Doraemon Visits Singapore (by using the Doko Demo Door, of course!)

Doraemon at National Museum of Singapore
Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore.

Minna minna minna! Doraemon has popped by Singapore for a brief visit!

Were you to name the most enduring Manga/Anime character ever, who would you choose?

Pikachu? Luffy? Goku?

No answer would ever be “right,” isn’t it? But for me, I’d pick Doraemon right away.

Yeah. Intended for younger audiences as the futuristic robot cat might be, Doraemon, or ding-dang, or duo-la-A-meng, is surely one of the most beloved and widely-known Manga characters ever. Especially in East and Southeast Asian countries like Singapore.

Two years back, he was even chosen as one of the cultural mascots of Tokyo Olympics 2021.

In my case, err, I can still sing the entire Anime opening song. I even still regularly watch the Anime series. Hey, I just binged on it last Thursday!

The short of it, I adored this silly cat since my kindergarten days. Judging by the enthusiastic visitors and photographers at the National Museum of Singapore on Friday evening, both young and old, I’d say Dora-chan is still as popular as ever too.

It was really such a joy photographing him outside the NMS.

Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore at NMS

This exhibition, from now till Dec 27, 2020, celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doraemon’s creation. Most of it happens outside the National Museum of Singapore i.e. free-for-all to view even after closing hours.


Within the museum, there are three other displays too. With the most elaborate one right outside the gift shop.

Doraemon at National Museum Singapore.
Asia’s favourite robotic cat welcoming visitors. (That expression … I call it the Doraemon pout)
Copying Toast.
The Copying Toast! One of my favourite gadgets from the animated series. (If only I had some during my school days …)

To repeat what’s mentioned above, the bulk of the exhibition is at the lawn right before the NMS. The life-size figurines are surrounded by a barricade and subject to social-distancing measures. But day or night, they wouldn’t be an issue to photograph.

Which child wouldn’t grin at the sight of this face?
Doraemon in Singapore.
There are around 20 figures on the display lawn. A variety of memorable gadgets, and cheeky faces, are shown.
Doraemon Doko Demo Door.
Another look at the world famous Doko Demo Door!!!! (Trumpet music)

By the way, this exhibition is hardly the only time Dora-chan is featured in Singapore. As recent as last Christmas, he was the festive mascot for AMK Hub. In July last year, Monster Curry also had a branded promotion featuring him.

Within the NMS

Doraemon Time Travel Adventure.
My favourite cat at his signature time travel machine. This is right outside the gift shop.
Yellow Doraemon.
A reminder of how he looked before he, err, had his ears eaten by a mouse and turned blue.
Last but not least, there’s a small collection of famous Doraemon gadgets at the end of the Singapore History Gallery.

The exhibition is ongoing till Dec 27, 2020. Check this official page for other NMS events.

Another Doraemon Exhibition in Singapore!

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Doraemon Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore
Article Name
Doraemon Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore
Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore, at the National Museum of Singapore, features well over 20 exhibits of the adorable robot cat.

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