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Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Review
Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Review

The Cosmo Prime Air Purifier is a medical-grade, high-tech, and attractive way to stay healthy at home.

There’s just a lot of nasty things flying about the air nowadays, isn’t it? Invisible nasty things.

Dust, allergens, hair. Textile fibres, pet fur, and lung-damaging PM 2.5 particles too.

According to DC animated movies, we would soon be threatened by minuscule, mind-altering nanobots too!!

Jokes aside, all the nasty things we are breathing in nowadays mean a reliable air purifier is no longer a lifestyle luxury item but a must. It is doubly a must if you have the young or the elderly in your household. As in, individuals for whom lung and heart health are crucial.

I recently had the opportunity to test the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier, which comes with an impressive-sounding medical-grade 3-in-1 HEPA filter; the following is my review. Before continuing, allow me to share that I haven’t used an air purifier for several years. While reviewing, I was thus also looking to reacquaint myself and to see how much air-purification technology has improved.

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Cosmo Prime Specifications

Before all else, here are the basic specs:

  • 49.7 (H) by 27.0 (W) by 30.3 (L) cm
  • 4.9 Kg
  • Requires 48W constant power
  • 80 square metres coverage (Slightly larger than a HDB 3 room)
  • 20dB noise level i.e. equivalent to rustling leaves, or a human whisper
  • HEPA 3-in-1 filter included
  • Active PM 2.5 counter
  • WIFI control
  • Night light and Healthy Ion toggle
  • PET GUARDIAN™ targets pet odour, with antimicrobial agent
  • Child-lock function
  • Free delivery and 5-year-warranty

1. Smooth Order and Fast Delivery

I placed my order at (hyperlink above) and I think what’s worth mentioning here is that it was really easy. I was done with the order in two minutes. Subsequent delivery was also punctual and handled by a very friendly delivery man.

Order checkout screen. By the way, the manufacturer is currently offering a no-risk 20-day trial.
Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Delivery
My unit within its box, right after delivery.
Air Purifier Filtered Particles.
A brief summary of the particles filtered by this air purifier.

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2. First Look and Feel

Here’s my immediate impression upon opening the box. The Cosmo Prime is light and compact. It is truly light, especially when compared to the behemoth I used years ago.

The sleek, ergonomic design also comes with a nifty handle, which means you can carry this purifier all over your home. (Just take note of the 1.5m wire, which is on the shorter side)

Lastly, and as you can see from my images, it’s handsome, is it not? The design is modern and clean. Once powered on, the top panel glows with a soothing blue too. I believe this is a home improvement gadget that’d be at “home” in practically all households.

3. Assembly and Power On

I should highlight that it’s more accurately, a lack of assembly.

Fresh out of the box, you do need to unwrap the HEPA filter stored within the unit. (The manual guides you through). But beyond that, there’s no further setup necessary. Just plug it in, press the power button on the top panel, and everything is in business.

That’s it.

During powering-on, the top panel goes through a spectrum of colours, which the manual describes as a “pre-heating” process. Apart from the, erm, visual attractiveness of that, nothing needs to be done.

And once the panel segues to a cool blue, everything is working and well. You can then turn on the timer and child-lock if you need to.

Setup doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Filter.
Preparing the Cosmo Prime HEPA air filter and first-time powering on.
The handle.

4. 3-in-1 HEPA Filter

Cosmo Prime’s 3-in-1 HEPA filter is the star attraction, and so I’d go a little longer on this, beginning with some explanations.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and is best understood as an industrial standard for air filtration.

Be it in the US or Europe, HEPA air filters must remove more than 99.97 percent of airborne impurities that are equal to or more than 0.3 microns in diameter. In other words, the very name means that the air around you will be scrubbed free of the worst pollutants. The likes of in hospitals, industrial clean rooms, and so on.

Medical-Grade H13 HEPA 3-in-1

The Cosmo Prime uses a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, this being a higher grade/standard that can filter pollutants down to 0.1 microns in diameter. Furthermore, Cosmo’s 3-in-1 design includes an activated carbon layer too, which neutralizes odour and absorbs formaldehyde.

According to the official site, this means that the Cosmo Prime can cleanse surrounding air of far more than the usual dust, pollen, dust mites, and so on. It is also capable of removing:

  • Common smoke, including tobacco smoke.
  • Lead dust, asbestos, paint pigments, etc.
  • Insecticide.
  • All forms of bacteria and virus carriers.
Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Filter
Close-up of the H13 HEPA Filter. There are three levels of action here. A pre-filter level that removes dust, fur, etc. The second, actual H13 HEPA layer that removes bacteria, virus, and so on. And a final activated carbon layer that deals with odours and airborne formaldehyde.

Cosmo Prime Air Purification Smoke Test

Now, being able to scrub the air of bacteria and viruses is greatly attractive to anyone in the current pandemic times. I don’t think there’s any need to further explain.

However, since I don’t have meta-human eyesight, or the relevant industrial tools, I obviously can’t see the actual filtration or purification at work, right?

And so I did a quick experiment using … a cigarette. With my unit within a small alcove where I store my old books.

The outcome: Despite the half-a-stick of smoke I blew, air in the cubicle was rid of all impurities in five minutes. The panel also shot up to a furious red 999 (!!) upon my first exhale, then steadily went down to yellow, then blue.

With the Anion function switched on, the intense stench was also removed at about the same time.

In short, I think my crude experiment was not only a testimony to how well Cosmo’s air filter and purification work, it’s also an indication of the aggressive power of the model. This purifier, compact as it is, is a real serious worker.

Cosmo Prime Air Purification Test.
It got really angry with me. As in literally red in the face, after my first puff! But it quickly calmed down and went back to being blue.

PS: For all that industrial goodness, the HEPA filter is easy to clean and maintain. According to the manual, you just need to clean it with a soft cloth and sun it every now and then.

The filter could also be used for a stunning 2200 hours. To be honest, the latter was a surprise and relief for me. I’d hate to have to re-order a new one every three months.

5. Quiet and Diligent

This was another feature that impressed me. The Cosmo Prime is a diligent but very, VERY quiet worker. Thanks to its patented SilentMotor-VX™ technology.

No howling. No flappy turbine sounds. Actually, my air conditioner is noisier.

Sleeping in the same room with it wouldn’t be an issue, in other words. One wouldn’t be waking up the entire night for the sake of clean air.

6. Other Features

The timer function, which comes in options of 2, 4, and 8, hours, would be useful during bedtime. For me, this is a must, as I dislike electronics operating beside me the whole night,

I wouldn’t be using the WIFI i.e. remote controllable via app function, though. That said, I believe this would be very attractive for some homeowners. As in, for folks who need their home cleansed before returning from work.

Cosmo Prime Air Purifier Review Summary

Simply put, I’m really satisfied.

It’s lightweight, mobile, and attractive. It also comes with one of the best air filters out there and does its magic using this medical-grade filter with little fuss and din.

That cigarette experiment of mine … Undoubtedly, this air purifier would be a great way to convince a family member to stop smoking too! 999!

Best of all, if you order online, you can often enjoy an attractive discount together with free delivery and a 5-year warranty. With current concerns about airborne illnesses and the fact that work-from-home is nowadays a norm, there’s seriously no better time to get a unit. You would agree that this is a health investment that’s immediately worthwhile?

Head over here to the official website to order your own unit! Enjoy a limited period only discount of SGD 139/- too!

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