Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2021

Chinatown Chinese New Year 2021 Light-Up
Chinatown Chinese New Year 2021 Light-Up

Plenty of golden bullish action at Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2021. Let’s all look forward to a golden new year ahead!

Let me begin this festive light-up post in a different way this time, by providing a mythological recap.

In all versions of the Chinese Zodiac origins myth, the Ox was conned/cheated of his rightful place as the first of the 12 animal representatives.

The celestial race version claims that the Ox foolishly allowed the Rat to stand on its head during the final river crossing; the Rat thereafter leaped and dashed to the finishing point.

In another version that features combat, the mighty Ox defeated even the ferocious Tiger but lost to the Rat. The tiny rodent just crept all over the Ox, nibbling, tickling, etc.

Whichever version, if true, I’m sure the Ox must now be thinking, “Heng ah. If I first, lim bei tio Covid year leh!

Just a silly joke. What I’m saying is, let’s hope come Feb 12, everyone throughout the world will enjoy the vitality of a typical ox. Let’s hope the world economy will be bullish too. Wait, I know I know, a bull isn’t exactly an ox. But I’m sure you know what I mean …

2021 Chinese New Year at Chinatown

Year of the Ox 2021 in Singapore.
Mr. Golden Bull right before sunset. I think that watermill represents 牛转乾坤 (niu zhuan qian kun; positive change of fortune) or 货如轮转 (huo ru lun zhuan; great sale of goods). Either would be greatly welcomed this year.
Chinatown Point Chinese New Year 2021 Decorations.
After photographing the showpiece, I went into Chinatown Point to have a look at these guys. (They’ve been in the news). Personally, erm, I think they look like the Rat pulling a fast one again.
Chinatown CNY 2021.
Aerial view of Mr. Moo Moo after dark.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebration 2021.
He looks really stately from this angle, doesn’t he?

Street Decorations

Singapore Lunar New Year 2021.
Auspicious wordings to welcome this year’s Spring Festival.


Chinatown Light-Up 2021.
I didn’t count, but there must be at least 30, 50 other oxen before the huge one. Have to say I like the mix of pinkish blooms and green bamboo as decorations too.
CNY 2021 Festive Goodies.
In case you’re wondering, while there’s no open-air bazaar this year, many of the regular shops are still full of CNY decorations.
God of Money in Singapore.
How could the God of Money not make an appearance!

Outside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This is something new. There wasn’t much decoration at the front entrance in previous years’ light-ups.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple CNY Decorations.
The golden oxen here are decisively different in feel and mood. Which is a nice change after all that bullish vigour along Eu Ton Sen Street.
Chinese Zodiac lanterns.
And just a few steps away, Tsum Tsum alike Chinese Zodiac animals over South Bridge Road. Some of them, ahhhhh, look rather “tio stunned,” to use a Singlish phrase.

The Festive Light-Up ends on March 12, 2021. Check here for the list of online activities to enjoy!

Golden Tigers at the 2022 Light-Up

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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
Plenty of golden bullish action is happening at Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2021. Let’s look forward to a golden new year ahead!

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