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Jurassic World Café at ION Sky | Geeky Restaurant Adventures

Jurassic World Café at ION Sky
Jurassic World Café at ION Sky.

Dining with dinosaurs at at ION Sky’s Jurassic World Café.

Okay, this one caught my attention right away, the very hour it was announced.

A movie-themed pop-up café in Singapore! At a panoramic location I’ve never taken the effort to visit too!

Yeah, a pop-up café perfect for movie-lovers i.e. what I brand myself as on this blog.

About the Jurassic Park/World franchise, well, I’m not a huge fan although I still make the effort to watch every new release. Thanks to my yearly Christmas Eve visits to Universal Studios Singapore, I’m also well, WELL familiar with the merchandise.

Did I mention the theme song is also one of those … you’ve-made-it pieces to perform on the Electone? (Thus, why I’ve never attempted …)

Anyway, the following are my pics from last evening’s visit. In short, I’d say the food isn’t much to go rawrrrrrr about. But it’s all about the ambience, the plating, and of course, the stunning city views from ION Sky.


Again, I’ve never been to ION Sky, despite knowing about it for over ten years. It’s inexplicable, really. And so this dinner was a great chance to finally visit one of the best FREE panoramic spots of Singapore.

The “welcome” at the lift lobby.
Nice touch! The lift was fitted with illuminated dinosaur backdrops!
ION Sky and the glorious, oh-wow early evening view from it.

Jurassic World Café Singapore

There was a brief queue at the actual café entrance. And so by the time I was seated, sunset was over.

Incidentally, you also have to order and pay before entering the café. Prior to taking the express lift, you’d be given a menu and an order sheet.

Lots of plants and illuminated dinosaur backdrops for atmosphere.
A commemorative table cover! I took one home.

My Order

I started off with a rather menacing Hot Matcha Latte (SGD 6.50).
After much indecision, while queuing, I decided to have the Volcano Curry (SGD 23/-). It was the most “picturesque.”
Geological Parfait (SGD 16/-) for dessert. The mossy-like layer surrounding the dino is pistachio (I think), BTW.

About the food quality, erm, how to put it?

The volcano curry might look like a blast, but it was actually quite mild in spiciness? The curry sauce had a creamy coconut taste. However, the mountain i.e. the rice and the chicken chunks were rather bland.

The Geological Parfait dessert was great, though. Kinda small compared to how it seems on the menu. Nonetheless, it was quite an adventure to dig through. I particularly loved the Oreo bits right at the bottom. It’s like hitting real-soil. LOL.

Post Dinner

I lingered for another 20-minutes after dinner, snapping photos here and there. On this, if you’re visiting, do take note. All visits are limited to one-and-a-half hours. If you intend to enjoy the panoramic views and all that, do time your meal.

There’s an attractive photo booth. There’s also a Lego raptor. Yikes!
The night view outside was truly stunning. Hard to get a decent shot, though, no thanks to reflections.

Jurassic World Café ends on January 3, 2021. If you’re visiting, I strongly recommend you make an online reservation at the official page before heading down.

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Dinosaur-themed meal at ION Sky’s Jurassic World Café. It’s a dinner with a view, and many menacing prehistoric beasties!


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