Father’s Day Gift 2021 | Seizmont Ambitio Watch

Father’s Day Gift 2021 | Seizmont Ambitio Watch
Father’s Day Gift 2021 | Seizmont Ambitio Watch

A Seizmont Ambitio watch for my dad, come June 20th i.e. Father’s Day 2021.

A most flattering, and convenient, thing happened early last week.

Via email, I was invited by Trendhim to do a feature on their products, Trendhim being an online men’s accessories shop from Denmark with a Singaporean presence. One of the fastest-growing Danish companies too.

Although I do sometimes dress up for my YouTube videos, I thought, hmm, me doing a fashion product review? When my style is dreary even to myself? How about … I get something for dad instead? Since June is upon us and Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner.

Yeah …

And so I showed dad Trendhim’s online wristwatch catalogue i.e. store, pointing out the Danish Seizmont Ambitio watches recommended by the email. Hey, he liked what he saw. Within a minute, he also decided on the Seth Ambitio version, this being with a black face and metallic silver strap.

Long story short, I placed the order and immediately received an email acknowledgement of the order. Over the new few days, I was also updated via SMS about the shipping. Yes, the watch was being shipped over all the way from Denmark.

It arrived on Monday! Way sooner than I thought and in pristine condition. Looking at the striking design as I shot the below pictures, I thought, hmm, maybe I should keep the watch for myself after all. The rotating numeric dials would look awesome in one of my videos.

But … nah, dad’s waiting for his Father’s Day gift and I don’t want to disappoint him. The classic strong family man he is, I feel the design suits him better too. It’s steely, but with a rich dash of the stylish and modern.

Trendhim Order and Delivery

Just a quick word on Trendhim.


Founded in 2007 by two buddies, the company strives to provide men’s accessories that are fashionable, affordable, and universal. Currently, their online store carries 13 house brands and has over 1,600 products ranging from suit accessories to jewellery, to bags and wallets.

Naturally, Trendhim’s design emphasis is on products designed and made in Denmark. On their site, they regularly publish well-written articles on men’s fashion and dressing too.

Coming to their ordering and delivery process, if you’re reading from Singapore, don’t let the distance between our countries worry you. The order arrived faster than I expected, just slightly more than a week. Note: SG is still in heightened alert as I type this, i.e., I thought the order would need more than a fortnight to reach and process.

As one would expect for online deliveries nowadays, my order arrived snuggly packed in a box too. The whole order and delivery process was a breeze, in other words, as would befit a modern, fashionable, and reliable retailer.

Trendhim SG Review
Trendhim front page and order screen.
Trendhim Delivery
This came all the way from Denmark. (I’ve only been there once in 2012, unfortunately)
Seizmont Ambitio Watch Box
The watch, of course, comes with its own box. Of note, for a couple of dollars more, you could add engravings, gift wrappings, a portable travel case, etc, too.

Seizmont Ambitio Watch

“Seizmont Ambitio” is actually the brand name of a family of wristwatches all sharing the same rotating dials feature. Depending on the colour of the watch face and strap, different names are paired with “Ambitio.” For example, the Sage Ambitio, the Saul Ambitio, etc.

As mentioned above, my dad chose the black and silver Seth Ambitio version; the golden Sage Ambitio was a bit too flashy for his taste, I think. Have to say, I agree with his choice. The colour contrast is striking. The thin metallic strap also has a hint of chain-mail i.e. strength.

And those large rotating numbers. I think dad will need a while to get used to reading them. But I’m sure thereafter, he’d appreciate how unique and visually striking the feature is.

Trendhim Seth Ambitio Watch
The Seth Ambitio by itself, with the screen protector still affixed.
Seth Ambitio Watch
It looks great, doesn’t it? It’s also powered by Japanese quartz, by the way.
Fashionable Watch by Trendhim.
Hey, it’s great and fashionable against my music gear too!

Check out Trendhim today! How about getting a Seizmont Ambitio watch for yourself too?

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Father’s Day Gift 2021 | Seizmont Ambitio Watch
Article Name
Father’s Day Gift 2021 | Seizmont Ambitio Watch
Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Considering getting your great guy a Seizmont Ambitio watch from Trendhim, a Danish men’s accessories portal!

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