Poinsettia Wishes 2020 | Gardens by the Bay

Poinsettia Wishes 2020 | Gardens by the Bay
Poinsettia Wishes 2020 | Gardens by the Bay

Gnomes, festive blooms, and a towering Dutch town hall at Garden by the Bay’s Poinsettia Wishes 2020.

This was the final leg of my Tuesday visit to Gardens by the Bay. Since the event has already been ongoing for a while, I’ll keep this pictorial post short.

Poinsettia Wishes, as most Singaporeans would know, is GBTB’s annual festive showpiece for Christmas. Like many Flower Dome exhibitions,, it has progressively gotten more and more elaborate over time. For example, last year’s exhibition featured several replicas of famous Scandinavian architectural landmarks.

Being an indoor event, this year’s show isn’t much affected by social distancing measures too. As I highlighted in my previous festive post, the strictly enforced time-slot actually thinned the crowds and made photo-taking way easier.

Here and there, I still had to wait for other visitors to move away before doing my thing. But I never had to queue for more than a minute. My hour at the festive Flower Dome was deeply relaxing, uplifting, and of course, magically festive.

A Magical Indoor European Christmas at the Flower Dome

Right after the entrance. It’s a luminous prologue to the show!
Poinsettia Wishes 2020 Nutcrackers.
Close-up of the opening showpiece. Gonna say it once more. Nutcrackers are seriously the in-thing this Christmas in Singapore.
Flower Dome Christmas 2020.
Overview of the festive centrepiece. It’s really a Christmas wonderland of lights deep within Gardens by the Bay, isn’t it?
A closer view at the festive centrepiece.
Poinsettia Wishes Gardens by the Bay.
The festive centrepiece is meticulously presented to resemble a Christmas village. The houses and snowy landscape are positively gorgeous.
Poinsettia Wishes Gnomes
These guys were all over the Flower Dome last year too. Looks that they were popular enough to be invited again.

By the way, these long-beard ones aren’t really gnomes. They are Nisse, a Scandinavian mythological being associated with the winter solstice and Christmas.

Gouda Townhall Replica at Flower Dome, Singapore.
The star attraction this year is a replica of Gouda Townhall. I’ve already shown the front view in my feature pic above. Here’s the rearview. (Check out the details of the façade)
Flower Dome Christmas Trees.
Last but not least, some very unusual Christmas trees right before the exit.

Poinsettia Wishes 2020 is ongoing till Jan 3, 2021. Check out the details here!

Poinsettia Wishes 2021.

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Poinsettia Wishes 2020 | Gardens by the Bay
Poinsettia Wishes 2020, Gardens by the Bay, features a festive, magnificent Northern European Christmas, with magical gnomes galore.

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