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Just Nuts Singapore
Just Nuts Singapore Review

Stocking up on healthy snacks with Just Nuts.

I’ve never really gotten into ordering cooked food and foodstuffs online.

Ordering meals via Grab and Foodpanda is usually extravagant for me, given I mostly dine alone on weekdays. Groceries and snacks, well, I belong to the older generation. I somewhat still need to physically touch a packet of something before buying that something to eat.

2020 has forced me to change though, and I suppose it’s all for the better. Pandemic concerns aside, it’s quite a hassle to scan-in/scan-out just to buy something at a supermarket, yes? Doubly so during peak hours.

It’s like, why not just buy online using dependable delivery services?

Well, I’ve been experimenting with snack delivery services of late; specifically, healthier snacks the likes of what’s mentioned in Best in Singapore’s Best 7 Nuts & Snacks in Singapore. As part of this, last Friday, I placed an order with Just Nuts, an online nuts delivery service in Singapore.

In short, the buying experience was really as fuss-free and as enjoyable as the platform promises. What’s delivered was to my pleasant surprise, totally satisfactory too.

Needless to say, the order was fulfilled promptly and punctually too.

(I’m snacking on my purchases as I type this. The rate I’m going, I probably have to buy more before the week is over.)

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1. About the Just Nuts Ordering Platform

A quick introduction about Just Nuts before I continue.

This Singaporean nuts delivery service specialises in natural organic nuts and dried fruits. Their products are hand-picked, as well as pesticide and chemical-free. Once harvested, the products are also stored in the dark at a chilling -2 degrees. In other words, they are kept preservatives free.

For customers, I think what’s attractive is also that Just Nuts offers free replacements. If you receive a spoilt pack, all you would have to do is to email them about it and they would arrange for replacements. For buyers new to online snacks buying, such as me, this is a great assurance of quality.

2. Order and Fast Delivery

Like what anyone would expect from a foodstuffs delivery service nowadays, the ordering process was easy and smooth, with individual products available for purchase for as little as 100g.

A breeze to pick and choose, in other words. Completely debunks my previous perception that you have to buy in bulk when buying from online food merchants too.

Just Nuts Order Screen
Just Nuts order screen for almonds. I like how nutritional info and facts are included for some products.
My order came sealed in a courier bag. By the way, Just Nuts offers one-hour islandwide Singaporean delivery, with the delivery fee of SGD 5.90 waived for purchases above SGD 60/-.
Where to buy nuts in Singapore.
I bought quite an assortment. All were hygienically and individually packaged, and labelled. It’s truly a great and convenient way to buy nuts in Singapore.

3. Nuts and Dried Fruits Quality

Here’s my feedback about my order. In general, I’d say I’m satisfied with the overall freshness and yumminess of everything.

Nuts Online Singapore
Roasted Peanuts: My favourite movie binging snack.

A. Roasted Peanuts

What I ordered the most since I can gobble down buckets of these when bingeing on movies and anime.

What’s delivered was not only fresh and crunchy, it’s also much less salted than the ones sold at supermarkets. As much as I, ahem, personally prefer them to be a tad saltier, it was a good reminder that I should consider healthier snacking. Especially with the sort of quantities I’m eating.

Healthy Nuts Singapore
Baked Almonds and Raw Pistachios. Two of the healthiest nuts to go for when you’re feeling peckish.

B. Baked Almonds

I’m a little weird about almonds. I enjoy the creamy bite and taste. But more so, I love the fragrance.

Yeah, the distinctive smell. One sniff at the pack I received and I gave it a thumbs-up. It’s passed my test!

By the way, almonds are fantastic sources of protein, minerals, and monounsaturated fats too. Eating them unsalted is hands-down one of the best ways to improve heart health.

C. Raw Pistachios

Pistachios are among the healthiest nuts to snack on, with that, the reason I ordered these.

I’d say what’s delivered was flavourful; in many ways, better than the packed ones that I buy from supermarkets. There was also a great texture with every bite, which I believe is a sign of their freshness.

Dried fruits and nuts vendor in Singapore.
Raw Cashews, Raw Macadamias, and Dried Figs

D. Raw Cashews

These were for my mom and so I only ate one. (Oh alright, I pinched more than one) Overall, the signature buttery cashew taste was there. The cashews themselves were also easy to bite on without being soft i.e. fresh. I think they’d be splendid after my mom uses them in her cooking.

E. Raw Macadamias

I love Macadamias; that is, when hidden in chocolates. And so I was a little surprised by the appearance of what I received.

They still tasted fine, though. Not as flavourful as some others I’ve eaten but still a delight to slowly munch on. I should highlight Just Nuts is selling this premium nut at an attractive price too. This is especially so if you buy enough to enjoy free delivery.

F. Dried Figs

To be honest, I’m not into figs; I ordered these dried fruits for my dad. I did, however, try one and it was pretty crunchy and rich. My dad also didn’t say anything after munching on some. Going by his character, that means he was satisfied.

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