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A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights | Jurong Lake Gardens

A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights
A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights at Jurong Lake Gardens.

An early welcome for 2021 at Jurong Lake Gardens’ A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights.

This was an unexpected delight! With Christmas over and New Year celebrations downscaled, I didn’t expect there to be any more festive light-ups this year.

Seems, though, Singaporeans’ fondness for illuminations triumphed. A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights takes place at Jurong Lake Gardens, an unusual location for such events but perhaps it’s part of the drive to promote local tourism. And to end a sour year on a better note.

With over ten lantern dioramas and various other festive lights, this is hands-down the most elaborate light-up event at one spot this year, beating even the ones at Gardens by the Bay.

Yeah. I have to say, I had a lovely time visiting in the early evening. The oriental sets were also, to me, a great prelude for what comes next on our festive calendar. That, of course, being Chinese New Year.

Access from Lakeside MRT Station

As both Chinese and Japanese Gardens are closed for upgrading, there’s no shortcut through those to reach the festive grounds. In other words, if you’re going by MRT, the station to alight at is Lakeside.

It’s quite a walk too to the lanterns. Fortunately, the route is straightforward and (still) adorned by Christmas motifs.

Jurong Lake Gardens Christmas Decorations.

World Landmarks Galore

We have all been denied the opportunity to travel this year, haven’t we? Well, this light-up “addresses” that by presenting the most iconic sights in international tourism.

The second half of the sprawling showpiece representing Japan. The first half is in my feature pic above.
Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House.
There are two China-themed displays, this being the set for Southern China. Seeing a miniature of Canton Tower, after visiting it in 2017, was a kick for me.
Truly “Arabian Nights,” past and present, at the Arabic/Dubai sets.
Terracotta warriors, and the mighty Great Wall, at the Northern China set.
India’s representation in A Better Tomorrow, with the Taj Mahal, is one of the most elaborate and colourful showpieces.
The icons of Paris i.e. the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.
The USA is, without surprise, represented by the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I makes an appearance before London’s majestic Tower Bridge! (I love playing as her in CIV V)
How could Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament not be there?

Prelude to Chinese New Year 2021?

Interestingly, the tail-end of the one-way “landmarks route” had two massive Chinese auspicious mythological creatures display.

A gorgeous Chinese dragon. Many older Chinese visitors were really keen on having a photograph with him.
Fawkes’ Chinese cousin in a divine forest of immortality-gifting peaches. I looked at this and immediately thought of the Chinese phrase 凤舞九天 (Phoenix in the Sky).

BTW, what’s I’ve shared so far is but HALF of the displays. There’s a Western Zodiac section which I had to skip because I was pressed for time. Just do a search online and you will find several sites featuring those.

Charity at A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights 2020

On a final note, there’s a charity drive at this delightful illumination event. You can hang a sky lantern or release a water one, and make wishes. All proceeds go to the President’s Challenge Charity Fund.

As we are, sadly, still not out of the pandemic jungle, do spare a coin for the needy if you’re visiting this light-up!

I didn’t hang this. But I made a wish that I can once again legally show my entire face in public come 2021.

A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights is ongoing till Jan 3, 2021.

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A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights | Jurong Lake Gardens
Elaborate lantern dioramas present an early and wishful welcome for 2021 at Jurong Lake Gardens’ A Better Tomorrow Festival of Lights.


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