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The Tomorrow War is an alien invasion story with a time-traveling premise. But you should only watch this for the former.

he Tomorrow War Review: 5 thumbs-up and 3 thumbs-down.
Snappy Movie Review | The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War Synopsis

The arrival of soldiers from the year 2051 brings forth a catastrophe to the people of 2022. In short, mankind is facing extinction three decades later and today’s soldiers are needed to fight tomorrow’s war. A worldwide draft is then implemented but sadly, the tides of war are not reversed, with the current world also descending into chaos over whether to continue sending soldiers forward in time. When former Green Beret Dan Forester is drafted, he heads into the future wanting no more than to do his duty and return to his family. However, the commander Forester is assigned to quickly changes his mind. Together with her, they stage an operation to end the threat for good.


Do you agree with this statement? That time-traveling stories are inherently full of holes, no matter written by who? That as far as movies are concerned, whether a time-traveling adventure ultimately works/entertains depends on execution and acting?

If you don’t, consider examples like Avengers: Endgame. How many holes can you find in that story? But in the end, was it still enjoyable because of the action and acting?

Well, I strongly stand for my declaration. I say too that The Tomorrow War is yet another shining example of what I mean. This Amazon Prime feature is all about messy alien fights in and out. When the action starts, it’s one fiery sequence from one to another. There are also well-timed interludes for you to catch your breath or to go get a soda.

As expected, Chris Pratt delivers his usual charismatic, family man goodness too. Most other supporting characters had minimal screen time but the majority threw in their best.

On the flip side, this is seriously not a story to be examined. Not even from a casual point of view. Without giving away spoilers, let me just say how the movie ended was what ought to have been done in the first place. It was obviously also no difficult task given how easily it was accomplished by a ragtag team with basic firearms.

Repeat. This is a movie to be enjoyed for CGI fights, not for story. Not at all for story.

I take this opportunity to also highlight that despite watching this popcorn flick on a new 4K TV, I’m certain I would have enjoyed The Tomorrow War better, maybe even rate it higher, had I watched it in a cinema.

Do other viewers share this experience? More importantly, does it mean that cinemas are not as obsolete as some declare them to be? I leave that for you to decide.


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