Little Flower Hut Review | Lovely, Same-Day Flower Delivery in Singapore

Little Flower Hut Review
Little Flower Hut Review | Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore

Review of Little Flower Hut, A professional flower delivery service in Singapore with same-day delivery.

I think flowers will always be lovely gifts and decorations. Amongst nature’s most beautiful, they are just perfect for any occasion, any location, yes?

To truly bring out their beauty, though, all flowery gifts and items need some sort of creative, artistic arrangement. Recently, I was approached by Little Flower Hut for a review of their flower arrangement services. After some discussion, we decided that they would “surprise me” by sending over an arrangement by their senior professional florist sometime in May.

This was great for me, by the way. I love to be surprised. I was also curious as to what their designers believed would delight me, from reading this blog.

Well, it was delivered on Thursday evening, when I was head over heels preparing a YouTube upload. And hey, it was indeed something unexpected! Something quite perfect for my living room décor too.

Not to mention, the choice of main flower subtly reflected this blog. Did the senior florist decide to use purple orchids because I always post about Singaporean festivals? I’m guessing he or she did!

The Purple Orchid Arrangement Delivered

Little Flower Hut’s arrangement consisted of “three parts,” so to speak, and is a visual play of rich purple against green. What’s noteworthy here is also the use of orchids as the main bloom. While the actual choice isn’t Singapore’s Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim, orchids have still long represented our lion city.

To repeat, I felt this artistic decision was great since Singapore festive celebration is one of my main blogging themes.

Singapore Orchid Flower Arrangement
In flower language, purple orchids also represent royalty, admiration, and respect. (I’m extremely flattered, heh)
Flower Arrangement by Little Flower Hut
There’s a great sense of visual balance to the arrangement too.
I placed it between my TV and other decorations, and it felt right at home. Right away.

Same Day Flower Delivery Services, and More, by Little Flower Hut

Checking out their website, I noted Little Flower Hut offers all sorts of delivery services too, including 1-hour super express and midnight deliveries. It’s clearly the case that they are set up to provide prompt flower delivery services around the clock.

Express Flower Delivery Singapore
1-hour delivery is frankly, very impressive.
Online Flower Shop Singapore
Their online shop is also well categorized, allowing you to shop by flowers or by occasion.
Plant Decorations in Singapore
They have some very quirky items on offer in their plants section too. I love that Moai head lookalike “Spider Man” piece! Brings out the Gradius fan in me.
Chocolate Hampers in Singapore | Little Flower Hut
Like other flower delivery services in Singapore, they have a wide assortment of hampers and fruit baskets on offer too. Including chocolate hampers. All at reasonable prices as well.

In short, if you need professional bouquets or flower arrangements delivered promptly, these are the 24/7 people to go to.


If you can’t decide what to go for, no problem, feel free to leave it in the hands of their designers. As in my case, I’m sure they can create something that’s perfect for you.

Little Flower Hut
Tel: +65 6503 9750
Open 24/7, 365 Days

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