Captain K Seafood Tower | 2021 Dining Adventures 2

Captain K Seafood Tower Review
Captain K Seafood Tower Review

A superb seafood dinner with long-time friends at Captain K Seafood Tower.

This dinner took place in early February this year, the occasion being a belated birthday celebration for a JC friend.

To cut to the chase, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about this meal because I seldom eat seafood. I particularly dislike shellfish.

But oh, how enjoyable the dinner turned out to be! The superb freshness of Captain K’s seafood ensured that even someone like me could have a feast. I haven’t eaten that many prawns and mussels in ages.

The innovative “tower” concept was also fun and exciting. While my mates and I knew what each “tier” contained, we still oooh-ed whenever the contents of one were revealed.

Naturally, the rich soup at the bottom of it all was the perfect finish to our gathering.

Captain K Seafood Tower Menu and Interior

From the restaurant’s website, I read that Captain K began as a hole-in-the-wall establishment in 2016.

Well, what they have now at Middle Road is certainly no hole. While not large, this Korean-style seafood restaurant is spacious and with a homely feel. There’s also an icy counter display and sauce station.

Captain K Seafood Tower Interior
My mates and I were there early, so the restaurant was still empty when we entered. By 8 pm, every table was taken.
Ocean delights all ready to be prepared and served.
Captain K Seafood Tower Menu
The colourful menu. Seafood tower and hotpot are hardly the only dishes here. There are many other dishes to pick from the menu. Captain K serves beer and Korean soju too.

“Tiered” Seafood Discoveries

We ordered the 4-tier medium-size tower, i.e., the Antarctic Tower Set, since there were just four of us. We also opted for “densely” flavoured Ginseng Chicken soup as the base broth.

Base broth as in, a table-top heater keeps the soup warm throughout, with the resulting steam then constantly circulating within the stacked tower to keep everything warm and flavourful. It’s an interesting concept and while I didn’t end up tasting ginseng with every bite, everything in the tiers was indeed kept fresh and juicy. Very yummy too.


Seafood tower concept illustration from the menu.
Korean Style Venus Clams
The opening tier. These freshly steamed venus clams were great as appetizers. They also went well with the many types of condiments served. (There’s kimchi too! It’s a Korean seafood restaurant, after all)
Antarctic Tower Set at Captain K Seafood Tower
Succulent prawns were up next.
Captain K Seafood Tower Salt-Grilled Whole Squid
We didn’t just order a seafood tower. We also had a Salt-Grilled Whole Squid. This was done just right, perfectly tender, and so we finished most of it quickly. (VERY quickly)
Captain K Seafood Tower Mussels
Mussels for the third-tier. We took a while to finish everything here.
Freshly steamed oysters and scallops
For the finale, oysters and half-shell scallops to complete the feast! (This isn’t the final “dish,” btw. Beneath it was still the Ginseng Chicken soup, with a glutinous-rice filled whole chicken.)

What a wonderful seafood dinner this truly was!

Captain K Seafood Tower is at 112 Middle Rd, #01-00A Midland House, Singapore 188970. Here’s the link to their page.

Update 2022: Regrettably, Captain K Seafood Tower ceased operations in April 2022. Hopefully, they’d reopen somewhere else in Singapore in the future.

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Captain K Seafood Tower | 2021 Dining Adventures 2
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Captain K Seafood Tower | 2021 Dining Adventures 2
A Korean tower and hotpot dinner at Captain K Seafood Tower restaurant, with JC friends.

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