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VEED is an online video editor with both free and paid versions. All versions include a screen recording function and an impressive audio transcribing capability.

Looking for a reliable online video editor, one that requires no payment or registration i.e. free if your tasks are straightforward?

Well, here’s a really great one to try. VEED offers three different suites of tools, all allowing you to perform tasks like adding text and subtitles, trim videos, applying filter effects, and combining pictures/videos. Finished projects can also be exported in a variety of sizes and settings, with convenient presets for popular social media platforms such as Instagram.

Speed-wise, VEED is extremely fast with tasks too; I experienced no lag at all when resizing pictures, uploading, or adding elements. Most impressively, there are even audio cleaning and transcribing functions. I’ve not encountered such functions in competing products so far.

Naturally, the free version comes with certain limitations. For example, a 50MB upload limit, a maximum export quality of 720p, etc.

But if you’re just looking to output a quick video for your Instagram or Facebook account, with some filter effects or text, the free version absolutely does the job. The paid versions in turn give you more flexibility with exports. Users with a fixed set of visual identities will also find the “brand kit” function in the paid versions very useful. (More on this later)

VEED Free Version Review

VEED’s homepage promises no registration necessary to use the free version, and this is indeed the case. All you need to do is to upload the stuff to be edited/compiled/enhanced. After the amendments, simply click the export button to output the finished video in your preferred format, and it’s done. There’s no hidden pay screen anywhere. It’s 100 percent free.

As for the uploading and editing processes, it’s as you would expect. There’s a timeline with different layers for different elements. Everything’s one-click too. In a nutshell, I’d say the strengths are:

VEED Free Version Strengths

  • As mentioned above, tasks are performed very quickly.
  • Tools are grouped into categories with individual clickable buttons.
  • There’s an included screen recording function.
  • A small but reasonable selection of text and filter effects. There are also sets of emojis, progress bars, shapes, etc, for you to pick and drop. (All such graphic elements are resizable, rotatable, even distortable)
  • A “clean audio” function. On this, it takes a while to run, and doesn’t completely remove background noise. But it does boost and clarifies spoken audio. By quite a few notches too.
  • Believe it or not, there’s an included free audio transcribing function. As in, VEED will analyze the audio in your upload and automatically create subtitles. (How great is that?) After testing, I’d say it’s amazingly accurate too, as long as words are spoken with reasonable clarity. The results are even more impressive if you have cleansed the audio beforehand.
  • Doubly impressive is how audio transcribing is not limited to English. There’s a variety of other languages to choose from, including Asian languages.
  • A very nifty drawing tool. If you have a drawing pad or likewise, you can add pretty elaborate and unique illustrations to your video.
  • A variety of export presets with an emphasis on social media. No more searching the net for the best Instagram video size, best YouTube video upload format, etc.
VEED Free Video Editor Upload Screen
Video uploading screen.
VEED Free Edition Editing Tools
Editing tools in VEED free version.
VEED Drawing Tools
A lot of fun possibilities with the drawing tool.

VEED Free Edition Limitations

Being free, there are, of course, some limitations.

  • Video upload size is limited to 50 MB.
  • Export quality limited to 720 p i.e. 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • Video length limited to 10 minutes.
  • Curiously, there are no transition effects.
  • This is perhaps the peskiest. All exports have a VEED.IO watermark.

VEED Basic and Pro Versions i.e. the Paid Versions

Veed’s Basic and Pro versions are priced at USD 12/- and USD 24/- respectively, these the discounted prices if you pay for a year’s use at one shot. Since you’re, you know, paying for the service with these, the limitations of the free version are removed. For example, these paid versions allow you to export up to 4K quality (Pro), edit much longer videos, and enjoy support services. (Details here) The VEED watermark is also removed.

You can additionally upload your own images, fonts, etc, to create a brand kit. In short, a brand kit is your own set of graphic assets usable for all projects. No more repeated uploading of the same logo for different videos, for example.

VEED Pro Review: Creating a Brand Kit
Creating a brand kit in VEED Pro.

Interestingly, the actual editing tools and available free graphic elements are not expanded. They are very much the same as the ones in the free version. In other words, what’s not in VEED free aren’t in the paid versions too.

My conclusion is thus that the payments are primarily for the flexibility to edit and export bigger videos. For myself, since I mostly work with 4K videos nowadays, this means only the Pro version would be truly useful for me.

VEED Online Video Editor Review Conclusion

I can’t repeat this enough. I think the inclusion of audio cleaning and audio transcribing functions, even for the free version, distinguishes VEED from other online video editors.

Its editing functions and packaged free graphic elements are on the thinner side. But if adding text and a dash of visual enhancement are all that you need, the selection should suffice.

Technically, I have to say this is one of the fastest online video editors I’ve ever worked with! There’s no lag whether when uploading or editing.

The export limitations with the free version might disappoint some users. But let’s be honest, what’s offered free is already a great package. For users just looking to create attractive videos for social media, with text, VEED is unquestionably a great tool to use.

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