Dahlia Dreams 2021 | Gardens by the Bay

Dahlia Dreams 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
Dahlia Dreams 2021 | Gardens by the Bay

Welcoming Lunar New Year 2020 With blooms and dancing Lions at Dahlia Dreams 2021.

Dahlia Dreams is one of the staple exhibitions on the events calendar for Gardens by the Bay, but truth is, I’ve never visited.

No reason for this except, it’s the exhibition after the Christmas one, which I usually head to. It thus always felt silly to me to “go again” so soon.

But with the SingapoRediscover campaign, there’s no concern any more, is there? If it was even a sensible reason to begin with. J

And so I went on a quiet Monday. (Very quiet, by the way; I’ve never seen Gardens so deserted) In summary, I’d say that while Dahlia Dreams 2021 isn’t as elaborate or visually spectacular as Poinsettia Wishes 2020 was, there’s still plenty to photograph.

Come Chinese New Year on Feb 12, when this year’s River Hongbao starts at Gardens, the exhibition would be the perfect prologue and epilogue too.

Dahlia Dreams 2021: Illuminated Chinese New Year Festive Blooms and Auspicious Lions

Flower Dome Chinese New Year
Pots and pots of humongous, illuminated CNY flowers after the entrance to welcome all visitors. 花开富贵 (hua kai fu gui)!
Dahlia Dreams 2021 at Gardens by the Bay
Overview of the middle display. That red lantern dome is one of the highlights for this year.
Chinese New Year Blooms.
With the name of this festive event, Chinese New Year blooms are of course, everywhere. According to the official page, this year’s blooms are grown in-house because of current international logistic difficulties.
Chinese Zodiac displays.
One of the highlights for this year, and one that’s as colourful as it gets. Every visitor around me was also enthusiastically counting the lions, to ensure it’s an auspicious 8!
Year of the Ox 2021
Golden Oxen, naturally, make appearances. Let’s all look forward to a bullish new year!
Dahlia Dreams 2021 Lion Dancers.
The main highlight for this year, and one that’s as colourful as it gets. Every visitor around me was enthusiastically counting the lions to ensure it’s an auspicious 8!
Chinese Nian Monster
By the way, do you know the Chinese lion is actually Nian i.e. a ferocious monster? In Chinese mythology, guo-nian (过年) doesn’t just mean welcoming a new year, it also means surviving this monster.
Gardens by the Bay Red Lanterns Dome
The interior of the red lantern dome. There were all these youngsters doing jumps and photographing themselves while at it. Being … aged, I decided not to have a go.
Gardens by the Bay Chinese New Year 2021.
Last but not least, a traditional Chinese pavilion, in traditional red, to welcome the New Year!

Dahlia Dreams 2021 is ongoing till Feb 21, 2021. Use your SingapoRediscover to get a combo ticket that includes a visit to the Cloud Forest Dome too!

Dahlia Dreams 2022.

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Dahlia Dreams 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
Dahlia Dreams 2021 | Gardens by the Bay
Dahlia Dreams 2021 welcomes the incoming Year of the Ox with illuminated blooms, spirited dancing lions, and a selfie-perfect red lantern dome.

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