ye mah-jong aficionados, the Four Heavenly Kings by Chngkae! May you win in every … wind.
Haute couture mooncake handbags on sale at Kai Duck! So that you can look fashionable while carrying one to a gathering.
Something more traditional, yet still exquisite and eyecatching. Hotel Indigo’s Peranakan-inspired A Timeless Treasure collection.

Chinatown Mid-Autumn 2021 Light-Up is ongoing till October 5, 2021. Check here for associated programmes!

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 is ongoing till October 3, 2021. Do note that for adults, entrance fees apply for the Flower Dome. Photographers: camera tripods are also not allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Details here!

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