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Nuts and Snacks Singapore Review
Nuts and Snacks Singapore Review

Yummy and healthy single-serve titbit packs from Nuts and Snacks Singapore.

It’s March 2021 and while the world is still in uncertainty, working and studying from home are surely going to be the permanent norms. With that comes the need to conveniently stock up on healthy snacks at home too.

Yummy but nutritious titbits such as nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. The sort of foodstuff we should all be eating more of. WFM, or not.

To cater to this need, several online healthy snack shops have popped up in recent months, one of which is Nuts and Snacks. Last week, I was contacted by them for a review. How do I feel about the quality of their products, and other aspects such as variety, delivery speed, and packaging? Read on to find out.

A. Website Impressions

A word about the actual online shop. Like other such online portals, information is tersely and attractively presented. The shopping process, as far as I can see, is also streamlined and easy.

For buyers who wish to know more about what they’d be gobbling down, there are individual product details pages too. The information pages are substantially detailed and some even have links to write-ups on specific nutritional benefits.

The above aside, what caught my attention was also the variety of products on offer. It’s not just nuts, seeds, etc. There are also several types of mixes and flavoured snacks. (Some of the mixes have very engaging names, such as Brain Booster and Raw Power)

In other words, it’s a colourful shopping experience as far as variety is concerned. A treasure trove of information for buyers keen to know more about healthy snacks too.

Affordable Nuts in Singapore
Prices are competitive too. A 100g baked American pecans pack costs SGD 6.50, the same price for South African macadamias. If you buy larger quantities, discounts are given, and there is free delivery for purchases above SGD 80/-.
Macadamia Nuts Nutrition Information
Macadamia Nuts Nutrition Information

B. Corporate Nuts and Snacks

Here’s something else worth mentioning.

Nuts And Snacks is also a corporate nuts and snacks supplier for businesses, schools, and government agencies. As in, they offer mixing and packing services for corporate clients. The completed boxes can then be used as corporate gift boxes, munchies for events, or for stocking up office pantries.


Corporate clients also enjoy the service of dedicated sales managers, who would discuss mix-and-match options and even provide tasting samples.

What’s more, the company can even help arrange for company branding stickers on individual packs.

It’s a great service, if you ask me. Given today’s emphasis on health, a box of nutritious goodies that can be distributed to all staff will definitely be a winner.

Nuts and Snacks Corporate Gifts
These handy, attractively named packs would be great to give away as corporate gifts, wouldn’t they? Especially with your corporate logo on them.

C. Delivery and Packaging

Nothing much for me to say about the delivery other than it was prompt and punctual. Handled by Qxpress, everything was neatly packed within a sealed carton box too.

What’s noteworthy, on the other hand, is the individual packaging. Nuts and Snacks generously gave me quite a variety to review and each snack was stored in a re-sealable pack.

On the site, these 100g packs are described as “single serve,” meaning each is just the right amount to binge on without being guilty. Or to easily give away.

Naturally, the compact size makes them easy to carry around too. Easy to store as well.

A boxful of healthy goodies, promptly and punctually delivered.

Other Order Sizes

To be clear, Nuts and Snacks offers other quantities too; specifically, 500g and 1kg. These larger quantities also come with attractive discounts. (10 percent and 20 percent, respectively)

D. Taste and Freshness

Bluntly put, packaging is secondary for any food purchase, isn’t it? What matters most is always the taste and freshness.

For this review, though, I’m not going to list down my “judgement” of every nut/seed/dried fruit I received. I’d end up with a 3000-word dissertation.

Instead, I selected five packs from my box, taking care too to include something from each product category on the website. Before I proceed, let me just say that everything I tasted was fresh and/or crisp. Frankly, I expected nothing lesser.

Pistachio Nuts Roasted
Nuts and Snack roasted, unshelled pistachios.

1. Pistachio Nuts Roasted

Of late, I’ve been eating a lot of pistachios for their blood pressure regulating benefits. (Yeah, I’m at that age when you have to be mindful of hypertension …) These unshelled ones from Nuts and Snacks are utterly fresh and full of that signature butter-like taste that I love. However, they are lightly salted so I guess some people might mind.

I don’t, to be clear; it adds to the taste for me. Besides, it’s lightly done. Overall, it’s still a mouthful of earthly fragrance with every bite.

Nuts and Snacks | Peanut Butter Pretzels
The pretzel taste is hidden within.

2. Peanut Butter Pretzels

At a glance, I thought there was a mistake in packing. But nope, these are pretzels, as in the fillings of these ravioli-like pillows are. The crumbly filling also has a rich peanut butter taste.

It’s … an indulgence! Absolutely delightful without being too sinful. Actually, I already finished half the pack before typing this.

Hands-down my favourite munchie among the selection given.

Nuts and Snacks Black Beans Dry Roasted
I’m going to go ahead and say it, these roasted black beans look a little buggy at first glance. But they taste wonderful and are full of goodness.

3. Black Beans Dry Roasted

This one caught my attention right away because I seldom see black beans sold this way at supermarkets and convenience stores. (And because the beans are, you know, so striking in appearance)

All I can say is, the taste is unique and surprising. Heavy, rustic, and with vague hints of … coffee? There’s also a crunchy bite resembling that of roasted broad beans.

I could easily get hooked on this. Luckily, these beans are highly nutritious, full of antioxidants, fibre, and so on. Described as capable of mitigating the risks of various illnesses too.

Blackcurrant Chia Seeds Snack
They might not look great, but these Blackcurrant Chia Seeds Snacks are bursting with fruity aroma and flavour.

4. Blackcurrant Chia Seeds Snack

Like pistachios, I’ve been eating Chia Seeds for health benefits. The problem though, these mini powerhouses of Omega III benefits aren’t exactly great-tasting, are they? They can also be quite annoying when, you know, bloated and in between your teeth.

These rectangular strips, which I’ve not seen before, resolve those issues. Each piece is full of blackcurrant fragrance. They are also very fruity in taste and with a soft gummy texture. Most importantly, there’s barely any powdery taste of Chia.

After those Peanut Butter Pretzels, this is my second favourite from my box.

Chilli and Lime Snippets
The lime taste mostly kicks in at the end.

5. Chilli and Lime Snippets

These look and smell like those rectangular orange prawn crackers in mixed nut packs. The taste is heavier though, with a tangy aftertaste.

To be honest, I love this. But it is on the saltier side so that’s where the 100g pack reminder comes in useful.

It’d be great for movie binging with too. But you’d have to remember not to munch too hard and end up being noisy. (It’s crispy!)

Last but not least …

Nuts and Snacks has a gift box option. You can pick 5 or 10 types to be packed into a box as a giveaway, together with a personal message. It’s a great gift idea to consider, especially during festive seasons.

Nuts and Snacks gift box option
Gift box option for Christmas 2020.| Facebook

Head over to today!

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