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Light to Night Festival 2021
Light to Night Festival 2021

A breezy walk at the Civic District for Light to Night Festival 2021.

Last Evening, while going about the Civic District monuments, I noticed the following:

  • There’s quite a number of visitors, about the same as last year. Everyone was also dutifully masked and socially distanced.
  • Far fewer outdoor art installations surprisingly didn’t compromise the ambience of the event. Not that much anyway.
  • It’s still quite a rush if you wish to see everything, because of indoor events. Some of these aren’t specifically for Light to Night but for Singapore Art Week 2021, though.

Yeah, I guess this is a good slice of what the so-called New Norm is. Which isn’t altogether that bad once you get used to it. I suppose for all Singaporeans, it’s also already second-nature to scan-in-scan-out at indoor facilities.

As for the artwork, it’s great that it’s not all about the pandemic. Could be a case of me being that artistically blind but other than the art skin projection at Victoria Theatre, I wasn’t reminded of COVID-19 anywhere else.

Light to Night Festival 2021 Art Skin Projections

Let me start with these.

This year’s projections are all located with minutes of each other. Easy to enjoy within an hour, in other words.

Everything considered, I’ll say I like the one at the Arts House most too. It’s a little cyberpunk-ish at parts, a little sci-fi too. Watching it briefly gave me the sensation of being in a video game.

National Gallery Singapore Light Projection 2021.
The projection at National Gallery Singapore is quite long and divided into parts. (As like the projections everywhere else). On the whole, the sequences are rather, erm, abstract.
NGS Supreme Court Wing Light Projection.
The Supreme Court Wing is, of course, part of the backdrop for the show at NGS.
Light to Night Festival 2021 at The Arts House.
As mentioned, the projection at the Arts House has a futuristic touch. It appealed to the lifelong gamer in me.
Art Skin on Monuments: Passages
More from my favourite projection. It’s titled Passages, btw, and depicts a journey of “unknown obstacles and unchartered paths.”
Art Skin on Monuments at Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall presents a story of, hmm, resilience? Of hope and mutual help too?
Light Projection in Singapore
I like this part of the sequence most! You really feel as if “water” is cascading down the historical façade!
Art Skin on Monuments: Generations
The projection for Asian Civilisations Museum takes place at the new wing and is, to me, a montage of what the museum is all about. Probably because of the surface the artwork is projected onto, this feels to me to be the most “HD” show too.

Indoor Programmes and Other Highlights

Half of these aren’t part of Light to Night 2021. But with them all being at the festive venues, why would that matter?

Arrive, Arrive by Guo-Liang Tan.
Arrive, Arrive at the Padang Atrium of National Gallery Singapore. To me, the installations felt like otherworldly vessels arriving on Earth. (Hopefully, the inhabitants aren’t hostile …)
Ways of Seeing | Light to Night Festival 2021
Ways of Seeing at the Asian Civilisations Museum Green. I didn’t queue up for a shot for I was struggling not to laugh. This reminded me of the Lion’s Roar scene from Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu.
Art Skins on Monuments, Singapore.
Update: I missed this kaleidoscopic masterpiece the other night. So I went back on Monday and it didn’t disappoint!

Light to Night 2021 is ongoing till February, while the art skin projects end on Jan 31, 2021. Check the official page for details. There are various online activities and events to enjoy too.


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Light to Night Festival 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
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Light to Night Festival 2021 | The Scribbling Geek
Contrary to some media reports, the pandemic theme isn’t that prominent at all in Light to Night Festival 2021.


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