Doraemon x Gucci Exhibition (?) at Paragon Shopping Centre

After his recent stint at NMS, Doraemon is back in Singapore for another visit! This time at Paragon Shopping Centre.

I need to post this before the “future” catches up with me!

As in, these pics have been sitting on my computer for over a week. I took them before Chinese New Year but just couldn’t find the time to do a post.

The story: Doraemon is back in Singapore! This time at Paragon Shopping Centre. As part of the Doraemon x Gucci collaboration, several large figures of Japan’s favourite robotic cat are on display outside the mall. The glass façade right above Gucci’s outlet there is also full of him.

I saw these on the Saturday before Chinese New Year, and immediately went on a photo-taking frenzy. Have to say, this unexpected encounter really brightened my weekend. While there weren’t as many figures as the recent NMS exhibition, every single one outside Paragon is still adorable and quirky.

Doraemon X Gucci at Paragon

I saw this from across the road and instantly knew I was in for a treat. (I’m a huge Doraemon fan since young)
Doraemon x Gucci at Paragon Shopping Centre
An award-winning grin right outside the Gucci outlet! It’s as cheerful as the afternoon sun!
Doraemon Doko Demo Door Singapore
A closer view of Nobita’s best friend with the world-famous … Doko Demo Door! You’d be smirking like this too if you have such an awesome gadget.
Doraemon Running
Off to save Nobita from another ridiculous misadventure?
Doraemon Paragon Shopping Centre
I think what’s great about this outdoor display is that every figurine features a different expression on Doraemon.
This one is with a toothy grin. Look carefully underneath his adorable nose.
Doraemon Gucci Store
Gucci’s shopfront naturally has Dora-chan on display too. Together with products from the collaboration.
Further inside the mall, another Doko Demo Door! Where does this one leads to?

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Doraemon x Gucci Exhibition (?) at Paragon Shopping Centre
Article Name
Doraemon x Gucci Exhibition (?) at Paragon Shopping Centre
Doraemon figures at Paragon Shopping Centre. Part of the Doraemon x Gucci collaboration, and a celebration of Doraemon's 50th birthday.
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