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Central Public Library | Home Tourist Photo Essay 12

Central Public Library of Singapore
Central Public Library of Singapore at Bras Basah.

Our Central Public Library is home to historical publications, and some of the best cityscape views in the country.

My first home tourist post of the year, and I begin with a town area landmark.

Our Central Public Library. Also known simply as the National Library. Or the National Library Building, etc.

Now, now, I know this sounds insipid. The building has been around for years. Structurally beautiful as it is, it’s hardly any sort of secret tourist attraction. Actually, even if it is, please don’t go there and nosily snap pictures, create Rediscover SG YouTube videos, etc.

The above said, if you can keep to yourself and not be distracting, the upper floors i.e. the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library is surrounded by some of the most atmospheric cityscape views of Singapore. Best part being, the library is free for all to enter.

In my case, I haven’t been there in ages and frankly, I was only there yesterday because I had a business meeting nearby. With the evening weather clear and bright, it was a lovely 20 minutes (quietly) walking about the reference library. I also enjoyed a refreshing pre-dinner snack at the third floor café thereafter. Like the reference library, the café also had airy views.

Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

The stunning Middle Road cityscape that greeted me upon stepping out of the lift at the 10th Floor. (There’s a great Korean seafood restaurant at Middle Road, btw)
Buildings everywhere, and on a clear day, you can see quite far. If you’re into urban landscapes and architecture, my guess is that the views will delight.
Modern Lee Kong Chian Reference Library itself is vibrant, spacious, and very tastefully designed.
An enclosed, futuristic looking reading room. (I think this is a new facility. It wasn’t here when I last visited … years ago)
As a … born bookworm, the sight of such compilations and albums always gives me a tingling sensation.
The views from the Southern windows feature a mix of the intriguingly futuristic, and the traditional.
There’s a slight glimpse of MBS, Esplanade Theatres by the Bay, etc, too.
With Bras Basah Complex just next door, there’s a close-up view of a HDB residential block too, as well as lovely aerial views of the nearby traditional shophouses.

Over the Counter Café (Level 3)

As I mentioned, I had a pre-dinner snack of sorts too during my visit. This was at Over the Counter Café, located on the third level. (I.E. right outside the Drama Centre)

I’ve have never eaten here. Don’t remember seeing “OTC” too when I last came to the Drama Centre to watch a performance.

Anyway, the café is popular! There were students, business people, even a young family. The ambience was also airy and bright. Not a bad place to have a meal before or after a show at the Drama Centre. Or after a few intense hours of studying for an examination.

The views from the full-length windows aren’t as stunning as the ones on the upper floor. But they are still relaxing to sit beside.
The menu, as well as the selection of muffins and cakes.
I had an Egg and Avocado Toast. This took a while to prepare, and I thought the cheese flakes were somewhat too overpowering. But the eggs were well poached. The avocado was also generous. It was like a whole fruit!

All pics taken with my Samsung S20+

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Central Public Library | Home Tourist Photo Essay 12
Quick visit to the upper floors of the Central Public Library. Some of the most atmospheric views of downtown Singapore can be found here.


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