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Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Review

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Review
Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Review

The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is a great partner for a restful sleep in tropical weather.

There are many, MANY online articles out there reminding us that we spend up to a third of our lifetimes asleep.

The questionable ones then go on to teach hacks on how to minimise this “waste.” While the sensible ones reiterate just how important it is that you rest the right way every night.

I learnt of the latter the hard way, and how pillows are almost always the culprits for poor-quality sleep. The loss of productivity, mood, and appetite the next day aside, a poor pillow could result in you feeling as if the Hulk did a number on your neck. Which then makes it doubly harder to fall asleep the following night.

Long story short, a great pillow is a life necessity that I don’t mind splurging on. If they come with other lifestyle enhancements, all the better! Argg, if only I could bring a sensible pillow with me whenever I travel!

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Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

‘Right. I first got to know of Origin’s German-designed Coolmax Latex Pillow from Best in Singapore’s write-up about the best pillows in Singapore.

“Features-wise,” what caught my attention right away was the use of latex foam as filling and the removable Tencel fabric pillow cover. Latex foam described on Origin’s website as denser than memory foam and fibre, and more resistant to yucky mold, bacteria, and dust. (In other words, hypoallergenic)

It also felt like the right size for me at 65cm x 40cm x 13cm. Oh, one other thing. The natural latex foam is infused with cooling gel too. Supposedly, this helps to cool one’s head during sleep, thus ensuring a better rest in tropical weather.

(The kind of things I think about before bedtime, the cooling feature stole my heart right away … Okay, just kiddin’. But you’d agree a cooling pillow is something great to have in Singapore’s sweltering and humid weather?)

Order and Delivery

Simply put, the order process, powered by Liquid Gateway, was a breeze. No complicated registrations and the likes of. Delivery was also prompt and straightforward; no fuss at all.

Liquid Gateway, Singapore, Payment Screen
The checkout screen at Origin’s site.
At my home within a day. By the way, Origin also provides a 7-Day Free Return, only condition being you bring the pillow back to their warehouse at Kallang Pudding Road yourself.
Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Features.
Key features listed on the box.

First Impressions

Two words. Dense. Resilient.

I mean, I could literally feel both the density and resilience the moment I lifted the Coolmax out of its box. (Incidentally, it’s on the heavier side too) The sensation is slightly akin to that of a spring mattress, as in the pillow is plush and soft enough to cradle whatever weight that’s pressed upon it, but readily returns to shape the moment pressure is removed.

Even without sleeping on it, I can easily imagine the great spine support this pillow would provide.

Coolmax Pillow Review.
The Coolmax “handled” the weight of my D7500 and sigma lens (around 1.2 kg) without any depression at all.

The Coolmax returning to shape. The density effortlessly resisted my pressing. (Note how hard I was pressing during the second and third tests)

Tencel Fabric Pillow Cover

This added a soft, luxurious feel over the actual pillow, and is fitted quite snugly. As stated above, it’s also made from hypoallergenic Tencel fabric i.e. resistant to nasty mites, bacteria, and so on. Definitely an attractive finish to what already feels like a great pillow.

Tencel fabric pillow cover.
The Tencel Fabric pillow cover unzipped.

A Supported and Cooling Sleep

Okay, what’s most important. The actual sleep quality with the Origin Coolmax Latex Pillow.

First and foremost, I need my pillows to be bouncy. As absurd as that might sound to you, it’s essential for me as I have chronic neck pains.

I invariably wake up with a bad neck ache if my pillow loses form and thickness before long. It’s also the reason why I’m always so worn-out in the second half of my European holidays. (So many European hotels prefer utterly soft pillows with no “presence,” sigh)

As far as this area is concerned, The Coolmax gets absolutely top marks from me. It was such a joy to just … bounce my head on it. Though it’s not the contoured type, it easily provided adequate support for my head and neck too, whether I’m facing up or sleeping on my side.

It was … really such a delight bobbing my head on it!

As for the cooling gel feature, that felt to be doing its job as well. Now, I’ll be honest. I can’t sleep without air-conditioning so I couldn’t and didn’t thoroughly test this. However, the Coolmax didn’t get noticeably warm after I pressed my face against it for fifteen minutes.

On the official site, Origin also described natural latex filling as capable of superior and constant air ventilation, which then prevents trapped heat and odours. I’d say that together with the cooling-gel treatment, this is one pillow that’s not going to become unpleasantly tepid before the night is halfway through. I.E., the way a superior pillow should be.

Review Summary

In short, the Origin Superior Coolmax Latext Pillow is superb to sleep with. Wait a minute, I mean, sleep on.

Two nights of sleeping on it and it has provided energetic support and comfort throughout. For both nights, I didn’t wake up once to adjust anything.

Down the road, I’m not sure whether it would do any wonders for my neck pains. But I’m relatively certain it would at least not worsen those aches.

And oh, it’s quite lovely to hug too, you know, thanks to the firmness. Naturally, this makes the Coolmax great for resting against too. Such as when you’re binging on streaming services or video games.

The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is now going at SGD 129/- after a 30-dollar discount. All purchases come with 2 years warranty.

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