National Day Light-Up 2021 at Seven Historical Landmarks

National Day Light-Up 2021
Singapore National Day Light-Up 2021

National Day light-up 2021 at seven historical buildings and landmarks.

I was hoping for this to happen. And was delighted when news about it came out over the weekend.

I mean, we’re in need of some cheer, aren’t we? Not just because it’s another National Day under the gloom of the pandemic, but also because of all the social conflicts that have emerged over the last few months. These, including the way our national swimmers were dissed. (Truly appalling, the latter)

It’s a good reminder too that despite the ongoing restrictions, Singapore isn’t exactly in a lockdown. While the streets were quiet last evening, the city wasn’t in any way, asleep. There were visitors at all of the following landmarks and historical buildings, all socially “distanced.” Neither did I have any difficulty buying food or drinks.

Anyway, the following are the photos I took last evening. In advance, happy National Day 2021! Don’t let the postponement of NDP and all that get you down. Singapore will still be celebrating her 56th birthday.

National Day Colours and Lights at Seven Landmarks and Monuments

The illuminated monuments and landmarks are all within or near the Bras Basah Bugis (BBB) precinct, this (roughly) being the triangular area formed by Bugis, City Hall, and Douby Ghaut MRT stations.

If you’re familiar with our previous illumination events, you’d surely notice that the chosen landmarks are performance venues of the Singapore Night Festival. On that, let me just say it’s quite obvious the Night Festival is going to be cancelled this year. That makes this year’s National Day light-up again a substitution of sorts, for which I’m glad.

As for the landmarks, they are:

  1. Stamford Arts Centre at Waterloo Street
  2. Objectifs – Centre for Photography & Film at Middle Road
  3. National Design Centre at Middle Road
  4. Cathedral of the Good Shepherd at Queen Street
  5. National Museum of Singapore at Stamford Road
  6. Central Fire Station at Hill Street
  7. The Cathay Building at Handy Road

It’s an easy albeit rather sweaty walk from start to end. With the exception of the Cathay Building, the landmarks are also more or less in a straight route. I needed just 90 minutes to finish visiting all seven.

Stamford Arts Centre National Day 2021 Light-Up
At Stamford Arts Centre. With the building hemmed in by other structures, only the front façade is illuminated. But the rosy hue looks romantic under the evening sky.
Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Film
Objectifs – Centre for Photography & Film. According to official literature, lesser-known landmarks were selected for this ND light-up. I’m not familiar with the history of this chapel-like building, but it certainly makes for an atmospheric venue.
National Design Centre Singapore at Middle Road.
To be honest, I felt the illuminations at the National Design Centre were on the minimal side. But again, when paired with the evening sky, my shots didn’t turn out too dry.
Cathedral of the Good Shepard National Day 2021 Light Up
Like last year, the Cathedral of the Good Shepard was closed by the time I reached it. I could thus only photograph it from beside the main gate.

Like last year’s light-up, the illuminations at the National Museum were also the most elaborate. It was the only venue with an accompanying static display too.

Singapore National Day 2021 Lights.
“Together Our Singapore Spirit” i.e. the tagline for this year’s National Day. It’s great that the illumination changes colours!
Central Fire Station During National Day 2021
The Central Fire Station was tough to photograph, there being no unobstructed spot right before it! (Any that’s safe from traffic, that is).
The Cathay Building Singapore
Last but not least, the Cathay Building! I love this Art Deco gem not only because I regularly watch movies here, but also because of its extremely colourful (and shady) history.

Recommended Route if Visiting

While the monuments and buildings are reasonably near each other, there’s still quite a bit of walking to reach all seven. I thus recommend the following approach.

  • Start at Bugis Junction. The National Arts Centre is just across the junction.
  • Head up Middle Road to Objectifs and Stamford Arts Centre.
  • Backtrack to Queen Street and head down it to the Cathedral of the Good Shepard.
  • Cut through SMU to reach the National Museum.
  • From the National Museum, you could either head up Stamford Road to the Cathay Building, or work your way through Armenian Street to reach Hill Street i.e. the Central Fire Station. For me, I headed to the fire station, then hopped onto the MRT at City Hall to reach the Cathay Building.

The light-up is ongoing till Aug 31, 2021. The official “switch-on” time is 7.30 pm to midnight, but the Design Centre, Objectifs, etc, were already illuminated at 7.15 pm, when I was there.

National Day 2022 Illuminations.

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Singapore National Day Light-Up 2021 at Seven Historical Landmarks
Article Name
Singapore National Day Light-Up 2021 at Seven Historical Landmarks
National Day Light-Up at seven historical Singapore landmarks in the Bras Basah Bugis (BBB) precinct to welcome the country’s 56th birthday.

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