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Military Wives is akin to a song composed purely to uplift. With suitable amounts of fiery dynamics between the two leads too.

Military Wives Review: 5 thumbs-up and 2 thumbs-down.
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Military Wives Synopsis

Lisa, the wife of a newly promoted British garrison RSM, reluctantly leads the service people’s wives group of the garrison after her husband is posted to Afghanistan. She soon clashes with Kate, the wife of a colonel, but the duo manages to put aside their differences and sets up a choir. Their efforts are eventually honoured with an invitation to perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Snappy Review

Military Wives was promoted as the “feel-good movie of the year” in its trailer. And it’s certainly all about that.

There’s great music, remarkable singing too. Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are both exemplary as the leads. Their every expression and statement the perfect delivery of their characters.

As for the rest of the wives, many barely received any limelight; I don’t even remember their names. However, they were still the perfect supporting cast i.e. backup choir. Their quips and wisecracks were the breezes on a sunny day.

Summary: it’s a feel-good show in and out. And so I feel a little guilty nitpicking on the beauty.

This being, well, how Britain’s Military Wives Choirs came to exist in the first place. (If you’re keen about this movie, I guess you must already know it’s based on a true story) The short of it, Britain is not a war-torn nation. Practically all British military involvements post WWII were one way or another, political obligations left from its empire days.

Critics of the United Kingdom will thus, I believe, scoff at the original purpose for the choirs. In a sort of, didn’t you create this situation yourself, way.

Now, to be honest, I’m not a UK critic. Neither do I see how these elements could have been introduced without losing the overall positive feel; the show would be a wholly different product altogether.

But … the world today is full of many different opinions and accusations. As much as I tried not to, certain questions surfaced in my mind amidst all that lovely singing. I kept wondering how citizens of less fortunate British ex-colonies would react to this movie.


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