Supergreek Orchard Central | 2021 Dining Adventures 1

Supergreek Orchard Central
Supergreek Orchard Central

Patitsion and Baklava at Supergreek Orchard Central.

Right, my first “revamped” Geeky Restaurant Adventures post for this year. Oh, wait a minute, as I mentioned in my 2021 blog direction post, it’s now just “dining adventures.”


As for background story, bear with me, I went right before catching A Promised Neverland at GV Plaza. Truth be told too, I earlier had no idea at all that there was a café serving modern Greek cuisine at Orchard Central. Not till I saw an advert for it sometime in December.

The big Greek mythology fan I am, I decided right away I must check it out. It’s also been years since I had a proper Greek meal. That doubly made a visit a must for me.

“Street-side” Greek Café, Within a Mall

Orchard Central is, err, long renowned for its rather compartmentalized layout. This café itself is at a corner of the fourth floor, right opposite +Serv.

It also shares its ordering counter and kitchen with Omakase Burger. With there being no big sign for Supergreek beside the ordering counter, one has to keep an eye out for the branded menus. It took me a few moments to determine I was at the right place.

Omakase Burger Orchard Central.
The “café front” focuses on the Omakase Burger menu, which BTW, I’m a big fan of.
Greek Restaurant Singapore
There is a very Greek-island sitting section, though. (Happy Place!)
These seats are right beside the passageway in the above picture. With quite a number of shoppers walking past while I ate, there was that illusion of an Athenian street side café. (Or one in Santorini, Mykonos, etc)

Modern Greek Cooking

Having checked out the online menu beforehand, I originally wanted to go for a pita plate. In the end, I decided that’s either going to be too much or too little. And so I opt for a proper main course and a dessert.

Supergreek Beef Patitsio.
Beef Patitsio, described in the menu as an “oven-baked Greek-style lasagne.” I had one before, years ago, in Kastraki.
Closer shot of the Patitsio.

This was steaming hot and filling, without the beef or cheese being too heavy.

There was also a certain nutty fragrance. (It tasted like Cardamon to me)

It was overall a little too light in taste for me, though, despite a rich later of Feta cheese. The accompanying salad was also quite decisively un-Greek, with its Sesame dressing. Not that I dislike Sesame sauce, but there was too much of an East-West fusion thingy going on there.

Supergreek Baklava.
Traditional Baklava for dessert.

My dessert looks messy, doesn’t it? But it was awesome.

Full of honey, nutty everywhere, and in all, not excessively sweet.

In short, I enjoyed this more than the main course. It was also while savouring my final mouthful that I had a, erm, Mediterranean moment.

I was in an air-conditioned SG shopping mall and all that, but it briefly felt like a lively street in the Cyclades.

Supergreek Orchard Central is at #04-22 Orchard Central.
(Update 2022: Regrettably, Supergreek @ Orchard Central has closed down)

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Supergreek Orchard Central | 2021 Dining Adventures 1
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Supergreek Orchard Central | 2021 Dining Adventures 1
Early Saturday dinner at Supergreek Orchard Central. A quiet, Greek-themed café tucked away in a corner of the vast shopping complex.

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