Jewel Changi Airport Christmas 2020

Sparkling Christmas At Jewel Changi Airport
Sparkling Christmas At Jewel Changi Airport.

Visiting Jewel Changi Airport and nearby Terminal 3 to check out this year’s Christmas decorations.

I usually do at least three Christmas posts each year, because I like yuletide festivities and because I, well, started this blog “tradition” back in 2017.

And so here’s my second one for this year. Featuring a location nowadays as much a must-visit for Christmas as Orchard Road is, i.e., Jewel Changi Airport.

In summary, erm, I feel there’s still quite a fair bit to see and photograph. Certainly not as much as last year but definitely not sparse too.

I don’t know. Perhaps because I visited on an uncrowded Monday, it was more pleasant strolling through the romantic decorations too. (Read: easier to minimise photo bombs)

And oh, I also thought it was great that adjacent Terminal 3 is featuring quite an unusual theme for this year’s year-end décor. I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that I’m not a huge dino fan. But hey, the sight of a smirking T-Rex receiving a festive wreath still made me grin.

Sparkling Christmas at Jewel

Have to say this. I’m really surprised that the usual Christmas events and light-ups are still happening at Jewel this year, given how the year has been. There’s even a snow show, albeit one without performers and with thinner snowfall.

Jewel Changi Airport Christmas Tree 2020.
This year’s showpiece, i.e., the 16m tall Christmas tree, before the lights are switched on.
Sparkling Christmas At Jewel Changi Airport
After the tree is all lit-up.
Let it Snow at Shiseido Forest Valley
The Let it Snow show at the heart of Shiseido Forest Valley. (You have to spend SGD 30/- to get entry). Like I mentioned above, there’s no frost-mage blizzard this year, just a gentle snowfall. But everyone still loved it.
Shiseido Forest Valley Christmass Decorations
Though there are no performers this year during the snow show, there are still traditional Christmas decorations surrounding the Rain Vortex.

Canopy Park

There’s a variety of illuminated displays here. In replacement of last year’s Nordic festive village are also the much-promoted “glamping” tents.

The “festive” entrance.
Christmas Gingerbread Men Decorations
These dudes have some serious tropical disco vibes to them.
Jewel Changi Airport Christmas Lights
A tunnel of lights and love. The colours change, btw.
Canopy Park Foggy Bowls
The foggy bowls transformed into a tropical night-time playground.
Canopy Park Christmas 2020
The tail-end of the trail is where the most beautiful decorations are. It’s all very traditional in feel too but I’m sure most visitors still like it this way.
Glamping at Jewel Changi Airport
And finally, the glamping tents! They were all zipped up when I visited. There were also several groups of young people energetically discussing at the sides too.

Dino Wanderland at Changi Airport T3

The dinos are, of course, meant to coincide with the opening of the Jurassic Walk. (And probably the Jurassic World Café too) It’s something that’s quite, quite different for a year-end yuletide celebration.

Dino Wanderland at T3
Everybody celebrates Christmas. Even dinosaurs!
Wait a minute. Is this the Jurassic version of Rudolph?
Mr. T-Rex is really happy to receive a Christmas wreath!
Tokidoki Snow Holiday
I should add this since it’s a key event of Dino Wanderland too. The Tokidoki Snow Holiday i.e. snow room was very popular. There were lots of families and kids queuing for it.

Dinner at Perch Jewel Changi Airport

Right, I’ll end with some (non-festive) food shots, since I don’t intend to do a separate post on these.


While waiting for the lights to come on, I had a full dinner at Perch, an Asian Fusion Restaurant on the 2nd level of Jewel. (I needed a 30-dollar bill to enter the Shiseido Forest Valley too lah)

Overall, the food was great, particularly the William Pear Crumble Tart I had for dessert. Service was also very earnest.

The latter was important, might I add, because my main course took quite long to be served. I’d have complained had the servers not been so apologetic and friendly.

Field Mushroom Soup
Field Mushroom Soup. This might be on the salty side for some diners but I like it that way. The extra virgin olive oil added character too.
Roasted Spiced Duck Breast with Thai Red Curry at Perch Jewel.
Roasted Spiced Duck Breast with Thai Red Curry. Very generous with the meat. The fried lychees were also lovely.
William Pear Crumble Tart.
William Pear Crumble Tart with Champagne Vanilla Ice Cream. The hint of liquor in both the tart and ice cream made me go, hmm hmm!! It was also just the right degree of sweetness for me.

Sparkling Christmas at Jewel and Dino Wanderland are ongoing till Jan 3, 2021.

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Jewel Changi Airport Christmas 2020
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Jewel Changi Airport Christmas 2020
Monday visit to Jewel Changi Airport. This year’s Christmas décor are subtler. However, there’s still a festive ambience everywhere.

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