High-Quality Honey Delivered to Your Doorsteps | Manuka Paradise Singapore

Manuka Paradise Singapore
High-Quality Honey Delivered to Your Doorsteps | Manuka Paradise Singapore

Looking to buy healthy and affordable Manuka Honey in Singapore? Check out Manuka Paradise!

Honey has always been regarded as one of nature’s greatest gifts to well-being. I mean, the word itself, don’t you associate it with goodness and devotion, and all things sweet?

With the ongoing pandemic, and with most of us forced to work/study from home for weeks and months, honey, particularly high-quality Manuka Honey, is also one of the best health foods to stock up at home.

Last week, I was offered the opportunity to review two brands carried by Manuka Paradise, a Singaporean online honey retailer. How do I find their products and service quality? Read on to find out!

Manuka Paradise Singapore

Before all else, a quick introduction of Manuka Paradise. A specialist in Manuka honey, this young company partners with premium manufacturers from New Zealand to offer Singaporean shoppers an affordable, hassle-free way to have natural goodness delivered to their doorsteps.

As an indication of their devotion to customer satisfaction, their online portal also offers free delivery for orders above SGD 40/-. They even have a full refund policy. You just need to inform them within two days of delivery and explain why you’re not satisfied with your order.

Lastly, Manuka Paradise currently stocks two brands, these being Pouatu and Mother Earth. But before I go into the actual reviews for these, some basic information.

Difference Between Normal and Manuka Honey

Very simply, “normal” honey refers to those that have undergone pasteurization and filtering to kill yeast. (Yeast will cause fermentation). Translucent and golden, and “smooth,” most bottles sold in supermarkets are of this type. What’s noteworthy is also that the process of pasteurization i.e. heating inevitably removes some nutrients. In other words, some health benefits are compromised.

In comparison, Manuka Honey is made using only the flowers of the Manuka tree, which is native to New Zealand. (In other words, it’s monofloral) There is also minimum processing to ensure purity and the preservation of nutrients.

Most importantly, the Manuka flower contains MGO, DHA, and Leptosperin, with all three compounds known to be beneficial to human well-being. Visually, Manuka Honey is noticeably darker too. To many, the texture is thicker and correspondingly, more difficult to spread.


UMF: Unique Manuka Factor

This is an important number to pay attention to when buying any Manuka products. In essence, the number grades the antibacterial properties of what you’re buying. The higher it is, the greater the potency when it comes to antibacterial and antimicrobial functions. The UMF scale itself ranges from 5+ to 20+.

To go into more detail, all honey possesses a peroxide effect; this, what makes the substance great for wounds. However, Manuka Honey additionally has anti-microbial, “non-peroxide activity” (NPA), thanks to Leptosperin. Any NPA rating of 10 or more is furthermore suitable for medical use.

The short of it, Manuka Honey is more effective as far as bacteria-killing is concerned. Actually, significantly more. Naturally, the higher the UMF, the more expensive the product is too.

Manuka Paradise Singapore Delivery

Okay, technical explanations are done with. Onto what I received! As expected, the delivery was prompt and hassle-free. Right after my order was confirmed, I received an email summary. The day after the next, the package was delivered to my home at noontime.

Manukahoney.com.sg Delivery
All three bottles were protected by bubble wrap. And with a thoughtful Thank You note from the company.
Manuka Honey Singapore
As mentioned above, there are currently two brands on sale at Manuka Paradise. Mother Earth and Pouatu. My delivery came with a wooden dipper too.

Mother Earth Manuka Honey

A well-known, household brand in New Zealand, Mother Earth Manuka Honey is notable for its GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and SFQ (Safe Food Quality) facilities on New Zealand’s North Island. They also have some 3.25 million bees working hard each year to produce yummy, health-giving goodness; I’m thinking of Bee Movie as I type this.

At SGD 39.90, I’ll say too that their UMF 10+ version is a great introduction for buyers new to Manuka Honey.

Mother Earth UMF 10+ Nutrition Info.
Nutrition table for Mother Earth’s UMF 10+ Manuka Honey.

Taste-wise, this is rich! Creamy and with floral medicinal hints. And with a light similarity to … loquat cream?

It is, of course, also intensely sweet, but not in a lingering way. After mixing it with both coffee and hot water, I decided I prefer it with just water. The concoction makes for a good midday drink.

Mother Earth Manuka Honey
High-Quality Honey Delivered to Your Doorsteps | Manuka Paradise Singapore

Pouatu Manuka Honey

Situated in New Zealand’s isolated Tangarakau Region, and part of the Forgotten World, Pouatu Manuka Honey is a premium boutique harvester with products up to UMF 20+. What’s further special about them is that they only harvest from the region they are situated in, i.e., the exotic-sounding Forgotten World. (Now I’m thinking of Jurassic World)

Pouatu also only sell what they harvest each year. If it’s sold out, too bad, you’d have to wait for next year’s bounty. Anyway, here’s an informative introduction video to give you a better idea of this premium harvester.

Pouatu Manuka UMF 15+ Nutrition Table.
Nutrition table for the UMF 15+ bottle (SGD 78.90) I received.

Compared to Mother Earth, Pouatu’s products are lighter in colour and taste. The UMF 15+ version also noticeably has a grainier texture; I had the impression of eating honeycomb while licking a spoonful. This, as I read, is due to the way the honey was creamed.

Coming to sweetness, can I say it is … smoother? Less herbal as well and with hints of nuts, as compared to typical Manuka Honey?

I think this will be great with bread and waffles and the likes of!

Manuka Honey Singapore
Pouatu’s UMF 15+ is not only lighter in shade, it has a grainy texture.

How I’m Enjoying My Manuka Honey

There are many write-ups on the Manuka Honey benefits, and so in replacement of that, I’ll instead just share what I’m using mine for. Or intend to use.

A Before Sleep Perk Me Up

Every night, right after binging on Anime or games, I will head to the kitchen and eat something (very) sweet or salty. Occasionally, I wash the supper down with half a can of soda too.

… And I grouch to my friends about not being able to lose weight. <blink>

Well, it’s time to live healthier and what I have on hand now is definitely a good substitute. For this, the Mother Earth UMF 10+ is a great choice. It has the sweetness that I want but without a strong aftertaste.

Licking half-a-spoon before bedtime would probably do wonders for my throat too.

As a Healthier Breakfast Condiment

Other than late-night snacks, I … have other unhealthy habits. I absolutely drench my pancakes and waffles with syrup.

Or I coat my bread with enough jam to attract bees.

Time for these to go as well! And in replacement, both the Pouatu Manuka UMF 10+ are UMF 15+ are great choices. The nutty texture of the UMF 15+ will additionally add an extra kick to my breakfast.

I’m looking forward to breakfasts like this!
Brushing with Honey?!?!

No, I’m not kidding. For example. according to this research, Manuka’s antibacterial properties makes it an effective ingredient for mouth-washing. You can even directly apply it to your gums to relieve ulcers or to improve gum health.

What’s more, a little gargling thereafter transforms residues into an effective mouthwash.

And no, the sugar level wouldn’t cause cavities, no worries there. As the above link shows, the antimicrobial activity would instead combat cavities and dental plaque. All else aside, it is also less harsh than the chemicals in toothpaste and clinical mouthwashes.

Facial Therapy

After reading this face mask tutorial by Manuka Paradise, I’m really, really tempted to try. But before that, I’ll first experiment with beard bumps treatment.

Beard bumps. As in ingrown facial hair. A perpetual nuisance for many guys too. I’ve been battling this for years; you can actually see my scars in some of my YouTube videos.

Now, why do I think this would work? Because beard bumps are treated using acne medication and Manuka Honey is known to be great for acne. Other than the antibacterial properties, it is anti-inflammatory. It can also balance epidermal pH levels.

Fingers crossed that it would work; I’ve just applied a layer. If it does, it will save me a lot of costly visits to the dermatologist.

Wound Therapy

To be honest, while I’ve long heard about this particular use, and know that many people swear by it, I’ve never thought of trying.

But after researching for this post, I’m fascinated, to say the least. So yeah. The next time I suffer a cut, ouch, I’m heading straight for my dipper.

Going by the massive amounts of positive feedback written online, I’m sure it would be sweet therapy for my wound. I just have to ensure I do not end up licking my wounds too much.

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