A Gift for Your Inner Child

A Gift for Your Inner Child
This Christmas, have you considered reconnecting with your inner child? It could be the best year-end gift to indulge in.

Have you considered a cherished gift for your inner child?

Who is your inner child? How old is him or her?

Now, I bet those are questions you don’t get asked often. They are probably questions that downright baffle too.

And yet, such questions are surprisingly easy to answer, at least according to psychologists.

Simply put, your “inner child” is that aspect of you that enjoys all the freedom of childhood with limited restrictions.

Do you remember the time when you were allowed to play for hours in your bedroom without having to worry about work, life, love, or money? Do you remember those carefree days when life is all about merriment, and not the unending struggles to survive in society or make ends meet?

Psychologists additionally believe that early teenage years and puberty mark the typical age range. This so, because you were still too young to experience school and relationship stress, but old enough to be trusted to stay home alone.

To put it in another way, an inner child, regardless of gender or location, is typically 12 years old. With that established, have you considered a gift this Christmas for that forgotten kid in you? One that can tap into your childhood hobbies and passions, and confer true joy?

If you haven’t, it’s high time to do so!

Remember those days when you can spend hours reading comics, and not feel at all guilty because of work or school?

What Kind of Gift Would Delight Your Inner Child?

Everybody has different preferences and hobbies. Therefore, if you’re going to delight the forgotten kid in you this Christmas, you have to begin by remembering the things you used to like.


It’s also worth acknowledging that though adolescence might in retrospect, feel splendid compared to adulthood, it was probably not a comfortable period for you. For a start, your mind was constantly bombarded by incoherent flows of hormones i.e. emotions, which dramatically affects your mood. Your hobbies during that period most likely involve some sort of active coping mechanism too. Such hobbies might no longer delight you.

Coming back to gifts, you could consider:

  1. Video games count among the most popular responses to stress because they can be hugely helpful when it comes to channeling negative emotions and energy. There’s nothing more soothing than letting go of your anger and frustration in the virtual world! And feeling heroic while at it.
  2. Quiet and introspective teens in the past sometimes keep personal diaries in which they pen down their secrets and struggles. Such diaries are for one’s own eyes only too, of course. But in today’s connected world, and for adults, modern diaries such as online blogs and journals, can help to make sense of one’s emotions.
  3. Finally, if you were previously a child with a vivid imagination, books and comics were probably your favourite escape from reality. Open the pages and dive into a brand new world! Better yet, consider your hand at comic creation!

1. Indulge in the video games of your childhood

Do you remember those good old days playing exciting games on your (retro) video game consoles?

You might not have those consoles anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transport yourself back to these happy times.

With a little effort, you can find easy-to-install emulators and Playstation 2 ROMs for Windows PCs online. Such ROMs give you access to classic bestselling games such as GTA San Andreas and God of War II. Emulators are also available for a variety of older video game consoles. Occasionally, you might even find PC-only game classics previously available only on floppy disks.

2. Build a new platform of expression for your inner world i.e. journaling/blogging

Journaling is the logical next step up for thosefamiliar with the personal diary.

Today, journaling is also a creative hobby that focuses more on aesthetics and less on the reflective process. If you’re unsure about where to start your introspective journey, you may want to take a look at online journaling tools that can guide you.

For example, 750words is a free tool that encourages you to write a stream-of-consciousness text every day. Try it and experience firsthand how relaxing the process is. Pretty soon, you will appreciate the therapeutic benefits too.

Journaling often involve scheduling and review elements. These help to make sense of an unfriendly, chaotic world.

3. Bring imaginary worlds to life

Writing your own escape story can be a challenging task. As an alternative, consider drawing your own imaginary world using art software solutions that make the process easier.

You don’t need to be a trained artist to create a manga fantasy world to escape from life worries! Actually, does it even need to be technically perfect or accomplished, when it’s your sanctum?

You are the ruler of this realm. You alone get to decide what’s to be and what ought to be, in this private space.

Whether your inner child is a gamer, a reflective thinker, or a creative individual, it’s time to make your dreams once again true this Christmas. There is a present for everyone. Connecting with your inner child is also your closest way to happiness!

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A Gift for Your Inner Child
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A Gift for Your Inner Child
This Christmas, have you considered reconnecting with your inner child? It could be the best year-end gift to indulge in.

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