Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition | ArtScience Museum Singapore

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition
Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

Connecting with the Force and my inner self at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.

This exhibition was an unexpected delight! With no major new movie on the horizon, the last thing I expected was a Star Wars exhibition in Singapore. One at the ArtScience Museum too.

What’s more, this is no retail event. (You know, the sort of fair where’s there’s a couple of Stormtroopers and then a HUGE merchandise section?) Occupying the whole third floor of the museum, the exhibition is a concise but detailed look at the art concepts behind the canon movies. To befit the venue, there’s also an extended, Buzzfeed-like “quiz” to determine which side of the Force you’d end up on.

It was such great fun. Repeat: Great fun.

I might actually go again. This time, perhaps with some of my most beloved Star Wars gear with me.

Warning! Picture heavy post! Because I succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force and got really carried away.

Understanding the Characters From the Star Wars Canon Movies

In essence, Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is divided into various rooms, each featuring a “life” theme. As in, the events that shape and define our characters, our lives, etc.

Several rooms of this Star Wars event also showcase famous characters or locations, or share the conceptualizations behind the final designs.

On the latter, did you know Master Yoda was originally intended to be some Christmas gnome-like character? It was really such a kick reading the design notes and seeing the sketches. (And knowing that in the end, these awful early concepts were trashed)

Star Wars Event in Singapore.
I’m not sure what’s the intention here; the first major character showcased was Jar Jar Binks! Seems right, though. I’ve always felt he didn’t really deserve the fan hatred …
Jar Jar Binks Concept Art.
Yeah, if you thought Senator Jar Jar was awful in the prequels, take a look at how he was originally meant to be.
Boba Fett Armor in Singapore.
Everybody’s favourite Mandalorian was the next to be showcased.

Interestingly, Boba was displayed together with the droids. I wonder what that implies!

ArtScience Museum Star Wars.
C3P0 and R2D2, external buddies, next to each other.

By the way, most displays in this Singaporean exhibition are actual costumes and models from the movies. I was too geeked-out to read all the notes, but I’m quite the armor Boba’s wearing is the one that got slimed within the Sarlacc’s stomach! (In other words, not the one from the Mandalorian series)

Star Wars Exhibition Singapore.
An entire section was devoted to the denizens of Tatooine. (Famous pod-racers included)
Jabba the Hutt Concept Art.
Okay, this is sad. According to the display notes, very few parts of the original model for Jabba the Hutt remains. His eyes being the notable exception.
Leia and Han Solo in Singapore.
Leia and Han at their most unglamorous, while on Tatooine.
Yoda Concept Art.
As I mentioned above, Master Yoda was originally drawn as a gnome! Can you imagine that? (Well, he’s still gnome-like, in the end)
Jedi Council Members Figurines.
Towards the end of the exhibition, the Jedi Masters take centre stage. I have never gotten past how quickly some of them were slain …
Star Wars Identities at ArtScience Museum.
Last but not least, Lord Vader! Aptly, the love of his life, i.e., Padme, was featured just before him.

Star Wars Ships and Planets

This section thrilled me the most, as huge Star Wars ships and planets have always been what I loved most about the franchise. The sight of all those models suspended in a hyperspace-like setting made me wanna squeal.

ArtScience Museum Star Wars Identities Exhibition.
A Mon Calamari cruiser, an A-Wing, and an oversized Snowspeeder zooming into action!
Star Wars Singapore Exhibition 2021.
Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.
Star Wars Ships.
Many renowned fighters from the first six movies are shown. The curious exceptions being …

For some strange reason, the X-Wing and Y-Wing weren’t displayed. I’m quite sure I didn’t miss something in the ships section too.

Further on that, well, I think you would have noticed by now. Practically everything on show is from the original trilogy and the prequels. There’s nothing from the sequels, or Rogue One.

I … decline to comment on the latter. So as not to start a Dark Side debate.

Star Wars Concept Art
Concept art for planets and important scenes. I’m sure you’d have seen some of these before, if you’re a hard-core Star Wars fan.

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Design Your Own Star Wars Hero Quest

This was fun, even though the true objective, as I see it, was to link the exhibition to introspective questions on life, personality development, etc.

As for how it’s done, in short, visitors are issued a RFID hand tag on entry. The tag then allows you to activate interactive stations and answer questions.

Questions are mostly choices too, and all for the purpose of “customising” your own unique Star Wars character.

Star Wars Races
Choose your race! (Yes! You can choose to be a huggable Ewok too!)
Design Your Own Star Wars Hero.
Many questions could come across as inane. For Star War geeks, though, they are a delight.
I love the final question. There’s just so much quirky details in that artwork.
Star Wars Exhibition Singapore Merchandise.
Last but not least, another question awaits after the exhibition. Are you going to bring home some merchandise? (Baby Yoda is all over!)

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is ongoing at the ArtScience Museum till June 13, 2021. Get your tickets at the official site here; SG Rediscover Vouchers eligible. Note that you have to pre-book a time slot when buying your tickets too.

My unique Star Wars hero.
My unique SW character. I chose to be a Mon Calamari musician because I’m a trappy kind of person. I also embraced the Dark Side, because the Emperor has always been my favourite Star Wars character! (My lightsaber is some sort of flute too)

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Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition | ArtScience Museum Singapore
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Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition | ArtScience Museum Singapore
Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition at ArtScience Museum is hands-down the most extensive Star Wars exhibition I’ve ever visited in Singapore.

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