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The Craft: Legacy is like a witch cauldron with too many insect bits, some of which ended up utterly forgotten.

The Craft: Legacy Review: 3 thumbs-up and 5 thumbs-down.
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The Craft: Legacy Synopsis

Teenager Lily and her mom Helen move into the Harrison household; the owner of the home, Adam, is Helen’s boyfriend. Though uncomfortable with the frosty all-male ambience, Lily does her best to adapt for her mom’s sake. Later, after bullying in class, Lily is befriended by Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes, three aspiring teenage witches in need of a “fourth” to complete their coven. Together, the girls succeed in executing powerful magic, including control of the elements. However, after the attempt to reform the class bully takes a dark turn, Lily discovers all is not what it seems at the Harrison home.

Snappy Review

Quite honestly, I can’t remember when or where I watched The Craft (1996).

It could have been at a cinema, though that’s unlikely since I wasn’t too into movies back then. More likely, I watched it on DVD a few years later. But somehow, I don’t remember doing so and I keep getting the impression I “caught” it on the big screen.

Whatever it was, I do remember liking the film. Hereby, I also declare that I loved it because beneath all the feminine empowerment tropes, the story quite bluntly stated that most girls cannot be trusted with magical powers, especially when dudes and beauty are involved.

… … I so deserve to be turned into a pig, do I not?

Anyhow, this soft reboot begins on the same footing as the 1996 production, but quickly, with determination, heads off on a post-2000 angle. This updated view of feminine empowerment and sisterhood resulted in other reviews describing the show as, what’s the word, woke. On that, I’d agree that it’s refreshing, timely, and socially conscious. Naturally, it made me feel more than a little guilty about my dated views too … ……

Sadly, however, the latter half of the movie becomes a brew with too many wriggly ingredients dumped in; as in, the story simply loses control. Characterisation and backstories hit a standstill. Intriguing sub-plots, such as those involving the sulky Harrison brothers, are unceremoniously abandoned.

The all-important climax also plays out like a lamer episode of Charmed, with 90s-ish effects to match. You know, when the Halliwells need to wrap up chop-chop because 40 minutes is up, and so some god-device spell is hastily cast?

In all, The Craft: Legacy was rather disappointing, and dull, and not quite what the witch-fanboy in me hoped for it to be.


I also felt it was a waste for lead Cailee Spaeny. Unlike her supporting cast, she neither overacted nor underperformed. She deserves a better vehicle than this weak reboot.

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