InVideo Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

InVideo Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits
InVideo Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Do people nowadays still prefer to read long paragraphs and articles? Especially when searching the Internet for information and solutions?

I don’t think so. Instead, everyone wants a short, crisp, concisely written tutorial or article, if only because it’s easier on the eyes.

Correspondingly, online video content is gaining worldwide popularity due to this reading pattern change, increasingly recognised as an effective communication channel too. I bet those who have tried would also testify that the video format is a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike.

In turn, social media platforms and online public forums are today, heavily focused on the use of catchy video content to encourage more effective customer engagement or to promote brand awareness. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many professional organisations have also switched to using this powerful marketing tool by launching video marketing campaigns and interactive sessions directly on the internet, or by creating attractive video snippets to reach global audiences.

The short of it, an efficient online video editor like InVideo is a requisite tool for today’s business and personal communication. The ability to quickly produce quality video content could even be described as the need of the hour. One could say such video editing software is now, indispensable.

InVideo Video Editor Introduction

A quick introduction of the InVideo online video editing platform.

This stylish editor enables anyone to create or edit videos within minutes without prior creation or editing experience. The platform also comes packed with some 5000+ (!) ready-made templates to cater to different businesses and individuals.

To assist the selection of templates, all designs are classified by aspect ratio, type, and industry. Individual templates have informative or trendy names too.

The actual editing process itself works on a convenient pick-and-drop system, with separate timelines for visuals and audios. Hereby, I’ll just highlight that there’s a substantial, almost mind-boggling selection of graphic and audio clips for you to pick from too.

Invideo Video Editing Screen.
InVideo editing screen (Updated for 2022). Shown on the left are the included free elements available for use. These include animated stickers and overlays.

Finally, export i.e. download is a simple matter of a one-button click. You could even directly share the finished video to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Or generate a shareable link.

Invideo Video Export Screen
The video download i.e. export screen.

The following are the features, or strengths, in point form:

InVideo Features (Updated for 2022):

  • Thousands of ready-made templates for instant video creation.
  • Thousands of free images and audio clips too.
  • Ability to upload your own photos.
  • Ability to create brand presets, i.e., your most often used fonts, colours, etc.
  • The drag and drop functionality allows users to quickly add from any source into the editor platform.
  • Easy resizing of added videos and images. Videos could be trimmed before added to the editor.
  • A background removal function for images. (Business and Unlimited plans only)
  • A Voice-over feature for users who wish to record video and audio separately. This is useful for maximising audio quality.
  • The Automated Text-To-Speech feature will save you the cost of paying someone to do voiceovers. This feature is available in multiple languages too.
  • The Article-to-Video template feature helps content creators and blog writers to convert their articles or blog into a video format for posting on social media platforms.
  • The Intelligent Video Assistant will suggest creative and attractive editing tips for overall improvement of video quality.
  • InVideo allows up to 720p resolution exports even with the free version. This is high-definition enough for most general purposes.
  • Easily generates shareable links for anyone outside the editing platform.
  • Export is a simple matter of a button click. Previews are, of course, also available.
  • InVideo supports multiple languages.
  • Team-sharing functions.

Limitations (With the Free Plan)

  • There will be an InVideo watermark with downloads.
  • Downloads are restricted to 40 minutes and 720p.
  • iStock graphic and video clips are not included. (Available only with paid plan)

In short, InVideo is fully catered towards amateurs. Even without any experience, you can instantly create visually striking and high-quality video content without spending too much money or time elsewhere.

InVideo Pricing Model:

This online video editor could be used for free, the free version empowered with sufficient editing tools and features for the quick creation of decent-looking video content.

Users looking for more functions can opt for the paid BUSINESS or UNLIMITED packages. The main differences in these plans are the removal of watermarks, more media to select from including iStock media, and expanded/unlimited downloads. The paid plans remove download time limitations too.

Subscription, in turn, could be monthly or annually.

InVideo Review Conclusion

The above-mentioned features and benefits aside, I think InVideo is a fun and trendy application to use. Its greatest strengths are the ease of use for anyone, and a huge, HUGE selection of free video elements even with the free version.

Compatibility with file formats is also extensive. You can naturally also use the editor to convert video formats.

The Article-to-Video and Text-to-Speech functions additionally allow even just one person, for example a blogger, to quickly create engaging, high-definition video content.

With the paid versions, there’s an even bigger selection of elements to pick from. With or without prior editing experience, this online video editor allows you to be a pro. Video bloggers, content creators, business people, and individuals alike can instantly create mesmerizing videos and upload them onto any social media application within seconds.

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