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Museum of Ice Cream, Singapore | Home Tourist Photo Essay 19

Museum of Ice Cream, Singapore
Museum of Ice Cream, Singapore

Pink landscapes and icy dessert sampling at Singapore’s new Museum of Ice Cream.

Do you have a soft spot for ice cream? Well, going by the statistics presented at the new Museum of Ice Cream at Loewen Road, you’re likely to. The icy sweet counts among the oldest and most consistently popular snacks in the world.

A yummy adventure to indulge in amidst the current gloom, this new attraction isn’t really a “museum” with historical ice cream-making machines and the likes of, though there are plenty of related trivia and facts displayed. (Referred to as Sprinkles)

Instead, it’s more of an experience through a series of pink, themed, surreal chambers. With four of these displays providing free tasting.

Yup. The ticket comes with tastings of different types of ice creams, including Singapore’s very own potong tubes. Let me just highlight that if you’re visiting, don’t go with a full stomach. You want to have space to try all the samples.

Getting to Loewen Road

I like to begin with this. If you’re heading there using public transport, take note. There are no MRT stations within walking distance. The nearest bus stop is also a 10 – 15 minutes walk away, with the route in-between an unmarked and confusing one.

It was also drizzling when I visited, and so it wasn’t a breeze identifying all the winding roads while checking Google Maps, while fumbling with an umbrella. That said, it did give me the opportunity to explore Dempsey Hill, sort of. But that’s another story and I’d leave those discoveries for another post.

I alighted at Orchard MRT Station and took a bus at Orchard Boulevard for Holland Road. Quite a number of services head there. (I took Service 123 and got off at the seventh stop thereafter: CSC Dempsey Clubhouse)
The whole Dempsey Hill area, with colonial architecture and all, doesn’t feel like Singapore!
When you’re near Loewen Road, you should see the Museum. It’s the only building in striking reds.

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) Experience

As mentioned above, the “MOIC” experience is a journey through various selfie-perfect chambers. As with so many other attractions in Singapore this year, you also have to indicate a visiting time when buying your tickets online.

On the latter, I didn’t see any ticket booth when there, so I presume you must pre-purchase your ticket(s) and pre-book your slot before going. Hate to highlight this as well, but if you’re medically eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, you MUST be vaccinated before permitted entry.

The entrance lobby. There’s a quick briefing here. You’re also given stickers to write your name or favourite ice cream flavour.
The first few rooms also have quirky displays of celebrities and pop culture names. With delicious renaming to suit the ice-cream theme.
The first chamber. Here, you can play with various tablets to create your own dreamy dessert.

Going into background information, the MOIC is operated by Figure8, and there are two similar museums in New York City and Austin. In other words, the Singaporean exhibit is the first in Asia.

I’m also going to run into tens of pictures if I show photos from every room. So I’d just list down the five displays that I most enjoyed.

California Dreamin’. The first yummy stop i.e. where the ice cream tasting starts.
Scream’s Diner. (What a name). This is the room serving soft-serve, and comes with a playable jukebox. The ambience is intended to be that of a retro American diner?
Paying homage to Singapore’s beloved Potong Ice Cream. (This is yet another tasting room, btw)
My favourite room. The effect here reminded me of the teamLab exhibits at the ArtScience Museum, and in Japan.
A Roman bath with oversized sprinkles?! This was a huge hit with adults and kids alike. It was also a laugh seeing visitors “immerse” themselves for selfies.

Fun and Games

The MOIC experience is not just about displays and tasting, of course. There are various simple games to enjoy too.

Kids wouldn’t be bored at the Museum of Ice Cream, that’s for sure. Actually, most adults were having a great time too.
A wall full of magnetized letters and numbers for you to build your own messages. There were … interesting declarations here. I couldn’t resist leaving one myself! (The European lady beside me frowned hard at what I assembled …)

Ice Cream Tasting at the MOIC!

Is this the main attraction of the MOIC visiting experience? It was for me!

In short, you get to try four types of ice cream. Sherbet, soft serve, potong, and sandwich wafer. The latter two types pay homage to Singaporean tastes and heritage, of course, and were correspondingly in local flavours.

From top to bottom: Lime Mojito, Apple Pie with Vanilla and rainbow sprinkles, and Pulut Hitam Potong. I forgot to take a pic of the Lychee wafer! (And that Lime Mojito really spoke to the alcoholic in me…)

Gift Shop and Café

Last but not least, there are a small gift shop and café. If you need something warm after all those icy treats, have a coffee at the café!

The café is a good place to chill after the visit, which will require at least an hour to properly enjoy.

The Museum of Ice Cream is at 100 Loewen Road, Singapore 248837. Opening hours, currently, are Thursdays to Sundays, 10 am to 10.30 pm. Remember to buy your tickets online before visiting!

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Museum of Ice Cream, Singapore | Home Tourist Photo Essay 19
If you’re fond of ice cream, and surreal pink landscapes, Singapore’s new Museum of Ice Cream promises a yummy hour or two.


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