15 Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas for Singaporeans | Dec 2020

Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas
Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas

12 Geeky Christmas gift ideas to consider this festive year-end.

Yup, December is upon us. It’s time for the sharing of joy and happiness!

Gift-giving, in other words.

To be clear, geeky or not, Christmas gifts do not necessarily have to be physical. They don’t even have to cost a lot too. Because after all, isn’t the emphasis on the celebration of love and relationship?

Anyway, here’s what I’d suggest in the way of Christmas gift ideas if your loved ones’ interests, well, run alongside mine. Before beginning, let me apologise for the below references to the pandemic. As much as I loathe to mention that, it is just too big a part of 2020 to ignore.

1. Survivalist Fashion

Two things about this. Firstly, bad header. But I decided it still sounds better than pandemic fashion.

Secondly, I’ve been obsessing over these since I bought a Doraemon face mask in May. Yeah, I’m referring to fabric face masks here, as in those that are meant for repeated use and printed with gorgeous designs.

With the pandemic quite set to extend into 2021, wouldn’t a great-looking face mask be the most practical Christmas gift this year? Possibly among the most appreciated too.

Plus, there are so many designs to choose from! As far as geeky interests are concerned, there are:

  1. Anime face masks on Lazada
  2. Video game face masks on Etsy
  3. This listicle by Vanilla Luxury has quite the rundown on fashionable masks available in Singapore
Anime Face Masks.
My Doraemon and Eevee face masks. I have received many energetic waves from kids thanks to these!

2. Adventurous Experience

Like I said above, a great gift doesn’t have to be physical. For example, it could also be a few hours of unforgettable fun.

Experience Gifts is offering all sorts of experiences, which you could send as Christmas presents. The great thing about this portal is that you can specify what to send or opt for a gift pack. The latter allows the recipient to decide for himself or herself what to enjoy.

As for the selection of experiences, it’s quite extensive too, ranging from virtual reality sessions to golf lessons, to therapeutic massages. In the spirit of the ongoing rediscover Singapore campaigns, I think these gifts of discovery/adventure would be deeply appreciated by most Singaporeans.

Experience Gifts, Singapore.
An hour or two at something new, or thrilling, makes for a superb Christmas gift idea.

3. Cinematic Wonder and Fandom

I’m a (wannabe) movie critic. I would never forgive myself if I don’t include movies on such a Christmas gift ideas list. 🙂

But before doing so, allow me to address COVID-19 worries about cinemas.

While concerns are not unfounded, don’t forget, cinemas count amongst the most scrutinised public venues under the circuit-breaker reopening measures. They werethe first to implement the compulsory use of the TraceTogether token or app. At Shaw, GV, and Cathay cinemas, I have also repeatedly seen staff checking on the audiences, during the movies, to ensure masks-on and safe distancing.

Yeah. Going into some shops and establishments might be riskier, if you ask me.

As for specific gift suggestions, like books, you’re going to invite groans if you give tickets for specific movies. The sensible thing to do would thus be to give gift-boxes or vouchers. All the major cinema chains are offering options:

  1. Cathay Cineplexes “Christmas Crunch” Gift Box (SGD 25/- for the self-collection option)
  2. Golden Village Movie Gift Vouchers
  3. Shaw Theatres Gift Vouchers

Cathay Cineplexes Christmas Gift Box 2020
Cathay Cineplexes Christmas Gift Box 2020.

Golden Village’s House of Mr. Popcorn is also having an online festive sale of Q Posket, Banpresto & Funko Pop! Figurines. With free delivery and deals of up to 60 per cent.

Christmas sale by House of Mr Popcorn.
Looking for Harry Potter or Disney princess figurines as geeky Christmas presents? The House of Mr. Popcorn sale, hosted at ecapitalmall.com, could be the most convenient way to buy some.

4. Quirky Games

With mobile gaming so accessible and cheap, do people still play card games or group quizzes?

Personally, I think these classic party games are fading away. But that hardly means they shouldn’t enjoy a comeback or can’t make for a good Christmas gift.

The attractiveness of the containers aside, I think such card games encourage people to please put down your electronic devices and interact the good old fashion way too. They are furthermore affordable and great to bring to a small gathering. In other words, you provide the gift, the entertainment, and the companionship for the entertainment when you turn up with a set.

After a year of lockdowns and isolation, you’d agree such companionship is possibly one of the best gifts ever? I strongly feel so.

Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas: Quirky Games
Quirky card games and quizzes on sale at Kinokuniya and Marks and Spencer.

5. VR Entertainment

This can get really, really expensive, and complicated, if you’re looking at top-range models such as the Oculus Quest.

Thankfully, if what you have in mind for your recipient is simply more immersive entertainment from smartphones, there’s a variety of much cheaper options on platforms such as Lazada.

Now, I’m going to be very frank about buying such cheaper VR headsets as geeky Christmas gifts. I have one and while it’s nowhere near terrible, it’s hardly an “oh Wow” experience, if you know what I mean.

Less fussy folks might feel differently, however.

One other thing, do take note of sizes before buying.

Some headsets are unable to accommodate the behemoth phones of 2020, i.e., they are meant for smartphones smaller than 6.5”, and so on. You might want to tactfully check your recipient’s smartphone screen size before placing an order.

VR Headsets | Christmas Gift Ideas
VR Headsets as Christmas gift ideas. Could be a really appreciated Christmas present for friends who watch a lot of movies using smartphones.

6. Books

It’s traditional and old-fashioned, but books would always make for splendid gifts.

That is, book vouchers.

Never, ever, give specific books as that count amongst the worst presents. How many of us share the same literary preferences?

Instead, do it the modern, sensible way by giving vouchers. For kids, I believe the act of going into a physical or virtual bookstore and choosing a title is also more beneficial. As in, doesn’t that encourage reading habits much more than being forced to read a specific title?

  1. Kinokuniya Gift Vouchers
  2. Popular Bookstore Gift Vouchers (Please don’t force kids to use the vouchers to buy study guides, though)
Book vouchers as Christmas gift ideas.
Book vouchers as a Christmas gift idea might sound dreary to you. But the freedom to buy any book will always be an appreciated experience.

Yikes! My kid wants to use his vouchers to buy trashy comics!

Well, I can only put it this way. What’s the harm as long as comics are not the only materials your child is reading? As far as language learning, writing, or even storytelling is concerned, reading a wide variety of materials is much more important than reading only the academically good stuff.

7. Cleanliness and Safety

Sounds insipid, doesn’t it? But given the condition of the world, perhaps this might be the best, most practical gift for several years. Especially for those with vulnerable members in their households.

  1. An air purifier to weed out all the airborne germs in the home. You could opt for a full-size one like the Cosmo Prime or a portable one like Starke Living’s.
  2. UV disinfection boxes (Huge selection over at Amazon.sg. These are useful for sterilizing smartphones, money, etc.)
  3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners (Other than being diligent workers, these nifty gadgets delight pets too. LOL)
  4. Anti-Mosquito Device (Don’t forget. Dengue has been around far longer than COVID-19, and is likely to remain the more enduring threat)

BTW, some of the above items could double as lifestyle gadgets. For example, UV disinfection kits that are aromatherapy kits too.

Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Close-Up
If you don’t mind splurging a little, consider the Cosmo Prime at SGD 399/-

8. Work and Study Comfort

‘Right. On to Christmas gift ideas that’d be deeply appreciated in the “new norm” we’re in.

As much as we might hate to admit it, work-from-home (WFH) and home-based-learning (HBL) are very likely going to remain the norm in 2021. Actually, with the world awakening to the benefits/practicality of these, would they be permanent arrangements too?

Thus, any gadget/accessory that makes home-based learning or working more comfortable would be deeply appreciated. Agree?

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  1. Lumbar Back Support for Seats
  2. Back Massagers
  3. Neck Massagers
  4. Wrist Rests
  5. Blue Light Screen Protectors
  6. Wireless Earbuds with Clear Voice (i.e. talk) function for video conferences
Christmas Gift Ideas: Neck Massager.
Wouldn’t you want one of these neck massagers after a few hours of WFH?

9. Guilt-Free Snacking

Have you been to Great World City of late? If so, you’d surely know the mall is now full of healthy foodstuffs shops.

Some of these, such as Scoop Wholefoods, allow you to create your own packs, i.e., you pick and choose what you want and how much you want. As long as you are sure about your recipient’s snacking preferences, creating an assortment for a gift bundle can be great fun too.

Not to mention, what’s sold there are healthy stuffs. So you’d be giving the gift of health as well.

Scoop Wholefoods, Great World City.
Scoop Wholefoods. In my case, buying there is equally as fun as eating the purchases, or giving away as gifts.

10. Refreshment

Alright, time for a Christmas gift idea that’s a little more mainstream.

Exotic, colourful fruit baskets.

These always function well as attractive presents, on top of being superbly practical i.e. easily enjoyable by entire families.

What’s included is often great for health too, with you, the buyer, free to decide what’s to go in. Here’s a list of fruit basket merchants to consider if you want to order any of these. Naturally, these gifts would do well for any other Singaporean festival.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Fruit Baskets
As mainstream or dull as a fruit basket might sound, they are among the safest gifts.

11. Minions!

This is a suggestion for the situation when you need to give something, but barely know the person receiving the gift.

Yeah, you know, like the bosses’ son, whom you don’t even know the name of? Or some year-end gathering, for which you’re obliged to bring something.

(My anti-social, misanthropic side is show, isn’t it?)

Anyway, you get what I mean. And hereby, I’m suggesting the below Minions-themed Kit Kat festive packs here because:

  1. They are affordable.
  2. They are widely available. I’ve seen them at 7-11 and Cold Storage.
  3. It’s Kit Kat. Easy to give away or share even if whoever’s receiving the gift isn’t into them.
  4. Minions! I wouldn’t say everyone loves them, but it’s hard to find someone who hates them with a passion?

Very safe gift, in other words. And quite likely to attract a grin.

Minion Kit Kat Cooler Pack | Christmas Gift Ideas
The cooler bag version. (How on earth can this go wrong as a festive gift?)

12. Geeky Obsession i.e. Modelling Kits

I’d be blunt. These could invite a lot of silent screams if you give them to someone who’s absolutely not into handicraft. (For example, me)

But, if you’re completely certain that your recipient is into such things, they are superb geeky Christmas gifts because:

  1. Even simple sets can provide hours of obsessive fun.
  2. Once completed, most models double as unique/attractive home decorations.
  3. Many sets are usually heavily discounted during year-end sales. Especially those based on characters/vehicles from older movies.
  4. Because not too many Singaporeans are into these, there tends to be a wide variety to choose from at physical stores.

(I confess. I added this entry because of the words I bolded above)

Bandai Star Wars Modelling Kits.
Discounted Bandai Star Wars modelling kits at Takashimaya. You know, you could buy one, BUILT it, then give away the completed model as a gift. That truly exemplifies your … devotion.
3D Puzzle Sets
Heavily discounted architectural 3D Puzzle Sets at Hamleys Singapore (MBS).

13. Portable Gaming

If you ask me, the best portable game console to give anyone in 2020 would be a Nintendo Switch. And in the case of kids, perhaps with one or two Nintendo Labo too.

But a Switch is pretty expensive. If you’re looking for cheaper options, there’s a variety of lesser-than-SGD 100 Portable Game Consoles for your consideration on all the major online shopping platforms. Practically all of these come with in-built games.

PS: I’m ethically obliged to be honest about these cheaper alternatives. Many models promise thousands of games i.e. they always sound too great to be real. Whether the manufacturers have licenses for the games aside, the actual number of playable games within those consoles is often an issue.

In other words, do, DO, read reviews before placing orders for any.

Nintendo Switch and Labo Kit.
My Nintendo Switch and Labo kit. Expensive, but the best option as far as portable gaming is concerned.

14. Pop Culture Fashion and Accessories

So far, I have only one suggestion on this list of Christmas gift ideas that involve “fashion.” So here’s another one.

Funidelia, an international online costume store, offers quite a stunning selection of pop culture themed clothing and accessories. From Harry Potter memorabilia to Marvel Comics collectibles, to wearables based on popular games.

Practically all items are priced below SGD 100/- too. The most expensive items typically being hoodies (for men) and themed backpacks at about SGD 79.99.

Hey, they even have a wide selection of party costumes for adults and kids alike! And all sorts of festive decorations.

As far as geeky lifestyle items are concerned, this portal is positively a treasure trove. Needless to say, you could also use it to … pamper yourself. Like what I’m going to do after finishing this list …

Funidelia Screenshot.
Funidelia screenshot. They have a lot of fun costumes for kids. And adults!

15. The Best Gifts of All I.E. Gifts to Needy Strangers

I must end with this. Pardon me for being preachy.

Christmas gifts should never just be for family and friends, or oneself. Because the most meaningful gifts are those for needy strangers.

Charity, in other words. Festive charity.

Therefore, while shopping for presents, or fussing over what to pamper yourself with this year-end, don’t forget those who need not gadgets and fashion, or entertainment, but basic necessities for living.

Here are some convenient ways in Singapore to donate this Christmas:

  1. Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift
  2. Salvation Army Christmas Kettling (To me, this is a Singaporean Christmas tradition. An indispensable part of the annual Orchard Road Christmas Lights too)
  3. Community Chest Online Donation
  4. Giving.sg (You could donate to a variety of causes here)
  5. SGUnited Charities (Includes donations to migrant workers. These poor dudes truly had it tough this year, so I’d go ahead and say they deserve the most help)
  6. Mediacorp Care & Share 2020 (I just read about this on Channel News Asia while researching for this write-up. Sounds great if you have a Shopee account)
Xmas Charity Singapore.
Sparing a moment, and a dollar, for the needy this Christmas is the best gift of all.

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15 Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas for Singaporeans | Dec 2020
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15 Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas for Singaporeans | Dec 2020
December is upon us, and it’s time for gift-giving! Here are 15 geeky Christmas gift ideas to consider for your friends and loved ones.


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