The Hunt for Geeky and Adorable Mooncakes (Sep 2020)

A selection of this year’s geeky, unusual, and creative mooncakes.

Mooncakes are big businesses every Mid-Autumn in Singapore, as everyone knows.

Before the Lunar Seventh Month is even halfway over, every self-respecting mall in the country would be hosting a mooncakes fair. Actually, even with the arduous circumstances this year, many organisations have worked out ways to offer some semblance of such fairs. For example, Mid-Autumn online promotions and campaigns.

To be honest, I’ve never been particularly fond of mooncakes, although I do gobble a few each year. (You don’t notice how much you’re eating when clearing dailies on WoW.) One main reason for this … disinterest is that I seldom notice any that truly excite the weirdo or pop culture fan in me.

As in, erm, I rarely see any that truly makes me go, that’s … that’s something I must eat!!!

Anyhow, I decided to embark on a mini hunt this year just to see what I can find. What’s available in spite of the still gloomy economic environment. The following are several that I discovered on and offline. Note that these are merely “discoveries” too. I haven’t bought any, yet, so I have no clue how they taste. (You also don’t taste much when grinding dailies on WoW)

Incidentally, this is the first of a new monthly series of mine. On that focuses on unusual festive food, experiences, etc.

1. 7-11 Sanrio-Themed Mooncakes

Sanrio-themed mooncakes.
Price: SGD 58/- for the My Melody 4-piece set. SGD 38/- for the Hello Kitty 2-piece set.

Sighted at: 7-11 stores everywhere!

These warrant first mention, because they were what made me decide to write a listicle featuring geeky and unusual mooncakes.

They are no secret too, since many blogs and portals have already written about them.

The summary: these are visually loveable and come with two flavours that are not the usual lotus paste too. My only complaint: if only they sell these individually! They would be wonderful for picture taking!

But I guess two with a meow-meow cooler bag is still a great deal. Especially for Sanrio fans.

2. Avengers Mooncakes with 3D Collectible Tin by Hong Kong Mei Xin (Maxim’s)

Mei Xin Avengers Mooncakes.
Price: SGD 72/-

Sighted at: Takashimaya Basement 2

Oh, these are truly geeky, for kids and adults alike.

Adults, as in those who love the MCU movies and the likes of.

They are a little pricey, though, significantly more than what a box of four would typically cost. But I guess one is paying for the collectible 3D tin here. In homes with a superhero-theme décor, these tins would surely look great.

3. ChangHoSek Peranakan-Inspired Mooncakes

ChangHoSek Peranakan Mooncakes.
Price: Between SGD 42/- and SGD 90/-, depending on quantity and filling. (More choices available on their website)

Sighted at: Novena Square

Online Store Here.

According to my mom, many confectioneries are offering practical, reusable containers this year, because of the whole eat-at-home situation.

If that’s really the case, I think these gorgeous Peranakan-style tingkats by ChangHoSek really makes for an awesome buy. The cakes themselves have decisively Peranakan touches too; for example, the D24 durian ones contain Gula Melaka.

In short, it’s something unusual, but not too “out there.” Makes for an eye-catching gift too, I guess.

4. The Fu Chong Big Dipper Collection

Fu Chong Big Dipper Collection.
Price: SGD 42.90 before delivery charges.

Found at: Lazada

Okay, this one doesn’t look very geeky. But the inclusion of so many different fillings, with all except for one at bite-size, means it’s like a sampling tray.

The fillings are pretty varied too, although most are very “Chinese,” if you know what I mean. Still,  there’s still custard and Japanese Matcha. A box would probably be great for a mini get-together.

PS: The product details highlight the ability to choose fillings. However, I wasn’t able to do that when I “test-buy” …

5. Corine & Cake Cartoon Mooncake Set

Corine and Cake Cartoon Mooncakes.
Pricing: Message them to ask.

Found at: Facebook

Facebook Page

Artisanal mooncakes, in the form of cutesy cartoon characters. How adorable does it get?!?!

With, say, two sets, and some other mini accessories, I believe you could even build a lovely Mid-Autumn diorama. One that might just be too cute to eat.

Definitely something kids would get all excited about.

6. The Moment Singapore Bamboo Charcoal Mooncakes

The Moment Singapore Bamboo Charcoal Mooncakes.
Price: SGD 16/- and SGD 17/- per piece.

Found from: Google Search

Webpage Here

These are absolutely beautiful, don’t you think so? The fillings are traditional and the decorative motifs exquisitely oriental. A single one would be more than enough to bring anyone into the Mid-Autumn festive mood. Hey, I believe a close-up picture of one, taken with a festive light-up backdrop, would be an Instagram hit too!

7. The Lapis Place Mooncakes

The Lapis Place Mooncakes.
Price: From SGD 31/- to SGD 88/-.

Found from: Google Search

Online Shop Here

Other than the pronounced branding, and the very “modern” fillings, what really caught my attention was the Lapis filling.

It’s such a great business idea, IMO. A wonderful amalgamation of cuisines that reflects Singapore’s multi-cultural identity. The rainbow one is seriously eye-candy too. Here’s a question: Would they someday come out with a version that tastes different with every colour? (LOL)

PS: Erm, the shape somewhat reminds me of Thwomp too.

8. Janice Wong Chocolate Mooncakes

Janice Wong Chocolate Mooncakes
Price: SGD 66/- on their website.

Found from: Google Search

Online Shop Here

This one excited the (ex) graphic artist in me. Those artful splashes of colour! The inherent harmony of complementing shades!

I’m getting carried away. But these are very eye-catching and artsy, don’t you agree? They are made using pretty high-end ingredients too so I believe they’d would make for a very fashionable gift.

9. Aroma Truffle Durian Mooncakes

Aroma Truffle Durian Mooncakes.
Price: SGD 78/- to SGD 98/-.

Found from: Google Image Search

Online Shop Here

Last but not least, something that looks more French than Singaporean, but with a taste featuring the best of both worlds.

To be honest, I thought these were European cheeses when I came across them in Google Image Search. After reading about the truffle-infused durian filling, I also couldn’t help but wonder how a Frenchman would react.

Would he be delighted, or stunned? By the way, that filling does look a lot like cheese, does it not?

This is an ongoing list till October 1, 2020. If you have any unusual, geeky, cutesy mooncakes you would like to add to this list, please email me! (Please prepare a good picture in advance)

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Article Name
The Hunt for Geeky and Adorable Mooncakes | September 2020
Mooncakes are sold everywhere in August and September. But for those of us looking for more than unusual fillings, are there any atypical ones available?
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Article Name
The Hunt for Geeky and Adorable Mooncakes | September 2020
Mooncakes are sold everywhere in August and September. But for those of us looking for more than unusual fillings, are there any atypical ones available?
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