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Yoon Salon Orchard Midpoint
Yoon Salon Orchard Midpoint

Getting a haircut, or hair treatment, might not sound like the gamer’s thing to do.

Or is it?

With gaming nowadays not just about bashing digital monsters, but also about fandom and lifestyle, looking and feeling like your favourite game avatars is part of the experience too. For these, YOON can be your perfect hairstyling companion.

1. Yoon Salon Premium Hair Cut

Long gone are the days when gamers are unkempt, shaggy-haired individuals badly in need of sun and exercise. Actually, did such times ever exist?

And if you’re a gaming vblogger sharing your Let’s Play videos, looking decent could be the key to getting you thousands of fans. Let’s face it, appearances matters. This is especially so when filming angles for gaming vloggers in gaming videos are often unflattering.

For the latter, a key to looking attractive would be having the right haircut, one that complements and brings out your facial features. You’d additionally need an experienced stylist whom you can discuss your needs with. One who doesn’t just snip away but takes the effort to shape the right style for you, after carefully analysing your requirements.

And even if you have no video making ambitions, well, does it ever hurt to look good? Loading screens are often dark, during which you can glimpse your reflection. Nothing like a winning smile, with the perfect crown, to perk you up before the next stage?

Yoon Salon Premium Hair Cut.
As the hero of multiple imaginary worlds, you deserve utter service devotion and professionalism.

2. Premium Creative Hair Colouring

Would you play Legend of Zelda better if you have the same hairstyle and colour as Link?

Or the same bleached coolness as Dante?

I’d love to say yes, but I guess that would be stretching things a tad too far. (Snigger)


On the other hand, if you have a coloured mane, or are considering, you’d need a stylist who can visualise what colours work for you. As well as uses processes and ingredients that are gentle.

And if you’re thinking about multi-tonal colouring that’s Anime cutscene worthy, experience matters even more. Not just the selection and blending of colours, or the treatment itself, but how to properly maintain thereafter.

Remember, the more time and money you need to spend preserving or changing your colours, the lesser time and money you’d have for any pastime. (Which then becomes a spiral in many cases) You can prevent it all, though, by doing it right and professionally the first time.

3. Premium Rebonding, Perming, and Creative Hair Shaping

Coming back to looking great, perhaps you already know what style best suits you, or at least have a notion of.

In which case, the last ingredients in your pot would be the right expertise and equipment to bring your chosen style to life.

Particularly important ingredients, in the event you’re looking for less straight-forward services like rebonding and shaping.

To be honest, unless you’re an industry expert yourself, finding the right boutique with these attributes is challenging. While you wouldn’t be sent scuttling, chances are, it’s going to feel really odd going into multiple salons for the purpose of checking out equipment.

Instead, your best choice is to opt for an establishment noted for its service excellence, expertise, and years in the market. A boutique that’s confident enough about its techniques to share professional care tips online too. Post care being especially important for the above-mentioned treatments. It sounds complicated, but it simply means stepping into the right establishment. Such as YOON.

Game Avatar Hairstyle.
It’s not impossible to have the same luscious beauty as your favourite characters from Persona 5. You just need a caring stylist who’s experienced.

4. Yoon Salon Hair and Scalp Treatment

Stuck with a mid-level boss? Unable to beat the latest level of your favourite puzzle game because you just can’t find the right sequence or move fast enough?

After which, you start to look and feel awful, which makes everything worse?

If these situations sound familiar, consider rejuvenating yourself with a pampering hair or scalp treatment, before trying again. Apart from the nourishing benefits, a specialist treatment is revitalizing, on top of being incredibly relaxing. Scalp massages, incidentally, are long known to be effective for relieving migraines, balancing the nervous system, and promoting hair growth.

And if you’re playing using handheld consoles, you could have your next go while waiting for the magic to work. (What better excuse to grind for an hour non-stop?) Just be careful not to fall asleep midway, though. It could often get too relaxing. Especially during scalp massages.

5. Yoon Salon Premium Wash and Blow

The above-mentioned aside, maybe all you need is a simple wash and blow.

Because apart from rescuing imaginary worlds, or cracking colourful puzzles, or winning kart races, all of us have other life commitments, yes? For example, jobs that require us to (usually) be presentable.

Or maybe it’s a situation that’s slightly trickier. Such as, you spent too much time grinding for gold over the week, and really, really needs to look respectable for the business dinner you are supposed to attend in the evening.

Or, the latest gaming/geek convention is on and you’d be checking it out with all your friends. As certain as you are that they wouldn’t mind your tousled unattractiveness, in person, you have long suspected they crack really unkind jokes behind your back.

For all such situations, what you need is seriously, no more than a proper wash and blow. Not just a hasty shampooing and drying, but a full process that thoroughly cleanses your scalp and tresses, so that you at least stay attractive for a while. Incidentally, YOON’s Premium Wash and Blow throws in a head, neck, and shoulder massage too. If you are a true gamer, you know which part of your body requires therapeutic care most. That is, after your sore hands.

Premium Wash and Blow.
A great shampooing, with a scalp massage, is as rejuvenating as a magical health elixir.


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Yoon Salon | Five Premium Services That Gamers Can Enjoy
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Yoon Salon | Five Premium Services That Gamers Can Enjoy
Gamers, Yoon Salon has a slew of pampering and rejuvenating premium services for you to refresh yourself with.

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