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Mythology Glossaries by The Scribbling Geek
Mythology Glossaries by The Scribbling Geek.

World mythology has always been my greatest love. This passion, in turn, partly responsible for my fondness for video games and travel.

In recent years, I’m also grateful to Maven Inc’s platform for publishing and showcasing my mythology write-ups. Other than the opportunity to indulge in my passion, I earn revenue. What’s greater than that?

If you’re also a mythology fan, do check out my glossaries and lists. Particularly, those on Chinese and Japanese myths.

All were written after weeks of research. Lastly, my information is compiled from multi-lingual sources. In other words, I took the effort to provide details rarely published in the English-speaking world.

1. 108 Chinese Mythological Gods and Characters to Know About

This Chinese mythology glossary doesn’t just list commonly worshipped Taoist deities and Buddhist saviours. There are sections on ancient i.e. forgotten gods, literary characters, and hell gods too.

Chinese Tai Sui in Singapore
For many Chinese, each year’s reigning “Tai Sui” is a dangerous force to be respectful of.

2. 88 Chinese Mythical Creatures to Know About

Do you know that Ancient China had several Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them compilations? And that the Ancient Chinese saw the world beyond their borders as full of strange, dangerous creatures?

3. 50 Legendary Artifacts From Chinese Legends, Mythology, and Fantasy Sagas

Investiture of the Gods has always been my favourite classic Chinese fantasy saga. Because of the plethora of amazing magical artifacts featured in it.


4. Top 15 Most Powerful Mythological Weapons

Netflix’s Ragnarok series described Thor’s Mjolnir as the most powerful weapon in the world. Is that really so?

5. 15 Deadly Japanese Yokai You’d Never Want to Meet

15 of the deadliest Yokai in Japanese folktales. Are you aware that Sadako of The Ring notoriety is herself considered by some as a type of Yokai?

Classic Japanese Yokai
Like humans, Yokai can be friendly, adorable, loving, and of course, utterly murderous.

6. 8 Creepy Yokai You’d Be Horrified to Have in Your Home

These Yokai are mostly harmless, so to speak. But their antics will still drive you insane if you have to live with them.

7. 12 Magical Weapons From Japanese Mythology to Know About

Like other cultures, Japanese mythology is full of amazing weapons. What’s doubly interesting is that many such weapons are believed to be metaphorical representations of history.

8. 120 Shinto Gods and Goddesses to Know About

My longest mythology glossary to date, and one that was supremely tough to write because information was so hard to find. With there being “eight million” gods and goddesses in Shintoism, many obscure to even native Japanese, I believe I will need to regularly expand this list.

9. Top 10 Greek Myths to Know for Your Greek Vacation

Is it necessary to be familiar with classic myths before visiting Greece? I’d say, yes, if you want to make the most of your trip.

Athens was the first European city I visited. All because of my love for Greek myths. (This is not my picture, it’s from Pixabay. Mine from 1998 are too awful to post!)

10. 9 Ancient Plague Gods and Demons to Know and Fear

This listicle was inspired by … the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m not saying coronaviruses are caused by nasty gods, though. I’m highlighting that disease has always been mankind’s greatest fear.

11. 9 Gods of Healing From World Mythologies and Religions

Again, this was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as plagues were regarded as the work of gods and demons in ancient times, salvation i.e. healing from illness was deemed possible only via divine intervention.

12. 9 East Asian Vampires That Will Horrify You

Personally, I think Asian vampires are far worse than Western ones. For a start, they aren’t classy and gorgeous looking. Many also feast on more than blood.

13. The Deadliest Monsters in World Mythology

Terrifying monsters. Practically every culture has several. Some are also “forecasted” to ultimately bring about the end of the world.

Durga slaying Mahishasura.
The goddess Durga slaying the Buffalo Demon Mahishasura. This illustration is from an old Asian folktale book of mine. (Kinda horrific for a children’s book, isn’t it?)

14. Chinese Hell Gods, Deities, and Saviours

A list of Chinese gods associated with hell and the afterlife. You’d see many of these fearsome deities venerated in community rituals, if you visit Chinese cities during the Lunar Seventh Month.

15. Chinese Magical Terms

Chinese words and phrases commonly used in Xianxia games, movies, and books. Not exactly mythology but many terms did originate from Buddhism and Taoism.

16. The Chinese Ten Courts of Hell

A description of the ghastly, GHASTLY tortures awaiting the sinful in the Chinese version of hell. Inspired by one of Singapore’s greatest attractions. Wait, I mean, most gruesome attractions. The Hell Museum at Haw Par Villa.

17. Moon Gods and Goddesses From Around the World

Our mysterious, silvery moon has long been associated with gods and goddesses. Here are 9 famous moon deities from world mythology.

18. Wealth Gods and Goddesses From Around the World

Money might be the root of all evil, but it could also be the blessing of wealth gods whose favour you’ve earned.

Caishen: The Chinese God of Wealth.
“Caishen” has many counterparts around the world!

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